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Feast Of War Venues Harassed By Anonymous Leftist Attacks

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New York City steakhouse buckles under fire.

The Feast of War program has been a rapid and surging success following the inaugural dinner in Denver at the Brown Palace Hotel, where luminaries such as AJA Cortes and Mr. Swift met with other men as the honored guests of Ivan Throne in a magnificent setting at the Mile High City.

Since that first event, ten cities are currently planning a Feast of War at luxurious, exclusive restaurants in their metropolitan area and requests are coming in from Toronto, Atlanta, and places as far away as Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Prague and more.

The theme of men meeting to discuss power, war, politics and plans in a private setting with superb, world-class dining is generating bold excitement from men who are contemptuous of political correctness, ferocious in their commitment to growth, and savagely delighted to meet their brothers and build an army of successful leaders.

Our RSVP list has soared quickly in the first six weeks after launch.

So has bitter Leftist rage.


The sharp contrast between successful winners and bitter losers.

I had the pleasure of attending A Night For Freedom in Washington D.C. on February 24th. The event was hosted by Mike Cernovich at the City Club of Washington and it was a superb gathering of hundreds of terrific people.

It was also, of course, the scene of death threats from a violent criminal mob of Antifa leftists outside.

If you are on my subscriber list, you got some of the private details of those threats. (If you’re not on my subscriber list, fix that problem right here.) Here is a brief excerpt of a recent email to my readers:

Antifa Lacy MacAuley, who doxed and slandered Jack Murphy (a great guy that I finally met in person after years of private chats) started screaming and pointing at me in rage as I smiled and waved.

“FEAST OF WAR!” she screamed.


Death threats, fingers across throats, screams and paroxyms of hatred followed.

Yes, the Left fears and hates me because of what I write, what I say, and who I am.

I make no apology for being a bestselling philosophy author or director of the Safe Streets Project. I do not worry about being called a misogynist by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Shuddering howls of fury from disordered leftist professors at liberal arts colleges do not give me pause.

I don’t do pity, and I have grave and powerful reasons behind the work I do.

Lacy MacAuley spent this past week in county jail on felony charges.

And angry Antifa began to call our Feast of War restaurants.

The Left wants to shut us down.


A conversation between an attorney and a panicked restaurant.

The original venue selected for the New York Feast of War was Greenwich Steakhouse at 62 Greenwich Avenue in Manhattan.

After some weeks of negotiation between our ground partner and the restaurant, we had come to pricing agreement and expected a terrific event at what had presented as an excellent location for a Feast of War.

Then a sudden email arrived, saying they could no longer host our event. Our ground partner called them to inquire what the issue was, and spoke with the manager responsible for communicating the cancellation.

Her fear was palpable:

“Thank you for calling, we need you to take down our restaurant’s name from the website, like, right away.”

“We have gotten numerous complaints about you and we need you to take our name off your website immediately.”

“We are getting complaints, we need this taken off like now.”

“Its anonymous, they are not saying who they are or leaving a number.”

“Look, please take this down now.  Take it down now.”

Anonymous threats can be frightening.

That is why they are used to deplatform.

Deplatforming is the process of shutting down venues in order to silence speakers that political groups disagree with. Also put in practice as the heckler’s veto when performed by civil authorities, deplatforming is a cynical and insidious attempt to terrorize venues into shutting down free speech and association.

As I have called out in my philosophy bestseller The Nine Laws, the calculated and grotesque approach of silencing disagreement with force leads inevitably to violence:

“The only encounter left between silenced men is collision over distance.”

The Greenwich Steakhouse is an unfortunate casualty of collateral damage in the cultural war that grows hotter each day in the United States. Harassing hatred from anonymous callers resulted in thousands of dollars in lost revenue, and freedom of speech and association is abandoned further in the face of intimidation.

The plaintive, sad last statement of the Greenwich Steakhouse manager is telling:

“I’m all for free speech.”


The Feast of War continues to quickly grow in reach.

The Feast of War program is taking RSVP reservations in a major metropolitan city near you. We’ve increased our security, layered our privacy, and are completely confident in roaring forward with these glittering events.

Join us for magnificent food, superb company, and ruthless talk of politics, business and war!

We carefully handpick each of our luxurious venues for world class food, outstanding service and absolute privacy.

Our current cities for the Feast of War are listed here:

New York
Napa Valley
San Diego
Washington D.C.
Las Vegas

Join us at the winner’s table.


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