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Announcing “The Power Narcissist” Ebook Now Available For Preorder

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How to build with your authentic vision.

THE POWER NARCISSIST is available here.

DARK TRIAD MAN® is pleased and proud to announce that “The Power Narcissist” is now available for preorder. Designed as an introduction to the concept and practice of achievement narcissism, this new ebook from Ivan Throne is a powerful elementary foundation for those who seek to quit the cycle of fantasy daydreaming and move to deliberate detonation of fate.

Get sharp and simple insights! Seize the reins of your trajectory and momentum with a step-by-step process of shaping, sharpening and honing your ability to drive reality swiftly into your desired outcome:

A glimpse into the chapters within this work.

Imagination, daydreaming, fantasizing, and visualization are all aspects of the same critical aspect of the human being: the ability to make reality itself shift and rebirth. This is the inherent differentiator that defines human beings in the dark world.

This is why you, a being created in the image of God, are here!

But is there an actual process to prevent useless spirals and degradations of the mind into the silly and illusory solipsism of the dreamer? What is the path that the achievement narcissist takes, and that separates him from those who remain mired in wallowing hopes?

The Power Narcissist outlines this for you from start to finish:

  • Mediocrity: How the average, common, unsharpened and listless human being is a rotting, dying abandonment of human nature – and how to break loose from the sucking pull of that endless miserable pit.
  • Dreams: The root and source of the human ability to visualize, achieve, and connect with the momentum and will of “that which must be” – and why you are the being designed and created to drive it.
  • Rebellion: An ultimate form of visionary breakout and the fundamental spiritual urge that underlies the entire process of achievement narcissism – and how to channel that rebellion into service.
  • Role Models: No man is an island, and no conqueror of great and immortal achievements has done it in a vacuum of mentors and role models – you’ll learn the crucial process of finding and assessing them.
  • Launch: Execution on visions in tandem with allies and your spirit of ferocity is the pivot point of altered future states in service of your vision – I will teach you how to tumble and turn the concept of launch and breakout.
  • Poisoners: Your explosion of new focus and achievement are enraging to those who are vested in your mediocrity and stagnation – and you’ll discover how to correctly inoculate against their poisons of doubt and criticism.
  • The Road: Once momentum and trajectory are established, the great engine of achievement narcissism has been fired and rumbles through eternity – you’ll learn to recognize the serious warning signs on this incredible road.
  • Achievement: The ultimate validation for the narcissist is achievement of his vision as it explodes into factual new reality – and you will discover how this is also a critical and irreplaceable danger.
  • Reboot: Life changes fiercely when achievement narcissism becomes the road you travel, and barriers that do not colllapse must be purged away – you’ll grasp how deliberate rebirth reshapes everything.
  • Prayer: Connection to the Divine is the ultimate fuel for your authentic vision and provides an endless fountain of resources – if you know how to maintain the required connection to the Way.
  • Promethean: Achievement narcissism demands continuous effort and work in order to succeed – and you’ll discover how the burden of performance transforms into feast after feast without letup.


Preorder your copy of The Power Narcissist today.

I cover narcissism in detail in The Nine Laws.

But that is an advanced work, “heavy” as readers have praised it, and it is time to make the fundamentals of achievement narcissism fully available in a more basic, structured form.

The Power Narcissist is your answer to those who complain you are a narcissist, and frustrate you with their insidious and urgent demand that you accept mediocrity.

The Power Narcissist is your pathway through the bitter criticism of those who resent your ability to see more for yourself than a forgotten and empty life, indistinguishable from the common man.

The Power Narcissist is your roadmap from desperate dreams to achieved reality, and the way through the cloying morass of wasted time and dissipated years.

I offer it to you:

The Power Narcissist

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I am Ivan Throne.

I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you today that if you believe you have plenty of years ahead to learn, you fool yourself and lay the foundation of your own regrets.

Life is short, and suddenly so.

But magnificence is built in the spark of an instant within the mind, the heart, and the hand.

Capitalize on this truth!

Slam open the doors to the great road of the Way, and drive hard to the palace that awaits

During this preorder the price is cut in half.

Knowledge is half the battle!

Meet me halfway, and I will uncover the markers on the road.

Preorder The Power Narcissist today, and be first in line to receive it.

Winners cross the finish line, and stragglers are shot.

Never forget it.


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