The @ClarkHat Truth Bomb Tweetstorm

@ClarkHat Truth Bomb Tweetstorm Dark Triad Man


@ClarkHat delivered truth bombs this morning.

It was fortituously brought to my attention this morning by Vile Faceless Minion #5411 of the Supreme Dark Lord that there was a tweetstorm worth reading.

I went and had a look. It was lovely, and succinct, and accurate, and comes from @ClarkHat on Twitter.

It is worth preserving, and commenting on.

Without further ado, enjoy:

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The Immersion Forge is Open

Dark Triad Man The Immersion Forge Is Open


The Immersion Forge is open for registration.

Scheduled for Saturday April 22nd, 2017, this is a matchless opportunity to join Ivan Throne at Caesars Palace in the heart of Las Vegas. Surrounded by the luxury of one of the most beautiful facilities in the world, you will engage in a full eight-hour day of deeply intensive training that is carefully designed to deliver maximum results.

With professionally designed curriculum, superb surroundings and matchless opportunity to grow and network with instruction from the Dark Triad Man and his training partner and advisor Mr. Swift, the Immersion Forge is an unsurpassed opportunity.

Click here to read more on this event and register!

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500 Nazi Scalps Petition Lists Dark Triad Man

500 Nazi Scalps


500 Nazi Scalps sure sounds like fun.

And it is, since idiocy masquerading as earnest political correctness makes everyone laugh.

A new petition on addressed to Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey demands the taking of “500 Nazi Scalps” and the banning of listed accounts from Twitter.

My followers, of course, are very quick and noticed immediately. They took the time to let me know so I could join in the delighted mockery:


Dark Triad Man You Made The List

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Rifles In The Dark

Dark Triad Man The Nine Laws Rifles In The Dark


Do not trust the ruling power.

As I penned drafts of my manuscript through the early spring of last year, one of the personal stories I included caused some consternation and concern for early reviewers.

“You are going to make serious enemies with that,” they told me.

“Leave it out for your own safety.”

I considered their concern. But brutal honesty is necessary. Today, Rifles In The Dark is a powerful passage in Chapter 5 of The Nine Laws.

Read what a man who operates in the world of power has to say about this book:


Dark Triad Man The Nine Laws Amazon Review Dusan Djukich

DUSAN DJUKICH, global executive coach


Read well, my brothers, of the reality of military power in the hands of the State.

And sacred purpose of rifles in the dark.

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Brutal Clips 8: The Deploraball Ban

Deploraball Ban Brutal Clips 8 Dark Triad Man


The Deploraball ban is not what it seems.

Mike Cernovich and Baked Alaska have had a public falling out over the Deploraball.

I have observed the event, and offer thoughts on my perspective. Chattering pundits across social media are fixated on the personalities. But the deeper reality is has nothing to do with Mike Cernovich and Baked Alaska. It has to do with prerogative and power.

Listen to Brutal Clips 8: The Deploraball Ban.

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