The Nine Laws For The Dark World

The Nine Laws are dangerous.

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What The Nine Laws are about.

The Dark Triad Man is unwavering in adherence to The Nine Laws that govern his progress in the dark world and provide him a checklist for competence and achievement.

Laws of survival, endurance, power and more are the essential and unequivocal framework within which the Dark Triad Man builds, cultivates, and explodes raw ferocity throughout his life. It is never a careless explosion. It is a shaped charge, blasting through the inexcusable walls of incompetence and weakness and timidity.

The Nine Laws are ruthlessly employed to shatter and crush any challenges to his mission.

What are these laws? Where do they come from?

How can you use them to become a Dark Triad Man yourself?

The Nine Laws delivers all of this information to you in one place.


Learn the power of The Nine Laws.

The Nine Laws deliver lessons to study and practice. They are concrete tasks to carry out and are designed to hit your thinking hard. In some cases the lessons may disturb you and cause you real pain and unease.

That’s because this is grave material. It’s not a silly froth of platitudes for teenagers who want to pretend they are an imaginary figure out of a video game or comic book. I’m not in the business of amusing children. I’ve raised mine and I didn’t teach them to waste time either.

The Nine Laws are the result of over forty years of testing and pain and ruthless victory in the dark world. I’ve spilled my blood, I’ve spent my treasure, I’ve survived ferocious collisions with man and beast, with markets and influencers, and I’ve come ahead to the point where it’s now my turn to give back.

There are too many emasculated, weak, frightened men. It is of utmost importance for powerful and determined leaders to step forward from the dark world and provide hardened, ruthless examples of manhood for their wounded brothers. Men do not abandon comrades.

That’s why I wrote The Nine Laws. And in the coming weeks and months, plans for an expanded print version are being reviewed.

The Nine Laws are not easy to master. They provide you what a man needs if he is to achieve more than a mundane, minimal and miserable existence:

Ruthless mentoring for a dark world. That means more than just lessons.


The Nine Laws asks you hard questions.

That’s where the rubber meets the road. There are countless thousands of “self-improvement” books and blogs and ebooks and plans and theories and web sites and other trivial useless resources for men who are hurting and seek to raise the black banner of their individual manhood, spit on their hands, and stride forward into the world to seize power and wealth and success.

Very few of them address the hard painful parts. Do you want an example? I’ll give you one.

The Third Law is Purpose. Motive is inherent in the Dark Triad Man and he trains for the distillation of his purpose into a forged spear of penetrating, competent satisfaction. How does he do this?

He regularly composes himself for his own mock execution.

And then dissects the terror, pride and regret that are part of each forced early death.

That’s what we call real world self analysis. That’s not a cheap and pointless recommendation about “finding your passion” or “doing what you love” or “building healthy communication” or “fostering relationship engagements”.

That’s sitting down and meditating, hard, on the grim knowledge that you will have your head cruelly struck off from your body in the morning and you must weigh all the terrible and imposing realities that crash down on you with the knowledge of your own death.

And then sifting coldly through the remorseless debris. And doing so without absorbing psychological injury.

That’s where an active mentor is crucially important. Without my assistance, exploring the lessons can be dangerous.

And that’s just one example.


The Nine Laws are not a game.

They are not useful for the psychologically unstable or for the disturbed, disordered and resentful adolescent who hasn’t yet grown a beard and plunged manfully into the dark grown up markets of the world.

Those individuals will not be able to use The Nine Laws or understand them. The sacred information protects itself from those who are inadequate to employ it.

That’s why I won’t coddle you, hold your hand or tell you that everything will be okay.

The Nine Laws is not about soft and gentle answers to hard questions.


The Nine Laws delivers the blunt answers to real life.

That is critically important. You need that guided traction and clear shaping of answers that rise to the surface in such a way that you are empowered to turn them into razor edge spiritual tools. And use them to dominate and conquer your own life and mission.

But enough talk. You know what’s here. And now I will warn you of an important challenge.

The Nine Laws were available for free to the first 1,000 subscribers. But there was still a cost.

That cost was giving up forever the contemptible surrender, exposure, aimlessness, quitting, sloth, slavery, weakness, ignorance and shackles that are the antithesis of The Nine Laws and that infect the mind, heart and action.

The cost was their old complacent self.

To thrive in this dark world you need these laws and lessons, and you must cease protecting the weakness of the shivering man inside you who refuses to stand forth as a grave and serious man of power.

This inner fearful person is not your true self.

It’s about time you killed him.

Your true self is a fully actualized human being, and the human being is the apex predator of the dark world.

Accept that legacy and prerogative, and discard your weak inner self.

Raise a Dark Triad Man in his stead and stride forth to conquer fortunes and power.


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The Nine Laws Classic

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Now it’s your turn. Get instant access to the classic edition The Nine Laws and other free ebook modules.

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Go and seize the throne.


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