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The content you are seeking is not fully migrated.


We are working hard to complete the site migration as quickly as possible.

The content you attempted to load is not lost or missing, but has been prioritized lower than other pages and posts that have already been transitioned to the new platform for Dark Triad Man®.

Each page and post from the old site is being completely rebuilt on a new platform with a radically enhanced user experience, significantly expanded functionality and ease of platform oversight.

This does require we manually transition each piece of content over in order to ensure a completely clean rebuild, including rebuilding all site images, rebranding and more.


A quick look at our migration numbers.



What is the timing to complete the site migration?

We anticipate the site migration to be complete within the next month or so.

Old and outdated pages will eventually be included, but they are currently taking a back seat to new functionality such as WooCommerce, guest posting and other immediate projects such as VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS and the Immersion Forge.


What if I am looking for a specific old post or page?

Feel free to email our technical support team with any requests for older content that is not yet migrated.

We can prioritize it higher up the restoration queue. In the meantime, our thanks for your patience as we complete the migration project for Dark Triad Man®.

You can also reach us through the contact form below. Thank you!


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Technical Support

Customer service, platform management, product support and vendor oversight for Dark Triad Man, LLC. You can reach us at [email protected] with any questions, comments or concerns.