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Announcing The Antifa Blood Eagle Design From JinjerZilla

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Give terrorists wings and set them free.

DARK TRIAD MAN® is proud to announce a new shirt design from the incredible artist Jinjer Zilla.

Showcasing an image of Ivan Throne delivering an Antifa terrorist to his glorious reward, our new “ANTIFA BLOOD EAGLE” design is creating a clamor for preorders even before Crypto.Fashion has the page up for it.

The artwork is powerful, inspiring, and delightful all at the same time. The instant reaction from Crypto.Fashion on seeing the concept artwork was sheer and thrilled amazement:

“Fuck. That’s golden.”

Antifa terrorists throw feces, urine, and attack people with murderous violence. They now engage in weapons training and ally with radical Islam in their effort to create a culture of violent anarchy on the streets of Western nations.

“This is just awesome.”

The Blood Eagle harkens back to the days of the Vikings. It was a savage, ritualized execution method that involved hacking open the victim’s back and pulling the lungs out from behind, stretching them over the opened ribcage.

“Yikes. This will trigger many.”

Antifa terrorists now attack transports of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and their armed cadres declare their intention to aggressively initiate ground combat with those they deem hostile to their ideology.

“OMG you guys are too much.”

Soft words may turn away wrath in the world of Walt Disney but in the dark world there is a truth about terror that the experienced and the wise understand. Terror is met with terror, and propaganda is met with better propaganda.

The Antifa Blood Eagle is your direct gauntlet in the face of these terrorists of the Left who seek to intimidate, paralyze, and physically attack those who hold dear to the values of Western civilization.

Let the Blood Eagles fly!


JinjerZilla continues to work on the design as you read this.

In addition to the artwork above, Jinjer Zilla is working on a second design for the back of the shirt. Stay tuned over the next weeks as the design nears completion.

(I’m told my forearms will get a bit more bloody from the savage work I’m engaged in.)

Crypto.Fashion has the live preorder link up:

Antifa Blood Eagle Preorder


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Antifa wants you dead.

Antifa wants your nation destroyed.

Antifa wants your culture and civilization toppled.

It’s time to reach back into the depths of the Dark Ages and give them what they want.

Give these terrorists wings, and set them free to fly!


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