Warning Dark Triad Man

Pay close attention to this chapter from The Nine Laws.

Reality is forbidding and training is dangerous.

The dark world does not play favorites.

The fact of your training increases your risk and exposure to impact, destruction and death. Exploration of methods ensures your stumbles and slips will have greater danger than mere slow and stupid living. Striving for mastery brings you into frequent proximity to collisions of fate.

It is crucial that you employ this book, and the material within it, from a perspective of deep and respectful responsibility.

This is not mere avoiding harm to other people, although that is a wise precaution.

It is far more than that.

It is taking responsibility for your own outcomes.

You must live your own life and not copy the life of another. Models are fine, but by definition models are not reality. Build a unique life.

Train well. Train with care. Be cognizant of your utter responsibility for your own safety.

Train hard. Train ceaselessly. Be aware that the dark world delights in random upset. Injuries happen, defeats ensue, and some of them are unrecoverable and even fatal.


A rich life is expensive.

Do you wish to build a fortune? You will lose smaller ones for each great one.

Do you wish to raise children? You will fail horribly as a parent even as you raise strong sons.

Do you wish to head an enterprise? You will only be trusted after you prove turnaround of failures.

Do you wish to rule an empire? You will never attain immortal name without great glut of blood.

Understand the dark world well.

It does not cease to be dark because you understand it, and your skills and scholarship and mastery cannot hold back the tide of death that laps and crashes against the reefs of damage.

If you expect this book to teach you to win every time, you are a fool.

If you believe this book will enable you to completely escape scars and loss, crippling wounds and a broken heart, you have failed to read with care.

I tell you here today you will fall and die.

It is up to you to make vision real, and grandly shape the life you live before that inevitable event.


Seize each moment and live in laughter, joy and power.

I believe powerful living is worth it, and my life is testimony to the pursuit of it.

Do the same, and never forget that your death will come with inevitable arrival.

Let that truth be a compelling force in each moment of your existence.

Strive to be a champion. Endure the pain, the exhaustion, the loneliness, the deferred gratification that ceaselessly builds. Conceive your thought, incubate your vision. Control its manifestation with narcissism and win the roaring adulation and wealth of the world when you burst it into being.

I tell you that shivering motivation and cheap vision will see you defeated by better men.

Work to attain the throne. Manage the stress, the worry, the concern, the unending effort that guides and steers. Communicate your word, prepare your plans. Control their revelation with Machiavellianism and seat yourself upon the throne to the amazement and accolade of lesser princes.

I warn you that foolish exposure and rambling process will see you ruled by ruthless men.

Hammer home with accuracy. Carve away the hesitancy, the sloppiness, the weakness of the common man. Execute deeds of action. Exploit traction with competence. Control the direction of fate with psychopathy and attain the unblinking gaze of the apex predator.

I guarantee you that careless effort and sloppy performance will see you killed by vicious men.

There are other threats that await you as you absorb and work through this material.

Heed my warning and avoid the beckoning pitfalls that threaten your development. They will easily ensnare you as you progress through understanding of the grid, the Laws and your training.

The first pitfall is failure to train all three components of the human being.


Insist on full integration of mind, body and spirit.

Training by the Dark Triad Man for seamless comprehension of the dark world and mastery of the Laws is not merely a matter of intellectual research, consideration and understanding.

It demands more than spiritual reflection, concentration and developed accuracy of emotional and verbal competence. You need more than mindfulness and enlightenment.

The attainment of physical prowess, robustness, hardened musculature and deadly skill is only a small part of the overall development of the man who follows the Way.

You must have all three, and all three must be pursued past the point of comfort. You must dive deeper than exhaustion, you must continuously reset limitations further, and you must work hard to integrate them completely.

Intellectual understanding alone is useless if you do not have the physical competence to dominate your arena and the emotional maturity to profit from victory.

Emotional depth and sensitivity is awkward and pitiable when married to physical weakness and ignorant stupidity that expects specialized tenderness and comfort to be offered.

Physical strength and skill is contemptible when it is the vehicle for a dull and unthinking brute without subtlety, grace or charm to raise him to position of power.

Reinforce the demand of integration. Continually correct your investments and decisions. Strive to complement your growth, and your work of building, with appropriate and measured care to strip away the useless, inefficient and the gratuitous.

That will advance your development with the maximum possible certainty.

The second error that many make is to seek mastery of principles without skill and method.

The Dark Triad Man is a legendary archetype. The modern example of James Bond is the most famous. Bond is suave, deadly, classy and calm. He is expertly skilled in love and death and he delivers preposterous fate into being against all odds and adversaries in the service of his purpose.

Men admire James Bond. He is a stellar model and a superb presentation for good reason.

Yet few men consider the necessary effort and training to become such a resonant archetype.

The groundwork must be laid in real life, with real experience, and the process of moving from practitioner to scholar and then to master does not work in reverse.

You do not enter the dojo and expect to be addressed as sensei by those who train there. Without long years of bone and blood, blade and training, it is undeserved.

You do not enter the world of business and expect to be granted lucrative stock options and golden parachutes as a new entrant to your industry. Long experience comes first.

Do you wish to be a master of lovemaking, seduction and enthrallment of the female?

Then you must have actual relationships, and live with women, and grasp their nature. And you will go through the roller coaster of human engagements, experience shocking adjustment of expectations, and gain from winning, against those challenges, the masterful male power that they find so intoxicating.

Do you wish to be a dread lord of the warrior arts, deadly and precise and fearsome in battle?

Then you must train ceaselessly, and inventively, and ferociously, for years and years and at the cost of time, relationships, opportunities and grave personal risk to your health, your safety and even your survival – for you will fight the way you train, and safe training means a quick death upon the field.

Do you wish to be a legend of the business world, with billions in disposable cash at your fingertips?

Then you must work long hours every day, hours that are ceaseless and exhausting and stressful, and you must learn what works and what doesn’t, how value is created and expended, how to secure profit and leverage it mercilessly in the most unforgiving arena of all: the market.

There is a vital habit that the master performs, that the dilettante does not:


The master returns to the basics.

Over, and over, and over. You must do the same.

Do not be enamored of yourself or consider yourself above the filthy, horrid, grunting and squalid work that is the foundation of any grand achievement. It is in the mud that roads are laid, and it is with blood that empires are built.

There are no shortcuts. There is only the truth, and the Way.

Walk it, and learn well. For the grave arena of the dark world awaits with enormous challenge. You have brutal tasks ahead: overcoming terror, preventing rape, fighting smashed culture and handling dreadful risks.

All of these come before triumph.

You must make it through.


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Get started with your training, my brother.

The dark world does not wait.


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