The Nine Laws: Roar Of The Inferno

Dark Triad Man The Nine Laws Roar Of The Inferno


Forging of The Nine Laws is nearly complete.

The original ebook reached the hearts and minds of countless people. They overwhelmingly asked for an expanded print release of The Nine Laws.

For three months I have been driving myself with absolute, ferocious intensity. I have risen hours before dawn each day and worked well into the nights, writing and rewriting and editing and reading.

This is the most important professional task I have ever undertaken in my life.

And I have serious, important news for you:

The Nine Laws is nearly complete.

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Book Review: “Free Speech Isn’t Free” by Roosh Valizadeh

Dark Triad Man Free Speech Isn't Free Roosh V


Roosh V has written a disturbing book.

Author and speaker Roosh V graciously provided Dark Triad Man the opportunity to review his new book Free Speech Isn’t Free ahead of its June 13th release.

It shares a fascinating story, one that resonates in the mind long after reading. It raises a number of brutally disturbing questions.

What is the real message of this man and why is it spreading so virally?

What is it like to be targeted by global, incendiary attacks? How did he brilliantly flip those attacks around and turn them into levers of power?

What ugly, rotten jaws mash and chomp under the mask of the world’s media?

These questions and more are answered by Free Speech Isn’t Free.

Roosh V gives you a vivid, front row seat to his experience of mindless apoplectic outrage. He reveals his successful tactical response. The book will intrigue and inspire you. And you will never look at the media the same way again.

You will be itching for the fight ahead.

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The Nine Laws: Thunderous Training For The Dark World

Dark Triad Man The Nine Laws Thunderous Training For The Dark World


Training for the dark world is in vast demand.

Over the last several weeks I have been working through more than three score survey responses from readers of the original ebook version released last New Year’s Eve.

Feedback was immense. Vast detail was provided and it was deeply consistent from all the participants. There is a strong, resonating message from every subscriber who took part: they want this book.

The Nine Laws will deliver the serious content they are looking for. Structured, solid education. A clear and brilliant framework.  Deep emotional shock training on how to grasp the dark world, crash the Laws down upon it, and seize the throne of desire.

There are scores of minds at work here, and one deeply integrated vision: to build the most powerful book of 2016.

Read on for updates on progress!

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Ed “Black Magic” Latimore: Interview Part Two

Dark Triad Man Ed "Black Magic" Latimore Interview Part Two


Ed “Black Magic” Latimore delivers hard.

Since Part One of our interview in early April this champion fighter has notched up another superb victory in the merciless arena of  professional boxing.

On April 23, 2016 he faced Hassan Lee in the ring and achieved a TKO victory, bringing his status as an undefeated heavyweight one rung higher on the ladder of ferocious competence.

Read on to see how Ed utilizes Machiavellian skill and psychopathic power in Part Two of this compelling interview at Dark Triad Man.

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Bloody Banners In The Dark World

Dark Triad Man Bloody Banners In The Dark World


The road of global war leads to you.

The Dark Triad Man engages the dark world as a deadly serious combatant. The traits of narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy combine to accelerate his reach and power into realms of ferocity the typical man cannot match.

There are those who insist this makes him an immoral figure, a deceitful and mysterious presence of evil who is only out for himself.

Those are weak and tremulous words from envious fools who lack mature comprehension.

Dread lords and bloody banners are valid in the dark world. Only the ignorant pretend to surpass the demands of immortal purpose, the clash of civilization and the grim present reality of invasion and death.

In this post we will define, dissect and deploy the allegiance of the Dark Triad Man.

And you will raise both flag and steel to your purpose.

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