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Antifa Lacy MacAuley Arrested On Felony Charges In Michigan

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Cuffed and incarcerated at Richard Spenser event.

The Safe Streets Project is pleased to announce the arrest of Antifa organizer Lacy MacAuley in East Lansing, Michigan on felony charges of resisting and obstructing police at Richard Spenser’s speaking engagement at Michigan State University.

Michigan News has the full list of arrestees and charges, as well as some details of the event.

DARK TRIAD MAN® spoke with the Ingham County Jail corrections supervisor and confirmed that Lacy MacAuley was released on $5,000 bond (both charges) at 5:00pm yesterday evening.

We will have additional information as this story continues, including following up with the Ingham County Prosecutor to ensure that full details of Lacy MacAuley’s conduct is in their hands during the prosecution.


The cultural war continues to heat up.

As I noted in yesterday’s viral article How School Shootings Are Destroying The Left With Beautiful Accuracy, the Left will not back away from their violent ideology, intentions or methods. They will continue to double down.

Lacy MacAuley was among the Antifa issuing death threats at attendees of A Night For Freedom in Washington D.C. on February 24th. It is therefore with no small pleasure that we are able to announce this arrest, especially following specific warning to her last November:


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