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Mike Cernovich’s Night For Freedom At The City Club Of Washington

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Mike Cernovich hosted a superb event.

Mike Cernovich and his wife Shauna held A Night For Freedom at The City Club of Washington D.C. on Saturday, February 24th. There were hundreds of attendees at this upscale event to celebrate winning, winning, and winning.

It was a privilege to attend as a VIP guest and at last put faces and handshakes to many of the people I’ve engaged with over the last few years at DARK TRIAD MAN®. This post will share some of the details of the event, and my impressions of several luminaries I had the pleasure of meeting in person at last.

In particular I would like to thank Mike and Shauna for being incredibly welcoming hosts – and for their work of organizing, managing, and launching the Night for Freedom events across the country. Both of them are deeply gracious in person, and it was an honor to meet them.

Now we shall turn to the events of the evening. And as we begin, some laughter at the belligerent Left is worth sharing.

Witness the incompetence of clowns and losers.


Miserable, unfed Antifa stuck outside the Night For Freedom in bad weather.

Antifa hordes outside the event were an amusing, occasional social apéritif in between our courses of fine dining in the elegant club below. While they starved in the rain, we enjoyed roast beef, halibut, wine, shrimp, and the delightful company of those who are leading the march of victory.

Perhaps their early charge into the wrong state to protest had them somewhat miffed?

Best of all, in between the hurled death threats and echoing screams of rage… Antifa knelt before us. Taking a knee during an impromptu singing of the national anthem by the Night for Freedom guests, they displayed themselves as churls before the dread lords of the new age.

Rather lovely as well as genuflectingly appropriate for them.

Now let’s get introduced to some very special people.



Democrat to Deplorable author Jack Murphy at the Night For Freedom.

Jack Murphy and I have corresponded for a few years now.

He launched JackMurphyLive.com in October 2015, the same month I launched DARK TRIAD MAN®. We began our online friendship that same fall, talking about how blog launches worked and how to measure metrics. The nuts and bolts of the business were a frequent topic.

Over time he and I got to know each other through discussion on other matters including politics and the rise of Trump. He is a brilliant man and his book Democrat To Deplorable is certain to be an enormous hit.

Meeting him in person at last was a sublime experience.

Jack is, simply put, a vital force of nature all his own. He is massive in size, exudes powerful charisma, and exhibits a sharply incisive mind behind the work he does. The recent false public shaming and libel he has been subjected to by violent Leftists simply add fuel to the fire.

Watch his interview with Tim Pool at the Night For Freedom:

Following Jack’s confrontation with Richard Spencer at the Deploraball afterparty for the Inauguration, I invited Jack and Richard to debate on my Brutal Clips podcast. When Richard declined, I offered Jack the opportunity to discuss the Alt-Right with notable figure Vox Day.

The result was a terrific discussion, and you can get the transcript here:



Jack Posobiec and his lovely wife Tanya at the Night For Freedom.

Jack Posobiec is a veteran Navy intelligence officer, conservative Christian, science fiction fan and the author of Citizens for Trump. Jack and I initially got to know each other through the work of the Safe Streets Project.

His experience with Antifa has been notable:

Jack Posobiec and his wife Tanya were both very friendly and charmingly genuine. It was a pleasure to meet them both, and I look forward to continuing behind-the-scenes collaboration with Jack as the domestic terrorists of Antifa are run to ground.

And, of course, exterminated.


Cassandra Fairbanks on the front lines of the Night For Freedom.

A familiar face to those who follow politics today, Cassandra Fairbanks has been on the cutting edge of Antifa reporting as well as stories related to Julian Assange of WikiLeaks.

Cassandra was a pleasure to watch in action, utterly unintimidated by howled threats from the gathered terrorists outside the Night For Freedom venue.

Stay abreast of her articles at The Gateway Pundit and follow her on Twitter.


Laura Loomer the bold confrontational journalist at the Night For Freedom.

Known for her award-winning reporting on the Las Vegas massacre, Laura Loomer was another friendly guest at the Night For Freedom. Famous for her dogged investigations and exclusive stories that expose lies and manipulation of narrative by public officials, Laura has dealt with frequent banning by social media platforms.

That has not, however, stopped her from her important work:

Pay attention to the journalistic work Laura Loomer does.

Her relentless investigations bear critical fruit.


Terrific afterparty at the gorgeous Trump International Hotel.

Following the Night For Freedom event, the gathered guests relocated to the most magnificent hotel in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area to enjoy the mingled company of Mike’s event, and the guests of CPAC 2018.

As a guest at the Trump Hotel, I can confirm it is a peerless venue with unparalleled service. In particular the BLT Prime restaurant is exquisite.

It’s never just about the food when you stay at one of the public palaces of the God Emperor.

It’s also about triggering the Left:


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I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you that it was an enormous pleasure, and a wonderful time, at Mike Cernovich’s Night For Freedom. From Mike and Shauna to the brilliant star Milo Yiannopoulos and the hundreds of handsome men and lovely women enjoying themselves, it was an absolutely five-star evening.

Get ready for the next event he plans to host in Miami, Florida and make sure you have it on your calendar to attend.

And in the meantime, discover the Feast of War from DARK TRIAD MAN®.

With ten different cities currently taking RSVPs and requests coming in from London, Berlin, Prague, Warsaw, Bratislava, Budapest and other cities around the world, the Feast of War is your opportunity for magnificant food, superb company, and ruthless discussion of victory in the new age.

The dark world always has winners and losers.

Pick your side, and pick wisely.

The winners feast well.


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