Brutal Clips 3: Civil War For Trump

Dark Triad Man Brutal Clips Civil War For Trump


The media moans and fusses about civil war.

Pundits and journalists amuse themselves by painting Trump supporters as violent.

The reality is that the most important possible story they could cover is also one that they completely miss. The real story isn’t that Trump supporters and the Alt-Right are armed, angry and prepared – but that the Left is not.

Listen to Brutal Clip 3: Civil War for Trump from Ivan Throne.

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Brutal Clips 2: Shriek Rape And Pray

Dark Triad Man Brutal Clips Shriek Rape And Pray


Hillary Clinton’s campaign can only shriek rape.

The Democrats are desperately trying to stave off mortifying and ignominious defeat of their candidate.

With the release of the Trump Tapes and the resulting pivot by Donald Trump into massive, full frontal attack on the moral character and hypocritical grotesqueries of the Left, great and delightful opportunity is here.

Listen to Brutal Clip 2: Shriek Rape and Pray from Ivan Throne.

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Brutal Clips 1: Cuck Of The House

Dark Triad Man Brutal Clip Cuck Of The House


Speaker Paul Ryan is Cuck of the House.

The Wisconsin representative serving as Speaker of the House has committed grave error.

His betrayal of the Republican nominee Donald J. Trump is a putrid example of “wounding the king”. Now it is time to tumble and turn the rage of the people into a focused weapon to destroy his legacy.

Listen to Brutal Clip 1: Cuck of the House from Ivan Throne.

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Time To Blaze Powerful New Roads In The Dark World

Dark Triad Man Powerful New Directions


New roads for my work are crashing open.

It has been not quite a year since the launch of Dark Triad Man and the commencement of my public work to deliver ruthless mentoring for a dark world.

Since this blog began publishing on October 27th, 2015 there have been some enormous successes. Now it is time to build upon them by opening new roads for my work, my engagement with readers, and new channels of delivery.

My bestselling book is not the end, but rather the start of a bold expansion.

Read more for what is coming next!

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The Dying Child

Dark Triad Man The Dying Child


The preface to The Nine Laws is a brutal gut punch.

Updated on October 7, 2016:

It has already hit several #1 bestseller slots.

Get your copy here today!

– Ivan


When I sat down and wrote out the crucifying experience that formed the basis of my lifetime, readers of the rough draft were immediate with their response.

“You absolutely need to put it first in the book,” I was told. “It is incredibly powerful.”

And so I did. The Dying Child is the preface to The Nine Laws, just released by Castalia House. It is quickly making waves, and resonating hard with readers:


“THE NINE LAWS is not, as is typical with too many “power law” books, based on reading academic journalists and copying-and-pasting famous quotes. Instead, Ivan shares his own personal experiences in overcoming adversity. Adversity was his teacher, and now, from his pain and suffering, you too can learn how to overcome the challenges life presents you.”

Mike Cernovich, bestselling author of GORILLA MINDSET


Read well, my brothers, of the pain faced by a dying child and the helpless father who watched. And learn the heart of where ferocity is born:

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