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How School Shootings Are Destroying The Left With Beautiful Accuracy

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A psychopath dissects the pitiless outcomes.

The recent school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida has bitterly inflamed the political and social discourse in the United States. Nearly entirely absent from this predictably contentious discourse is a detached and critical analysis of how school shootings in fact provide outcomes that bear sociopolitical benefit.

There is no shortage of pundits, commentators, politicians, businessmen, social media influencers, and idiots who opine with gibbered histrionics while displaying appalling ignorance of the mechanics of firearms, the reality of human beings, and the objectively observable facts at play during these tragic and murderous events.

Here at DARK TRIAD MAN® we will examine some of these objective facts through the lens of psychopathic detachment. We will assess where outcomes take place which observably profit the national trajectory and momentum.

Let us begin with the framework for this assessment.


Important framework for our analysis of school shootings.

Detachment from virtue signal and manufactured horror is the first aspect of our framework for this analysis.

The death toll at Parkland is surpassed many times over each month in nearly every Democrat-controlled major metropolitan area of the United States. As an example, Chicago alone has over sixty-three homicides and over 297 shootings in the first two months of 2018.

Baltimore, Detroit, St. Louis, Birmingham, New Orleans, and other cities routinely see significant firearm homicides every year with merely passing interest from the nation at large. And quite clearly, the Left does not care.

What is it that grips the feverish imagination of the public, the outrage of gun control organizations, the fiery wrath of politicians, and the adamant refusal of compromise from gun owners where school shootings are concerned?

The candid and objective answer is that a culture of learned helplessness, fetishized victimization, manufactured outrage, progressive degeneracy, and simple blind refusal to observe reality have turned most American centers of education into killing zones where helpless innocents can be butchered at the pleasure of those who have the will to do it.

School shootings are gorgeous to the fetid news media. They absolutely adore them, and ask children for interviews as their schoolmates are blown apart by gunfire around them.

School shootings are inspiring to the progressive Left. They admire and emulate them, even promoting more killing as part of their ethos, which is responsible for over 100 million deaths in the last century alone.

The story goes on and on, and the vicious cycle of ridiculous moaning blather from social justice warriors continues.

Yet within the tornado of manufactured crisis, there are nonetheless aspects of genuine profit that benefit the nation.

School shootings in the United States now result in distinct and measurable sociopolitical improvements.

Let us examine the very premises of the American nation itself.

Those premises are not negotiable.


Critical premises underpinning analysis of school shootings.

The American nation is founded on a fixed belief in inherent rights and freedoms applicable to all human beings.

“Inherent” is a critical aspect of these rights. Rights are not granted, permitted, licensed, or awarded. Rights are the absolute property of the human being, and freedom is not negotiable. However, the purpose of this post is not to serve as an educational primer or scholarly dissertation on rights.

The purpose of this post is to address objectively observable reality without the illusory veil of sociopolitical narratives.

Where the Second Amendment is concerned, why won’t gun owners in the United States compromise and give up their weapons? There are two answers to this.

  • They don’t have to.
  • You can’t make them.

Inherent rights are inherent rights. Hundreds of millions of Americans own over half a billion firearms and they are not obliged to pander to fearful idiots.

The dark world is what it is.

Where civil disarmament is concerned, there is a harsh truth that should be spoken and acknowledged.

Should repeal of the Second Amendment take place, and wholesale gun confiscation be enacted in the United States, millions of Americans will quite delightedly begin killing gun control advocates in the following places:

  • In the streets
  • In their legislatures
  • In their place of business
  • In their homes
  • In movie theaters
  • In parks

They will do this in every place they can bring lethal force to bear, by any means possible.

In the event of mass firearm confiscation attempts, millions of Americans will shoot, stab, bomb, strangle, run over, poison, and beat to death those that they view as having declared war on the people of the United States.

Most will not admit this.

And I do not advocate, but merely observe.

Civil insurgencies and fourth generation warfare are not the same as armies facing each other on a trench warfare battlefield, and those who simplistically believe that the U.S. military would overwhelm domestic insurgents are ignorant of objectively observable reality.

As the brilliant military strategist William S. Lind has noted:

“4th Generation war is the greatest change since the Peace of Westphalia, because it marks the end of the state’s monopoly on war. All over the world, state militaries are fighting non-state opponents, and almost always, the state is losing.”

This is not related to ideology, and even less related to domestic virtue signalling or the emotive imaginations of tyranny fetishists who mistakenly believe that the Second Amendment grants or awards something that can be taken away.

It does not work that way. Inherent rights are not related to popular recognition.

There are also practical issues involved, beyond the tipping of the nation into violent civil war.

Logistical issues involved with forcibly collecting over a million tons of easily concealable steel from more than a hundred million distributed locations while fending off a determined civil insurgency which will defend its moral imperatives with lethal force, are also ridiculously prohibitive.

