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Welcome to ruthless mentoring for the dark world.

You have arrived at a stronghold for men of action. This is your barracks, the place where generic theory is replaced with serious training, where unacceptable male weakness is carved away. Here we replace illusion, confusion and degradation with the natural fulfillment of the human male: a weaponized human being.

In these pages our brothers speak of power, train in the Way, and achieve the grave purposes of manhood. They learn, they absorb, they train and they permanently overcome the crippling narrative of male weakness in today’s world.

You are in the right place.

If you arrived through the special gift of one of our rare invitation cards, put it carefully in your wallet. You have been admitted, and it is now your responsibility to save it for a brother.

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Ivan Throne.

This is my house, and you are my respected guest.

I am here to mentor you in your personal war of life in the dark world. Underneath the illusions, veils, silly social constructs and vapid ideologies of the modern age is a grave truth: those absurd and crippling layers of modern foolishness are not the reality of how things are.

The world is a deadly, unforgiving place and in our very lifetimes we see civilizations collide and crash. The very meaning of what it is to be a man has been infected with weakness. Emasculated fools are upheld as the new sensitive ideal, and men of action are disparaged.

Western civilization will collapse and crash without men of action.


I am the Dark Triad Man. I do not teach with soft and gentle lessons.

The dark world is a place where Nature rules with tooth and claw and there are no handicaps, no yellow flags, no referees or timeouts or other ways to level the playing field and make it egalitarian or fair.

As a man, you understand that. Like me, you have felt the disgust of watching your brothers weaken with despair at the stupidities of the time and the futile, ridiculous social culture that seems designed to destroy you.

You know that you must operate in that darkness and handle its challenges with grim determination. There are no shortcuts, there are no quick and easy solutions. No one will shut down your competition and give you unearned success.


I am the Dark Triad Man. I am here to teach you the Way.

Countless sites offer advice and guidance.

There is a serious and forbidding difference here.

I am not playing games in this world. I offer you real knowledge, actual training, and hard lessons to crack open and shatter your illusions. My task here is to train you for the dark world. To grow deep momentum with you, and teach you how to drive your road to vision, purpose and power.

You are given a single lifetime and you must strive with it, you must conquer it and you must not fear the dangers in the deep waters. You must learn to ride the swells of the waves that wash on the shores of the dark world.

You will become a practitioner, and forge the formidable skills of thought, word and deed into a single realm.

You will train as a scholar, and focus the fearsome methods of vision, planning and competence into a determined channel.

You will deliver as a master, and employ the dark triad personality traits of narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy as hardened controls that provide you with deliberate and deadly control over the detonating impact of fate.

That is the Way of the Dark Triad Man that is taught here. Men do not leave their brothers behind in the dark world. They fight shoulder to shoulder, they support, and they teach. That is why we are here.


Read the bestseller that changes lives forever.

The dark world is what it is. It is infinitely beautiful, and invariably fatal.

I have no compassion or pity for your failure or your pain. I am not here to tell you that you’re okay and that your weak achievement gets a lovely participation trophy. Unwillingness to embody ferocity and determination are contemptible limits you impose on yourself.

If you are ready to accept the dark world, to embrace your inherent masculine power and demand with emboldened drive to conquer all that your natural manhood entitles you to seize…

…then buy and study my philosophy bestseller The Nine Laws.


Prepare yourself for the dark world.

Begin by subscribing today.

You will instantly get full access to my free ebooks.

Use it to prepare for the next step: the full print edition from Castalia House (well over 400 pages).

Your vision for your life is too important to leave to chance in the dark world. Take full advantage of your opportunity to adopt the way of ruthless power. You will face men in this world who do not hesitate, who do not pity, who have no mercy for your fear or pain or doubt.

If you desire success; if you desire wealth, position, property, women, title and glory of great and immortal quality – then subscribe. Accept the brutal honesty I deliver. Study the lessons my ruthless mentoring provides.

Understand you are no longer alone, and that our brotherhood welcomes you.

Draw your own steel, and join us here to seize the throne of the future.

There is no better day than today.



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Ivan Throne

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IVAN THRONE, bestselling author of The Nine Laws, is an international speaker and teacher. His vivid lessons and ruthless mentoring for the hard and often cruel demands of our pitiless high performance world have helped millions of people across social media deeply connect with radical, authentic success to the joys of partners, lovers, colleagues and clients.

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