Enjoy magnificent food and stellar discussion!
Plan your ruthless victory in the company of men
who deliver world-class success.

Feast of War: NAPA VALLEY R.S.V.P.

What is the Feast of War experience?

Luxury dining where men discuss politics, war, and business over steaks, spirits and cigars is a glorious and magnificent tradition that never should have been murdered by political correctness. It’s past time to return to these fundamentals. And victory in the cultural war means superb dining, drinks and utterly ruthless discussion with men who make absolutely no apologies for their beliefs.


When is the Napa Valley event scheduled?

The Napa Valley Feast of War has met our fifteen R.S.V.P. minimum. Our ground partner is now finalizing pricing and venue negotiations and determining available dates for the event.

The date is Saturday, March 16th.


Are seats still available?

Yes, tickets are still available at the full ticket price of $422. .

Feast of War: NAPA VALLEY R.S.V.P.

Which restaurant is hosting?

Venue selection is a critical component of the Feast of War. Our ground partner carefully reviews five-star establishments, menus, service reputations and private dining options beforehand. Luxury, privacy and quality of the venue are of utmost importance. The selected venue is communicated to ticket holders shortly before the event for security purposes.


Where else can I attend?

Feast of War events are being held in a number of major metropolitan areas. To view our additional cities and read more about the overall Feast of War program, please visit the main Feast of War page for complete details on these incredible and exclusive series of events.


Secure my seat in Napa Valley!

Feast of War: NAPA VALLEY R.S.V.P.