Into The Senate Announcement

Into The Senate Announcement

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U.S. Senators will soon receive The Nine Laws.

In March of this year, DARK TRIAD MAN® announced our Into the Senate campaign.

This campaign was a crowdfunded project on to deliver a hardback copy of Ivan Throne’s philosophy bestseller The Nine Laws into the hands of each member of the United States Senate. The goal was to raise $2,998 for this purpose.

Three months later – shortly after half the funds were raised – Freestartr was deplatformed by Stripe. Freestartr was also deplatformed by banks and other payment processors, making access to and release of the funds problematic. Soon afterwards, was shut down.

We are pleased to report that the funds from Freestartr have finally been released, and are now available!

$1,595 was distributed, which translates to sixty-four hardback copies of The Nine Laws.

We will begin shipping copies of The Nine Laws to U.S. Senators this week.

Read on for our list of recipients, and details on how we have selected them.


Our list starts with Senate leadership.

The full list of U.S. Senators has finally been updated subsequent to the 2018 elections and can be found here.

Leadership positions in the U.S. Senate are important offices of national influence, and consequently they are at the head of the list to receive gifts of The Nine Laws:

  • Richard J. Durbin (D) – Whip

That leaves sixty-one copies to be distributed amongst the remaining members of the Senate.


Senate Republicans are the next group to receive The Nine Laws.

Following the Senate leadership, there are an additional forty-eight Republicans in the Upper House, not including new incoming senators.

Each of the following U.S. Senators will receive a hardback copy of The Nine Laws:

  • Lamar Alexander (R)
  • John Barrasso (R)
  • Roy Blunt (R)
  • John Boozman (R)
  • Richard Burr (R)
  • Shelley Moore Capito (R)
  • Bill Cassidy (R)
  • Susan M. Collins (R)
  • Bob Corker (R)
  • Tom Cotton (R)
  • Mike Crapo (R)
  • Ted Cruz (R)
  • Steve Daines (R)
  • Michael B. Enzi (R)
  • Joni Ernst (R)
  • Deb Fischer (R)
  • Jeff Flake (R)
  • Cory Gardner (R)
  • Lindsey Graham (R)
  • Chuck Grassley (R)
  • Dean Heller (R)
  • John Hoeven (R)
  • Cindy Hyde-Smith (R)
  • James M. Inhofe (R)
  • Johnny Isakson (R)
  • Ron Johnson (R)
  • John Kennedy (R)
  • Jon Kyl (R)
  • James Lankford (R)
  • Mike Lee (R)
  • Jerry Moran (R)
  • Lisa Murkowski (R)
  • Rand Paul (R)
  • David Perdue (R)
  • Rob Portman (R)
  • James E. Risch (R)
  • Pat Roberts (R)
  • Mike Rounds (R)
  • Marco Rubio (R)
  • Ben Sasse (R)
  • Tim Scott (R)
  • Richard C. Shelby (R)
  • Dan Sullivan (R)
  • John Thune (R)
  • Thom Tillis (R)
  • Patrick J. Toomey (R)
  • Roger F. Wicker (R)
  • Todd Young (R)


Last on the list are the Independents and Democrats in the Senate.

The remaining ten copies of The Nine Laws will be distributed to the two independents in the Senate, along with a handpicked list of Democrats (not including those recently defeated in the 2018 elections):

  • Angus S., Jr. King (I)
  • Bernard Sanders (I)
  • Cory A. Booker (D)
  • Dianne Feinstein (D)
  • Kirsten E. Gillibrand (D)
  • Kamala D. Harris (D)
  • Tim Kaine (D)
  • Joe Manchin III (D)
  • Mark R. Warner (D)
  • Elizabeth Warren (D)


The Nine Laws is your operating system for the dark world.

Joe Katzman is a brilliant strategist, Wall St. Journal contributor, and author of the foreword to The Nine Laws. He describes the book as “education for the cadres that will save us”. May the Republican Senate take the lessons to heart, and put this education towards the preservation of the nation.

The most powerful compliment to The Nine Laws is from Mr. Swift, who bluntly stated “it does not contradict Scripture”. May each Senator who reads it absorb the lessons that bring man closer to the divine, and empower them to deliver the Will of Heaven.

The most delightful response to The Nine Laws was from the unhappy leftist who declared that “men should be imprisoned for reading it, even if they have committed no crime.” May the Democrats who receive The Nine Laws shudder in fear as they realize the power that has been delivered to their adversaries.

Shipping of The Nine Laws to the United States Senate will commence over the next day or so, and be completed by the end of this week. Ivan himself is covering the shipping costs.

If you have not yet read this #1 philosophy bestseller, start right here with The Dying Child.


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