The Gorgeous Napa Valley Feast of War

The Gorgeous Napa Valley Feast Of War

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Ivan Throne hosts a superb evening in California.

On Saturday, March 16th in Napa Valley a Feast of War was held with some very special guests.

Ivan and Lauren Throne were joined by expert fitness trainer Alexander Cortes, authors Bobby Dino and Jon Del Arroz, and many others for a luxurious evening of steaks, select wines, and the superb Empalador cigars.

Enjoy the photos, and ensure you check on the upcoming cities of the Feast of War.

Put your RSVP in today and be a part of this tremendous experience.


Brix in Napa

An absolutely gorgeous venue.

Our setting was the famous Brix Restaurant and Gardens in the heart of California’s wine country.

Officially closed for renovations, the management of Brix very graciously opened the venue exclusively for the Feast of War. The menu included extensive staff-served hors d’oeuvres, paired with exquisites wines, and was followed by steak, salmon, and sides with a very rich dessert.


@AJA_Cortes and @jondelarroz in Napa

High energy and terrific connections.

A distinguishing feature of the Feast of War is the extraordinarily high energy and enjoyment of the guests as they meet, talk, connect, and plan future ventures together as men who drive purposeful success in the new age.

The joy of victory is infectious.


The event begins in Napa

A brotherhood of men who see the world with no illusions.

“Ruthless talk of business and war” is the heart of the Feast of War. The men do business together. The men speak of where the cultural, political, and kinetic wars are headed. And align themselves on shared trajectory of deliberate outcomes.

The Feast of War is about brotherhood, connection, and the future.


The Feast begins in Napa

Headed to the table for the Feast.

Following introductions and initial discovery of backgrounds and discussion over cigars, the guests headed inside for a sumptuous banquet.

And the great work of bonding over exclusive luxury continued.


The dining table in Napa

Traditional setting and lovely accoutrements from Brix.

There is great pleasure in partaking of glorious food in a traditionally formal environment. Celebration of culture, civilization, and class are inherent ingredients of the Feast of War and serve to provide a lovely framwork for the evening.

Class will always out.


Ivan and Lauren in Napa

Ladies are welcome when escorted by a male guest.

The Feast of War is an event for men. Single women are not permitted to attend. However, men are always welcome to bring wives or girlfriends, in keeping with our attendance policy for all of our Feasts of War.

You can review our attendance policies here.


Chad Jesus in Napa

Dinner with Chad Jesus and the Apostles of the New Age.

Wondrous cheer and good humor are a central experience at the Feast of War, and this event was no exception. With Alexander Cortes as the centerpiece, Jon Del Arroz had us recreate Leonardo Da Vinci’s immortal work of The Last Supper.

Enjoy the good humor, and watch the Periscope broadcast live from the event!


Listen to the live Periscope from Napa Valley.


@RealBobbyDino and @jondelarroz with @IvanThrone in Napa

Delightful breakfast the next morning with Bobby Dino and Jon Del Arroz

The next morning it was a wonderful pleasure to dine again with good friends and their family members at the wonderful Napa restaurant The Farm at Carneros. More discussion on upcoming ventures took place, including a savagely triggering joint science fiction novel planned by Jon and Ivan.

Never miss the opportunity to keep momentum going!


After breakfast in Napa

Brotherhood is what drives the success of Men.

A superb conclusion to a magnificent weekend in Napa Valley, California. Terrific weather, lovely countryside, a magnificent event, and deep connections forged between men who know that they are responsible for their own success in the world.

This is how it is done, brothers.


@RealBobbyDino and @AJA_Cortes with @IvanThrone in Napa

Be a part of the Feast of War and join with victory in the new age.

The Feast of War is coming to Washington D.C., Nashville, Seattle, New York, Palm Beach, Chicago, and San Diego.

Do not let your opportunity to attend these incredible events slip by.

Browse through the Feast of War page and find out how you can reserve your spot.

You will enter into an unforgettable evening of power, brotherhood, and potential.

That is why the Feast of War takes place.

It is for you, my brother.


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