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DARK TRIAD MAN® has grown enormously over the first year and a half. As part of that growth comes the inevitable rumor and confusion, fact and supposition, and traffic sufficiently overwhelming that it’s simply not possible to respond every individual question that streams in each day.

Accordingly, it is time that a FAQ page was put up here for readers both casual and regular.

Browse through and get your questions answered. If you still have questions remaining after reading through the FAQ feel free to reach out through our contact page.

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And welcome to DARK TRIAD MAN®.


What is this site?

DARK TRIAD MAN® provides a website featuring information regarding personal growth, relationships, self-improvement and personal development. It primarily showcases the work and writing of Ivan Throne with occasional guest posts by invitation.


Who reads it?

Over 511,000 readers from more than 190 countries are readers of this site. The majority are men between the ages of 25-54 from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia – the heart of the English-speaking world. More than 39,000 readers are women.


Who is Ivan Throne?

Ivan Throne is the bestselling author of THE NINE LAWS. He is a powerful speaker, business manager and seasoned veteran of the financial industry with over thirty years of study in the classical Japanese military fighting arts. His vivid lessons and ruthless mentoring for the hard and often cruel demands of our pitiless high performance world have helped millions of people across social media deeply connect with radical, authentic success to the joys of partners, lovers, colleagues and clients.


What are his politics?

Ivan is registered as an independent voter. He is a supporter of President Donald J. Trump both from analysis and direct observation. He non-negotiably supports freedom of speech, the right to keep and bear arms, and other inherent human rights enumerated here.


What is his book?

Ivan’s bestseller THE NINE LAWS was released in November of 2016 and quickly hit #1 in Philosophy after the Kindle release. The paperback has continued to be among the top performers there, maintaining an average sales rank within the top 1% of all books on Amazon since release. It has an average 4.6 stars with 50 reviews as of the end of Q1 2017. THE NINE LAWS is well known for its powerful, deep writing and unique, original perspective.


What are his goals?

Ivan is a man of the West. He is deeply proud of his heritage and determined to see both that heritage, as well as the West itself, survive and prosper in the new millennium. Ivan’s motivation for this has been made unequivocally clear.


Does he advocate violence?

This question is most often asked by those in connection with the Safe Streets Project. The Safe Streets Project is a technology platform and resource aggregator; even the direct targets of the project acknowledge that it does not promote or advocate violence. Where individuals are concerned, the direct answer is that Ivan strongly recommends appropriate solutions to any particular engagement in the dark world. Violence, when applied with incaution, often proves fatal in unexpected directions. Therefore the wise contemplate outcomes with care, and every human being is responsible for their own survival.


Is Ivan American?

Ivan was born in the United States and is thus an American citizen. He is also a British citizen, has lived in London and holds two passports. He has also lived in the Kingdom of the Netherlands as a legal immigrant. He is very pleased with Brexit.


Is he really deaf?

Medically speaking, Ivan is considered profoundly deaf and has been so since the age of four. You can read more about how Ivan lost his hearing in this powerful excerpt from his book and where his exhortation of “Get up and walk!” originated.


How can I reach Ivan?

Information on how to reach Ivan is on the contact page. Please note that while Ivan does read every email that he receives, due to the volume of email and his ongoing work it is not possible to personally reply to each correspondent.


Can I meet him in person?

Readers of DARK TRIAD MAN® have opportunities to meet and train in person with Ivan at Feast of War, Immersion Forge, and Ground Dominance events.


Is he really a dark triad?

Come and find out.


Is Ivan really a ninja?

Ivan has been an active practitioner of several classical Japanese koryū martial traditions for well over thirty years. Their influence can be seen in much of his writing, as is the influence of seminal classical works such as the Tao Te Ching, The Unfettered Mind and the Go Rin No Sho. Ivan does not teach martial arts publicly, but trains privately with select practitioners of comparable disciplines.

  • 戸隠流忍法体術
  • 高木揚心流柔体術
  • 虎倒流骨法術
  • 玉虎流骨指術
  • 義鑑流骨法術
  • 玉心流忍法
  • 雲隠流忍法
  • 神伝不動流打拳体術
  • 九鬼神伝流八法秘剣術


Why do Leftists hate him?

Ivan represents the leading edge of a new era that forcefully, offensively and in some cases violently pushes the survival probability of Western civilization into positive territory. Consequently his writings, work, leadership and message are horrifying anathema to those who seek the continuance of degradation and death for the legacy of the West. Ivan is also unmoved by the histrionic insults of the Left, correctly viewing them as “extinction bursts” of ideocultural nonviability.


Is Ivan an MRA or PUA?

While well aware of the unbalanced preledictions of current society and personally familiar with the grim disparity in suicide rates and presumed guilt that undercuts the supposed equal standing and protection of men in society, Ivan is not directly focused on those topics in his writing and work. That is not to deprecate the work of others, merely to note that men’s rights and legal standing are not his specific targets of effort. Where pick-up artists (PUA) are concerned, while Ivan’s position is that competence in mating strategies is as desirable as competence in any other area of skill, it is not a specific focus of his work.


Is he a white supremacist?

This is a silly question. No. This came about from an odd Change.org demand for “500 Nazi Scalps” that listed @DarkTriadMan but not @RichardBSpencer. A very bemused Ivan tweeted that he was apparently more Officially Nazi than Spencer himself. Spencer, to his credit, has a sense of humor (unlike Leftist apparatchiks):



Ivan is not a white supremacist nor a white nationalist. That was defamation committed by Ben Shapiro over this event. While Ben Shapiro reportedly relies on a team of writers to provide his content, he is nonetheless responsible for what he says. Ivan and Ben will undoubtedly discuss this falsehood in person at some point. Which should be quite fun, albeit rather abrupt.



Is Ivan Alt Right?

There are many definitions and declarations of Alt Right floating around the Internet. Most are deeply stupid and inaccurate. Ivan believes the 16 Points as enumerated by Vox Day are the best definition of the Alt Right, and their translation into twenty languages is a marker of their robustness and applicability.

If you are looking for Ivan’s position on the so-called “Jewish Question”, his response is here.


Can I guest post here?

Guest posts at DARK TRIAD MAN® are rare and by invitation only.


Can I interview Ivan?

Ivan considers all requests for interviews. Please review our media interview policy before requesting.


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