The Nine Laws: How To Recognize Detonation Of Fate

Dark Triad Man The Nine Laws How To Recognize Detonation Of Fate


The detonation of fate is gorgeous.

As soon as the final proofs were approved last month, Castalia House ordered me a few score copies of The Nine Laws for signing and shipping to those who preordered last spring. Family and friends also will receive personally inscribed editions.

It has been a long, fascinating and tumultuous road to arrive at this very special moment.

Not only have the books arrived here at my desk… but Dark Triad Man just welcomed its 100,000th visitor yesterday afternoon.

Read how the magic of parallel momentum works!

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#DumpKelloggs Incinerates Over Half A Billion Dollars

Dark Triad Man #DumpKelloggs


Breitbart said #DumpKelloggs and $500 million burned.

Kelloggs decided – like Twitter – that ideology was more important than market performance. It yanked its advertising from Breitbart News, stating that Breitbart was not “aligned with our values as a company”.

Breitbart responded with the #DumpKelloggs hashtag in an eviscerating article.

45 million readers responded by scorching Kelloggs stock ($K) which plunged 2.20% (-1.62) today, erasing the half a billion dollars and throwing the stock negative for the year.

Read more for details on this savage torching of Kelloggs!

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The Nine Laws: Now Available in Print

Dark Triad Man The Nine Laws Now Available In Print


Hardcover and paperback editions now available in print.

It is a great pleasure to announce that Castalia House has released THE NINE LAWS in hardcover and paperback editions on Amazon just in time fror the holiday season!

Buy your copy today right here.

It has been an incredible road from conception to detonation of this work, and Castalia House has been a superb and incredibly professional partner. The finished product is a work of beauty, and I am very proud to have collaborated with Vox Day and his absolutely stellar team of editors and artists.

Read on for excerpts of what independent reviews have to say:

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Brutal Clips 6: Hail Trump Honey Trap

Dark Triad Man Brutal Clips 6 Hail Trump Honey Trap

“Hail Trump” was stupid error.

Richard Spencer blew himself up in front of the global media. President-Elect Donald Trump subsequently disavowed the #AltRight.

This was a very predictable outcome with both negative and positive consequences. It is important to understand why and how this happened, and what the #AltRight must do in consequence. Going forward, the necessity of refusing media interest should be apparent.

Listen to Brutal Clips 6: Hail Trump Honey Trap from Ivan Throne:

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Brutal Clips 5: Death Without Regrets

Dark Triad Man Brutal Clips Death Without Regrets

Death comes to us all.

I received a profound and sobering question via email from here at Dark Triad Man.

Facing death, this man in his seventies asked what he can do to die without regret, and to live his life fully without wasting time. It is a question that men must ask themselves each day that they find themselves breathing in the dark world.

Listen to Brutal Clips 5: Death Without Regrets from Ivan Throne.


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