This is not a complicated matter, nor a contested truth. And the increasingly strident reinforcement of this truth is a positive, defined, and clearly visible improvement in the national spirit as a direct result of school shootings and the obsequious, disingenuous, and disgusting calls for disarmament of civilians.

The irreducible reality is that America is an armed nation.

The inescapable truth is that America will remain armed.

Americans will kill you to stay that way.

They will kill you cheerfully.

Freedom is lovely that way.

Test it if you like.


School shootings result in correction and ridicule of Leftist propaganda.

The Left has well-worn platitudes that it launches into mass and social media with each school shooting that takes place.

Deliberate lies about school shootings are blatantly promoted. And with the increased information available to the general public through the Internet and instantaneous social media response, these lies are called out more rapidly and with ridicule.

Even progressive mass media outlets are forced to disavow the shameless narratives, and they become a fountain of caricature rather than effective influences in the ongoing cultural war within the United States.

Bizarrely stupid assertions by ignorant propagandists become the target of mocking laughter across the country as hysterically eager journalists and editorialists opine on matters in which they have zero credibility.

Pundits who are welded at the hip to progressive efforts to disarm the American public make shockingly stupid statements that ignore the laws of physics in useless efforts to convince rather than inform the public.

School shootings deliver marked improvement in the political dialogue of the nation through inescapable, utterly deserved, and virally soaring ridicule that reduces dishonest ideological propagandists to objects of deserved scorn and derison.

It will continue, as well it should. We are indeed engaged in a cultural war, and perfidy itself is a war crime to be treated as such even in the digital sphere when committed by “journalists” who raise a false flag of neutrality while engaged in hostilities under declarations of objectivity.

Hostile media are enemy combatants.


School shootings result in hardened preparation of facilities and populations.

If you value something, protect it.

This is a simple truth of the dark world that will not change, regardless of the immature and infantile dreams of idiots who believe that human nature can be legislated away, and that predators will cease predation because of the opinions of those who advocate learned helplessness.

I tell you today that every Leftist who has advocated a “gun-free zone” is directly complicit in the murder of any who have died in one. That complicity is intentional, for they view additional death as incentive to further push their belief in a perfect world on a vulnerable populace.

It is a grotesque and unforgivable travesty to leave the most precious resource of a culture, a civilization, a country, or a community undefended from violent harm as a matter of State policy. It is an abrogation of manhood, repellent to the conscience, and hideous in application and consequence.

The turn of the American national spirit towards hardening schools and places of worship is, perhaps, the most prominent improvement in the United States of America as a direct result of school shootings.

Even more important, this hardening of our most vulnerable assets is taking place in time of pseudo war, rather than as a late response to actual armed attacks by determined professional insurgents.

Do you think it horrifying that a single teenager with a rifle can slaughter dozens?

I tell you that such massacre is nothing in comparison to the tragedy of Beslan.

I tell you that a few handfuls of shot students do not rise to the horror of the Bataclan.

I tell you that if you bear love for your children, and for the people of the United States and their future, it is a foul and putrid repudiation of that love to prevent their schools and churches from being hardened by armed men willing to defend them with lethal force.

Should the United States move towards hardening our educational and religious facilities with armed teachers, pastors, principals, and deacons, then I tell you that the loss of life of our students in school shootings will have been worth it.

It will prevent far worse death and devastation in the future.

Innocent blood teaches thoroughly.


School shootings expose groups and individuals that exploit bloody massacre.

Groups such as Moms Demand ActionEverytown For Gun Safety, the Brady Campaign, the Giffords Law Center and other organizations suck up enormous amounts of cash in the wake of school shootings, using a well-prepared spin machine that leaps into action while the bodies are still being blown apart.

They are very proud of their ability to mass virtue signal in tandem with young children being massacred.

Pride, however, becomes hubris. And the expertise and speed with which these organizations barrage the national press and social media is remarkable in itself, drawing attention to the machinery behind the curtain.

It is exploitation, and visibly so.

The grotesque and contemptible wallowing in orgies of fake grief and cynical howls for donations that are the de rigueur process of these organizations has, over time, become not just recognizable – but also clearly an identifiable attribute of their character.

It is a foul and putrid exploitation, and matched by the media’s fetid desire to control the narrative where individual voices are concerned.

Parkland survivor David Hogg was quickly verified by Twitter and feted throughout the media, appearing on talk shows and heavily promoted by those who wish to steer his crisis actor performance.

His own hubris has grown to the point where he hung up on the President of the United States.

The disparity in his treatment versus what was meted out to Kyle Kashuv, another survivor with a message of respect for Constitutional rights, was notable enough that it became a news story all of its own.

This is a spiraling process, a doubling down of strident virtue signal and political intensity, that eventually consumes itself with its own pride.

