We know a Dark Triad Man when we see him.

He’s “that guy”. The man who seems to effortlessly move through realms of danger and reward, through work and life, always at the top of his game and leaving behind a string of successes, adventures and quite often a lot of jealousy and resentment. But jealousy is the province of the weak, and resentment the country of the defeated. He doesn’t live in either.

You’ll see him in the corner with a group of men and he’ll be the one very quietly monitoring the room. But when he speaks, the others will defer to him and listen with respect. You know that what he has to say will impact you, and that he chooses words with deliberate intent. He’s not loud, but he certainly has your attention.

Instantly. You don’t ignore a Dark Triad Man.

He’s the man who pulls up to the dealership in a fast, powerful vehicle and throws the keys to the service worker and walks right inside. He isn’t worried about what happens to his ride. He’s fine with the attendant enjoying his car vicariously. It’s replaceable, and he’s well-insured. If the attendant wrecks it he’ll be in a better one by nightfall.

It may be a beautiful thing of expensive power, but it’s just one of many of his possessions. He’s not attached to it even though he enjoys every mile he drives in it. The road is his servant as it whips by underneath.

Women are compulsively attracted to him. They immediately whisper to themselves when he walks into the room. He doesn’t grant them notice although he’s well aware that they admire him. His disregard makes them more excited and a rare playful glance from his narrowed eyes makes them stop and stare as he passes. They forget themselves for a few moments to talk about him.

We all know what they’re imagining.

That guy isn’t. He’s busy on his next plan, because he had their fantasies wrapped up last night.

Business is his business. He earns, and he earns hard. He works, and he works harder – in fact, he never stops working. It’s part of a mind that’s always planning, a hand that is always at the till, a spirit that is always committed and a resolve that will crush you if you trip yourself in front of it. It’s not personal, and it’s not gratuitous. But it’s not negotiable.

He is a Dark Triad Man and he doesn’t surrender.

You know he means it when he’s making money or closing a deal. When he says he will accomplish something it gets accomplished. When he looks at an insurmountable challenge of time and effort and blood and tears – he smiles slightly inside, and knows he’ll emerge on the other side a harder man.

When you are in his company his words and intensity are enthralling. He engages you with his eyes, with his personal force, with the depth of his words. You’re captivated by his charisma and you’re empowered by the experience of him. Each encounter with him feels cathartic, the way you feel when you’ve climbed a mountain or spent a reflective morning at the beach or had a peak experience that leaves you changed, somehow… advanced to a different place.

That’s why DARK TRIAD MAN® is here.

I’m going to get you to that place.

If you’re a man, and you have a mission, this is the right place.

I’m going to show you how to do it all.

I’m going to teach you how to think. How to channel what you feel. I’m going to teach you how to blend reason and rage together and turn it into some frighteningly powerful changes in your outcomes. I’m going to give you concrete, provable action plans. I’m going to provide you with ruthless mentoring for a dark world and you’re going to take that mentoring and you’re going to be that guy with a mission who doesn’t flinch.


If you don’t have a mission then this isn’t the place for you.

Read the site warning. Go get a mission. Then come back.

Because it’s a man’s mission that defines him. It’s what makes him a man, what separates him from the pack, what transforms him from a motivationally crippled loser into a pinnacle of iron that pierces through the universe and owns what he chooses and leaves behind the rest in a shuddering pile of shattered opposition.

But first, a little bit about who I am. And a little bit about why we’re here together on this page.


I am the Dark Triad Man and I’m here to mentor.

I haven’t commuted to an office for more than half a decade. My formal “office” is in my home. I work 13-15 hour days because I love to. I drive an expensive custom motorcycle (probably too fast). I work out hard. My physique matters to me. My time is a deliberate investment. A remarkably powerful German Shepherd secures my home and property.

I have two passports, have lived in three countries and I’ve been a practitioner of classical Japanese koryū battlefield and strategy arts for more than thirty years.

On the surface, there’s a lot to envy. I’m blessed with good looks, a deep brain, and quite a bit of cussedness. But there’s something missing. I’m simply not content to rest here. I am, precisely, restless. That’s because I have a responsibility – and desire – to do one more thing.

It’s called giving back. And the great pleasure of wealth and power is being able to choose how you do that.

I see a lot of men in pain. They are hurting, they are ridiculed, their world is changing around them and none of it makes sense. Marriage for most isn’t what it used to be. Forget working hard at an honest job, and coming home to a warm house with supportive wife with children who are taught to respect the head of the household.

That has been lost. And we all know why.

The country isn’t what it used to be. Time was, when the President of the United States drew a red line and threatened war a lot of people sat up and took notice. It is a good thing that we no longer have a simpering intellectual in the Oval Office who isn’t taken seriously by any third-rate banana dictator. (You disagree? Wait until Donald Trump parks an aircraft carrier off your coast and then we’ll talk Presidents and global respect for America.)

Even speaking freely is under attack. You can’t say this word, you can’t say that word. That’s offensive. That’s a trigger, Ivan. You’re oppressive and insensitive, Ivan. Oh, you’re a racist. Oh, you’re a homophobe. Oh,  you’re microaggressing, Ivan.

You’re… you’re… you are officially a Nazi, Ivan! (That one was rather funny.)

I know you are as annoyed with this sort of sobbing cultural nonsense as I am.

