Ivan Throne Banned On Twitter

Ivan Throne Banned On Twitter

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DARK TRIAD MAN® now moves to other platforms.

Yesterday was a good day.

My Twitter account reached the milestone of 13,000 followers:

Ivan Throne Banned On Twitter

Twitter, of course, is not having this.

This morning I logged on after a happy predawn session of deadlifts and squats to discover that I have been permanently suspended from the platform, thanks to a tweet discussing what would be the inestimable pleasure of witnessing a duel between Donald Trump, Jr. and Peter Fonda.

Peter Fonda, you will recall, recently made news by his disgusting advocacy of kidnap and pedophilic rape of Barron Trump, the son of the President of the United States. The Secret Service is conducting a criminal investigation of Peter Fonda as a result.

When I logged in, I was greeted with the following message:

Ivan Throne Banned On Twitter


Reaction was immediate and accurate.

Ivan Throne Banned On Twitter


Ivan Throne Banned On Twitter


The work of DARK TRIAD MAN® now expands on other platforms.

The loss of 13,000 followers on a major communications platform is simply a speed bump on the road of the Way.

I will be ramping up engagement on other platforms where I have an established presence, and building them out:

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Above all, heed the lovely words of @MasculineMuseum:

Ivan Throne Banned On Twitter


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It’s time to light some fires underneath them all, brothers.

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