The Nine Laws

“This is education for the cadres that will save us.”

THE NINE LAWS is your living manual of power, distilled for you by the man who was forced to build it to survive. The author forged this system over decades of cruel experience. It began with profound trauma in early childhood, shaped itself during long training in the eastern warrior arts, and was polished amidst financial industry competition and family crisis. Master this content, discover the full extent of your capabilities, and deliver yourself to a place that few men ever reach: joyous mastery of your own fate.

This book is not for the uncertain or the timid. THE NINE LAWS is designed for men who are acutely aware that one lifetime is all they have to pursue and achieve their sacred purpose. Far more than a mere self-help book, or a simple collection of advice and ideas, THE NINE LAWS is a gravely serious operating system for success in a dark world.

Read it. Train it. Live it. Survive the dark world with momentous ferocity, and triumph.

Look inside and read the first few chapters free on Amazon.



“What if Julius Evola had written a samurai treatise? What if Lao Tzu had written a long, systematic book of philosophy instead of the short, poetic chapters of the Tao Te Ching? What if the famed, long-lost book On Nature by Heraclitus – he who was called ‘The Dark’ – were to be found and published? In each case, the book might look something like Ivan Throne‘s The Nine Laws.”




“A devastatingly competent and insightful manual for living and dying as a dark triad agent in a fallen world infested with cowards, liars and thieves. It is an extremely well-written manual, and it delivers the goods page after page without stutter, hesitation or stall. Ivan Throne successfully pierces the fog of fear, ignorance and stagnation by jolting the reader into the dark world and setting forth the introduction of a wide-ranging set of tools that will sharpen the mind, body and spirit into an unrelenting unmoved mover status once thoroughly absorbed and practiced.”



“It is not for the faint of heart, weak in character, nor lazy in spirit. If you consider yourself an athlete, a warrior, or a leader, this book is required reading to harness your dark character traits natural to all fallen men into powerful tools to impact reality. This book will gain traction and momentum as it gains exposure. Ivan has tapped into the essence of the warrior priest and warrior king. He is forging a brotherhood of like-minded men, where iron sharpens iron. It is a necessary vision for a chaotic time. This book is a manual. Once you finish it, you will immediately start reading it again. I think he has created something as unique as the man himself. I highly recommend this book. It is essential reading if you desire to navigate the darkness with clarity of purpose, firmness of conviction, and clarity of vision.”


Read the first few chapters of The Nine Laws free on Amazon.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you today that it has always been a dark world, and the days grow shorter.

The Nine Laws is your living manual of power to bring fierce light to your inner world.

It will ensure that you survive the most terrible age of change that humanity has ever seen.

And you’ll discover what you’re capable of, as a man who sees reality without fear.

Read it today.


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IVAN THRONE, bestselling author of The Nine Laws, is an international speaker and teacher. His vivid lessons and ruthless mentoring for the hard and often cruel demands of our pitiless high performance world have helped millions of people across social media deeply connect with radical, authentic success to the joys of partners, lovers, colleagues and clients.

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