The brilliant political and economic observer Vox Day has recently released a bestseller that covers this autocannibalistic process of social justice warriors. SJWS Always Double Down is a sharp and incisive look at why the Left cannot, under any circumstances, halt itself from revolting self destruction.

School shootings provide an irresistable and opportunistic landscape for this spiraling trajectory and momentum of the Left, and it is a pleasure at last to see the public quickly spot and recognize the insidious and rather hideous exploitation that forms the crux of their intention.

With each mass killing, it is more profoundly visible.

With each school shooting, it is more disgusting.

The bankrupt morals of the Left are shot to pieces.


School shootings force converged enterprises into negative market consequences.

In tandem with school shootings and demonization of specific makes and models of firearm, companies that have become sufficiently converged by social justice imperatives make increasingly foolish mistakes in the market.

The public, well aware of the critical purpose of civil arms and disgusted with the exploitative and self-immolating stupidity of gun control activism, has markedly turned against virtue signal by corporations that have no business treading on the inherent rights they possess.

Delta Airlines, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, announced it was abandoning its discount relationship with the National Rifle Association after the most recent school shooting at Parkland. The Georgia legislature moved swiftly in response, and instantly canceled an expected $40 million tax break for Delta.

Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods announced they were raising the minimum age for firearm purchases at their stores to twenty years of age. They are now facing age discrimination lawsuits over their pandering to leftist narratives.

There is no longer public patience for corporate attack on nonnegotiable rights.

School shootings are proving to be a terrific way to separate honorable and dishonorable enterprises, those which accord with human rights and those who place Leftist virtue signal over the consequence of a disarmed and helpless citizenry.

And the market is responding with pitiless accuracy, as markets do.

Converged companies have their profits blown away.


School shootings expose hideous Leftist cowardice.

When the Parkland shooting started, there was a deputy outside.

He stayed away from the unfolding massacre, leaving students to die undefended as an armored gunman rampaged through the hallways and killed without opposition.

Deputies who arrived also refused the demands of simple honor and conscience to enter the school and protect innocent lives, remaining outside in safety rather than engage with their own firearms.

A Broward County Sheriff captain even ordered deputies to “set up a perimeter” rather than run to the sound of the guns, as should be expected by sworn officers entrusted with the safety and protection of citizens.

Sheriff Scott Israel, who is a strong public supporter of virulent gun control politicians Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, has stated himself that his ideological and policy goal is infringement of the Second Amendment.

His response to the officially-demanded cowardice of his department and the resulting horrific death toll?

I have given amazing leadership to this agency.

The school shooting in Parkland has done a superb job of exposing this institutional cowardice and properly results in widespread public revulsion at the consequences of Leftist leadership in law enforcement.

It has also exposed the willingness of Leftists in law enforcement to train Islamic organizations while not only insisting that private citizens be disarmed, but literally leaving them for dead:

School shootings prove the Left are cowards.


School shootings drive political polarization towards kinetic resolution.

The Left has been moving inexorably towards hostile confrontation with the American people for generations.

That hostility now expresses itself with brutal felony assaults, armed assassination attempts on Republicans in Congress, mock biological attacks on the family of the President, and the rise of Antifa mob violence.

Such violence is why the Safe Streets Project was created, in preparation for hotter conflict on the ground in the United States.

It is coming quickly.

The progression of ideological activist to street protestor, from street protestor to armed militant, and then onwards to terrorist insurgent is a clear and predictable one. The Safe Streets Project has been at the forefront of intelligence work in conjunction with other patriot and militia organizations since inception.

Today, this progression has resulted in armed Leftist groups surrounding the homes of public officials, recruiting mentally ill people to engage in armed violence, and arrests for conspiracy to commit acid attacks on public gatherings.

There is a well-known maxim, often attributed to Leon Trotsky, which accurately frames the situation:

“You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”

As school shootings continue, the public is hardened to acts of domestic war.

As school shootings take place, the public sees clearly what happens when evil is unopposed.

As school shootings ensue, the public cannot deny that the Left would leave them helpless.

As school shootings unfold, the public sees that the Left is gears up for mass political violence.

There is another well-known maxim that bears repeating:

“Don’t tread on me.”

It is not a suggestion, nor a request.

It is a warning.

It is a warning gone unheeded by the politicians of the Left.

It is a warning laughed at by the media darlings of the Left.

The armed insurgents of the Left are international terrorists that loathe individual liberty, attack gatherings to silence speakers, burn law enforcement officers alive, and commit mass arson in American cities.

They know that the warning is real.

Negotiation is not possible with international terrorists.

Compromise is not possible with murderous mobs.

Dialogue is useless with armed attackers.

A kinetic solution will inevitably come.

The sociopolitical improvements in the United States that result from school shootings, while horrific in cost, are nonetheless a mere precursor to domestic fourth generation warfare that is quickly gearing up for conflagration.

The sooner Antifa is opposed by armed citizens, the better off the nation will be.

Firefights are coming.


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