This powerful program by bestselling philosopher author Ivan Throne produces lightning changes in the lives of men and instantly equips them with the infinitely reliable and easily mastered achievement skills of the Power Narcissist.

“Vision plus achievement beats wasted dreams every time.”

The Power Narcissist


Recognize that you have an absolute right to build your own life.
Seize hold of the sacred cycle that unlocks repeated success.
Understand why poisonous cowards exist and how to remove them.



Program available exclusively from DARK TRIAD MAN®

Carefully structured chapters teach the critical paths of achievement:

  • Mediocrity: How the average, common, unsharpened and listless human being is a rotting, dying abandonment of human nature – and how to break loose from the sucking pull of that endless miserable pit.
  • Dreams: The root and source of the human ability to visualize, achieve, and connect with the momentum and will of “that which must be” – and why you are the being designed and created to drive it.
  • Rebellion: An ultimate form of visionary breakout and the fundamental spiritual urge that underlies the entire process of achievement narcissism – and how to channel that rebellion into service.
  • Role Models: No man is an island, and no conqueror of great and immortal achievements has done it in a vacuum of mentors and role models – you’ll learn the crucial process of finding and assessing them.
  • Launch: Execution on visions in tandem with allies and your spirit of ferocity is the pivot point of altered future states in service of your vision – I will teach you how to tumble and turn the concept of launch and breakout.
  • Poisoners: Your explosion of new focus and achievement are enraging to those who are vested in your mediocrity and stagnation – and you’ll discover how to correctly inoculate against their poisons of doubt and criticism.
  • The Road: Once momentum and trajectory are established, the great engine of achievement narcissism has been fired and rumbles through eternity – you’ll learn to recognize the serious warning signs on this incredible road.
  • Achievement: The ultimate validation for the narcissist is achievement of his vision as it explodes into factual new reality – and you will discover how this is also a critical and irreplaceable danger.
  • Reboot: Life changes fiercely when achievement narcissism becomes the road you travel, and barriers that do not collapse must be purged away – you’ll grasp how deliberate rebirth reshapes everything.
  • Prayer: Connection to the Divine is the ultimate fuel for your authentic vision and provides an endless fountain of resources – if you know how to maintain the required connection to the Way.
  • Promethean: Achievement narcissism demands continuous effort and work in order to succeed – and you’ll discover how the burden of performance transforms into feast after feast without letup.



There are no excuses in the world for living a mediocre life.
There is only you, and what you achieve.
Never die in regret over wasted time.

0,The Power Narcissist