#AltRight Explosion: Cruel Scorching Of The Blinded Left

Dark Triad Man #AltRight Explosion


A Special Guest Post by Joseph Katzman.


This is the first guest post to be published at Dark Triad ManRead well and absorb the enormous opportunity that presents. Hillary Clinton has made a potentially fatal mistake, and the #AltRight has unmatched opportunity.

– Ivan


So Hillary Clinton wants to make the #AltRight a focus of her campaign, according to an article in The Hill. Vox Day calls out this narrative shift in his recent Vox Populi article. These days I view front-stage politics, correctly, as the sub-species of entertainment that it is.

With that said, sometimes entertainment matters.

This may be one of those times, because Hillary looks like she’s making a giant strategic mistake. That’s hardly unusual. But the kind of mistake she’s making – that is unusual. Very unusual.

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10 Feet And 100 Days From Trump

Dark Triad Man Donald Trump and Ivan Throne


“Come with me,” said the Secret Service.

Lauren and I went with the agent, past the lines and into the event.

It was a beautiful hot summer evening last Friday night. Donald J. Trump was appearing at the Air Force museum in Denver and we were there to listen to his speech.

Most of all I intended to get a close-up view of the man who will be the next President of the United States. My purpose: to dissect him as a man, to see what lies underneath the public persona that is portrayed across the entire world.

I achieved it. And I am here to tell you what I saw, what I learned, and what is coming.

The election is exactly 100 days from today.

The future it brings is colossal.

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Ivan Throne Signs Book Deal With Castalia House

Dark Triad Man The Nine Laws Castalia House Announcement


The Nine Laws takes success to the next level.

My work is designed to do more than merely entertain. It has a very serious purpose. Reaching men and cracking open the world for them is fundamental to what I do.

This demands ruthless striving for a wider audience and establishment of equally competent allies. Our savage times will accept nothing less.

I am therefore very proud to announce that The Nine Laws will be released in softcover, hardback, audiobook and ebook later this year by Castalia House.

I promised the best book of the year. Now you’re going to get it.

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The Savagely Beautiful First Nine Months Of Dark Triad Man

Dark Triad Man Nine First Colossal Months


My work continues to drive enormous impact.

Dark Triad Man was launched on October 27th, 2015.

That is nine months ago today. Just enough time to bring new life into the world.

Since that auspicious beginning last fall there has been enormous response to the resonance of my words and writing across social media. Over a thousand men have downloaded my notorious original ebook. Even more are listening to the podcast interviews.

62,000 visitors, 155,000 pages and over 11 million Twitter impressions have helped cement this savagely beautiful progress in the hearts and minds of men across the world.

This morning I concluded negotiations on a publishing contract for The Nine Laws.

The dark world moves fast, with dizzying and terrible speed.

I am going to crack it all open and give you a tour.

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Murderous Civil War: Ivan Throne on Troublesome Radio

Dark Triad Man Murderous Civil War


The Ivan Throne interview continues.

An explosive Part Two discussion with Kyle Trouble of Troublesome Radio was recorded on July 2nd. That was a mere week ago. During this interview I predicted murderous civil war.

Now the streets of the United States are on fire, and this time it is open season with uniformed officers of the State being gunned down by carefully placed riflemen and political tensions are explosively hot. Government robots are engaging on the ground with lethal orders to self-detonate and kill.

I warned of civil war. I said it would be murderous. I gave you an entire week’s notice. Now I suggest you heed the rest of my warning. The tide of the dark world is now a bloody, crashing surf – and the future of the West is at stake.

Sit down and absorb the Part Two podcast on Troublesome Radio today:


Listen to the interview with Ivan Throne on Soundcloud:

Dark Triad Man Murderous Civil War Ivan Throne Interview

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