No man deserves to be abused.

 Your gut is telling you the truth about her. The endless rotation of arguments, drama bombs and abuse feel like the crazy strobes of a murderous disco.

The truth is that you worry how far she might go. Either with your brother or with you.

He tells you she’s crazy and you shamefacedly agree with him. But you continue to stay and suffer. And there’s a reason you can’t get out.

It’s because you don’t know how. Maybe he doesn’t either.

You need a real escape plan that shows what to do, every step of the way, and cements recovery. A plan that delivers a concrete escape.

A plan that teaches how to get out and never, ever go back. To her or any other damaged woman in the future.

I built this plan, survived with it and saved my family. Now it’s here for you.


You don't need another day of pain.
You just need a roadmap out of crazy.
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Men work to free their brothers.

We don’t need to go into all the vicious tactics the damaged woman uses to control.

I don’t care about her, and you shouldn’t either. Her sickness is her own problem.

Let her rot in her own filthy nonsense and let’s focus on helping you escape.

Our grave concern is that you extricate yourself from the situation. She’s supremely confident that she’s got you nailed to the floor in miserable helplessness. And
she’s absolutely right. She’s disgustingly expert at what she does.

Men in this situation need real help.

Escape Plan From The Damaged Woman equips you with final power.


Her mesmerizing control is toxic.
She has you crucified by the balls.
Snap out of it or die without them.

Instant PDF Access: $7.99


Escape Plan From The Damaged Woman works. It’s designed, tested and proven as a solid and compelling resource. It gives beaten, manipulated and cruelly trapped men the real, successful and permanent solution to their situation.

I know because I’ve been there myself. I’ve fought the entire dozen-round boxing match with the damaged woman and been through extraordinary and agonizing struggles. I didn’t merely escape. I also successfully handled the aftermath for myself and my loved ones.

My child was kidnapped by a damaged woman. I hired a bounty hunter  to track him down across state lines, then find and bring him home.

I was stalked by another damaged woman after I ended the relationship.  I know the enormous stress that comes from constantly watching your back. And handling the cops when she smashes her way into your new home.

I know the grim and permanent satisfaction of beating her off forever.

I used the ruthless skills and mindset of Escape Plan From The Damaged Woman to achieve it all. Now it’s my turn to help my brothers in the dark world.

Take my hand, brother, and let’s get moving.

It’s time to get you the hell out.

  • How to recognize, calculate and decide
  • Preparing and taking real action
  • Handling the fragile days after escape

  • Training the male brain to recover
  • Protecting the future with structure
  • Making sure she never comes back


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Instant PDF Access: $7.99