Good! I am here to hand you a hammer of the mind, the heart and the hand.

It is great fun to smash it.


As the Dark Triad Man I do not like today’s emasculated men.

And because you’re a man, I know you’re as sickened and disgusted and infuriated by the infectiously spreading weakness of it as I am.

It makes you wonder if this is what Rome felt like to an old centurion, in the days before the Republic fell and women were savagely raped and put to sword in the streets while barbarians drank and belched and gutted their husbands on their spears.

I’m here to tell you that yes, it was. It was just as stupid then as it is now. It’s how it works. Cultural degeneracy breeds the fall. These days it’s bearded desert savages instead of bearded forest savages gnawing at the remains but not much else is different.

At least the Huns and Goths and Vandals preferred wine and women and gold to mind-numbing sermons five times a day and goats (or little boys, as it turns out) but collapsing civilizations don’t get to choose the plunderer.

You see, we’re at the end of an age. The world is turning darker, and this time the darkness is going to stay for a while. It has before, it will again, and right now the shadows of this era are drawing around us all. It’s going to take a very special kind of man to bring you to the necessary sensibilities to survive in it, much less make your fortune and future.

And to protect your property, yourself, your wife and kids if you have them. (Your job isn’t going to be saved.)

It takes a Dark Triad Man.


How does this all work here at DARK TRIAD MAN®?

This is where the rabbit hole I invite you into gets a little deeper and a little darker. Because if you can’t stand a slow death by drowning in the rising tide of social horror as your neighborhood and your country and your culture commit obscene self-castration suicide around you, then you’re ready to join me on a spectacular kind of journey. A journey into the mind and heart of an unusual kind of man.

A man who is going to survive all this.

A man who has cultivated a specific trait, mastered a specific skill, and exploited a particular formation of mind that psychologists and therapists and counselors and jilted ex-girlfriends like to call a “disorder” but this man calls useful.

That trait is narcissism. The skill is Machiavellianism. The mental formation is psychopathy. We’re all imagining crazy clowns with knives in the next alley up, right? Well, almost. That can be a useful image. But we’ll get back to crazy, mostly when we talk about psychopathy in the female. Hold that thought.

In the meantime, here’s a reflection on psychopathy by some folks who have done some looking at it:


“Few psychological concepts evoke simultaneously as much fascination and misunderstanding as psychopathic personality, or psychopathy. Typically, individuals with psychopathy are misconceived as fundamentally different from the rest of humanity and as inalterably dangerous.” – Skeem, J. L.; Polaschek, D. L. L.; Patrick, C. J.; Lilienfeld, S. O. (2011)


I cover the correct and practical application of psychopathy in The Nine Laws. It is important to understand that psychopathy may be innate to those born with it; it may be inflicted upon those who suffer severe trauma; and it can be instilled in those through long training. But most human beings do not develop this crucial quality.

On the other hand, we have James Bond as the classical Dark Triad Man.

Let’s pull him out of his Aston Martin and away from the dripping, gasping brunette and see if Her Majesty’s business can take a brief indulgent break. Let’s take his hand and bring him with us, back to the clowns for a moment:


Given these contrasting depictions, it is scant wonder that some experts have concluded that the concept of psychopathy, as commonly understood, is disturbingly problematic: a ‘mythical entity’ and ‘a moral judgment masquerading as a clinical diagnosis’.” – (Blackburn, 1988, p. 511)


And there you have it.

“A moral judgment masquerading as a clinical diagnosis”

That right there, my friend, is all you need to know.

If you can feel the coming fall of the West, and the deluge of blood and fire and stupid entertainment that’s going to accompany it – along with an especially horrifying type of dreary exhaustion of spirit you’re no doubt all too familiar with – then you have a choice.

You can suck it up, until it’s time to feel that spear of failure in your belly, in your woman, in your culture and your self-respect. In your children, too, because self-respect will be the last thing they find in the starving ruins.

Or you can read, and learn.


How Dark Triad Man is used as a title or appellation.

Let’s talk about how I use the term Dark Triad Man.

The first thing to understand is the concept of the three realms, channels and controls of the human being and how they are integrated, forged and deployed. The realms are thought, word and deed. They condense to the channels of vision, planning and competence. From there they harden into the controls of the weaponized human being;

Narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy.

When you have integrated your thought, word and deed into a single purposeful realm; focused your vision, planning and competence into a single array of momentum; and then hardened them into the fearsome and powerful controls of reality, then Dark Triad Man has taken form within you. And the deliberate detonation of fate is now your prerogative.

That is the appellation. This is how the term is used in my writing and by my followers.

It is very simple to understand how this is done:

Read The Nine Laws.

And train.


DARK TRIAD MAN® as an explosive web site and business.

This site was launched on October 27th, 2015. It has grown with enormous speed and a deeply loyal following. From casual readers to men who form the core brotherhood of the Immersion Forge, the work of DARK TRIAD MAN® has exploded since launch:



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DARK TRIAD MAN® as a brand.

The term “DARK TRIAD MAN®” is a registered service mark of Dark Triad Man, LLC.


Dark Triad Man as man among brothers.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

Read my books. Study my ebook modules. Listen to my podcast. Join the brotherhood of the Immersion Forge.

Subscribe today and connect with the men who are leaders of the new age.

I tell you today that it has always been a dark world.

Today, you have the opportunity to rule it.


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