Dallas Feast of War

The Incredible Dallas Feast Of War

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An absolutely magnificent evening.

The Dallas Feast of War was held on Saturday, December 8th at the Cool River Cafe in Irving, Texas.

The beautifully appointed Cognac Lounge was reserved for our event, held from 6:00pm until about midnight.

Over the course of six hours the guests ate, drank, talked, discussed the momentum and trajectory of the age, and made plans with each other for alliance amid the tumult of the future that comes so very quickly.

This, my friends, is the way of men who drive success!


Watch our streamed videos from the Dallas Feast of War.


Terrific company at the luxurious Dallas Feast of War.

Enjoy some photographs of this stellar event:


Make plans to attend a Feast of War with Ivan Throne!

Our Feast of War program is a unique and very special array of evenings.

Luxury dining where men discuss politics, war, and business over steaks, spirits and cigars is a glorious and magnificent tradition that never should have been murdered by political correctness.

DARK TRIAD MAN® roars it back to life in a major city near you.

It’s past time to return to these fundamentals. And victory in the cultural war means superb dining, drinks and utterly ruthless discussion with men who make absolutely no apologies for their beliefs.

The Feasts of War are private evenings with incomparable food and the company of vital brothers who believe in total victory.

Ivan Throne invites you to join the men at these luxury events.


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I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you today that the Feast of War is where you need to be if you are serious about success, and serious about leveling up your relationships and connections in the real world where decisions are made and brotherhood is formed.

Napa Valley is coming early next year, and Washington D.C. soon after.

Purchase your RSVP today for the Feast of War nearest you.

And prepare for a matchless experience at my table.


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