Miami Feast of War

Ivan Throne bids you welcome.

DARK TRIAD MAN® is very pleased and proud to announce that the upcoming Feast of War in Miami is taking RSVP registrations. Take part in this luxury event with brothers who boldly seize the new age!

If you are new to the Feast of War, discover the full details here.


City Feast of War

Current VIP Registrations

Each Feast of War has a minimum of twenty guests prior to finalizing the date. Once this requirement has been met, our ground partner coordinates scheduling with all of our VIPs.

The cost of an R.S.V.P registration is just $99 and is deducted from your total ticket price of $422.

Balance of payment is due upon final scheduling. If you cannot attend on that date, your R.S.V.P. will be refunded.


Venue selection for the Feast of War.

DARK TRIAD MAN® considers our selection of venue to be the most critical component of the Feast of War. We work with our ground partner to carefully review the establishment, the menu, service reputation and private dining options before making a decision. Of utmost importance is the luxury, privacy and quality of the venue.

Venue selection is communicated to ticket holders shortly before the event for security purposes.


What is the full Feast of War experience?

Luxury dining where men discuss politics, war, and business over steaks, spirits and cigars is a glorious and magnificent tradition that never should have been murdered by political correctness.

DARK TRIAD MAN® roars it back to life in a major city near you.

It’s past time to return to these fundamentals. And victory in the cultural war means superb dining, drinks and utterly ruthless discussion with men who make absolutely no apologies for their beliefs.

The Feasts of War are private evenings with incomparable food and the company of vital brothers who believe in total victory.

Discover the details of this incredible experience!


Bring the Feast of War to your area.

As a ground partner in a host city for a Feast of War event, you’ll work directly with Ivan Throne to make it an outstanding success. We are taking applications from men in cities across the world.

If you are focused, professional and have the necessary drive to be one of our partners behind the scenes, the application is below. Please note that we select only one event affiliate per major metropolitan area in order to preserve exclusivity of this program.

Read more about our application process.


Get ready for a magnificent night in Miami.

We will be hosting a a superb evening at one of the best restaurants in the area.

I look forward to meeting you in person there.

Join our ruthless brothers at the table!

Warmest regards,

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