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Fools Shriek Over #SyriaStrikes

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President Trump ordered a reasonably significant Tomahawk missile strike on Syria, ostensibly in response to the highly publicized use of chemical weapons in Syria. The strikes were aimed at an air base in Syria, targeting the base infrastructure and associated assets. The anguished reaction from many is foolish.

The Private Man Has Passed Away

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I did not have much opportunity to interact with The Private Man over the last year and half. But it was deeply clear from the respect that was shown to him, and the bright impacts he made on his fellow men, that he was a very special man with insights well-worth discovering and learning from.

Gorilla Mindset, AltMedia And Total War

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From time to time there are moments in the culture wars where something strident appears, and not only makes news but also provides an insight into lines of communication and movement of forces that are not otherwise clearly apparent. In such cases, if careful attention is paid one often can discern signal flare contained within the incoming strike of artillery.

Welcome To The Ivan Letters

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As the spring rolls forward there’s an enormous amount of work taking place here at DARK TRIAD MAN®. Much of it is behind the scenes and not entirely visible to the general public. It has been taking up a great deal of my time and making regular posts difficult. The solution to this is to diversify a bit.