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Southern Poverty Law Center Declares Ivan Throne A Naughty Misogynist

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The “mysterious warrior persona” responds.

The Southern Poverty Law Center recently published an article on their HateWatch platform.

Intended to serve as a hit piece on Turning Point USA, the article included a paragraph attacking Ivan Throne as a “preposterous” and “mysterious warrior persona” guilty of a horrifically unforgivable thought crime:

Extracted from the echoing howls of a wounded virago in the philosophy department at Bloomsburg University, the declaration of Ivan Throne as a “misogynist” is an amusing effort to affix an attack label onto my person:

“One connection Lee had highlighted in her bibliography was with alt-right misogynist Ivan Throne, a preposterous figure who spoke at TPUSA’s Mountain West Regional Conference in Denver in March 2017. Throne, who poses as a mysterious warrior persona he calls “Dark Triad Man,” and whose book has been endorsed by prominent white nationalist Greg Johnson on his Counter-Currents website, struck back on his own website in an article titled ‘The Incredible Howling Damp Virago of Bloomsburg University,’ implying Lee was involved in the ecoterrorism movement.”

Let us examine this attack label, and the applicability or lack of it.

This post will explore the misogyny of Ivan Throne.

We will enjoy it immensely.


The misogynist label put firmly in its place and spanked.

The label of “misogynist” is an amusing one for the Southern Poverty Law Center to apply.

Defined by the Oxford Dictionary with precise and simple terms, misogyny has nonetheless become a blanked accusation against any who are unimpressed with the bitterly venomous virtue-signaling of the Left and value the cultural traditions of the West.

“Misogynist” is now flung as an accusation of noncompliance with progressive thought.

What triggered a $319 million organization into targeting me as a dangerous heretic?

There are a few things going on in the background that explains this animosity.

It stems from the rise of a movement that challenges leftist dominance of academia, the odd behaviors of a paranoid professor, and fixation by progressive ideologues on my own role in furthering the trajectory and momentum of the new age.

Turning Point USA continues to grow with immense speed and powerful influence. Founded by Charlie Kirk, it is a conservative student organization that has swiftly taken root in institutions of higher education over the last several years, striking fear into the hearts of the Left who realize they are losing the young.

Professor Wendy Lee cries a soaring narrative of her agonized, terrible martyrdom at the hands of both Turning Point USA and Ivan Throne, penning long screeds on academic blogs about the dreadful lethality of these awful people.

I spoke once at a TPUSA event, nearly a year ago.

Since then, the Left has been beside itself with certain articles here at DARK TRIAD MAN®.

Those articles are the basis for their accusation that I am a misogynist.

It is time to enjoy some rather lovely explorations.


Teaching men to carefully select marital partners makes me a “misogynist”.

Leftists shriek in anger and call me a horrible person, venting their rage and shock that men might dare choose a fully compatible partner for a lifetime pair bond with their own best interests in mind.

How unforgivable for a man to approach a legally enforceable contract with his interests in mind! How reprehensible that a man take care to avoid a poor decision, one fraught with potentially devastating consequences! How terrible that a man find the love of his life through realistic worldview!

How dare Ivan Throne teach men to calculate her wife value like this:

“A bright woman, eager to learn, is a person with whom you are able to bond intellectually and grow in knowledge together over a lifetime.”

“Within those shared delights and mutually desired joys is found the feeling and gut-level sense of “rightness” for each other, and the ability to take those experiences over and over to higher levels of happy partner satisfaction.”

“The deep appreciation and elevation of spirit from these transcendent experiences is not undergone alone. It means the same treasured lessons, learned together. It means the cultivation of the “us” into a thing of beauty and power over time.”

“You must take steps to fulfill the demand that your own life be awash with this kind of expansion from shared interest into shared experience, combined transcendence and then sweet and conjoined memory.”

I’m such a naughty misogynist.

Wait, there’s more.


Teaching men to recognize female archtypes makes me a “misogynist”.

I explore the various incarnations of the female and provide advice for engagement or avoidance.

Progressives bellow in fury and hurl outrage in my direction, horrified that men might dare to examine what I say and draw their own conclusions about which type of personality best fits them and which are likely to prove unprofitable.

How dare Ivan Throne say things like this:

“Engage with the real. Touch the heart of the person. Connect to the depth of the human being beneath, and in that connection will be found the correct estimation of character and the key to unlock that beauty’s embrace.”

“The man who would deeply and powerfully engage with the professional career woman will succeed not through completing her, but in providing complementation. It is not in the provision of trivialities she does not expend attention on, but in the creation of mutual shelter and reflection points.”

“There are women who present a matchless, graceful epitome of class, dignity and direction that stills the careless chatter of the mind and social environment, and who directly focus the attention of others and calm brutal oppositions by their power of grave and serious affect.”

“The presence of a woman of class quiets the tumult of the crowd. It stills the savagery of the invader. It demonstrates a distinct nobility of movement through the human experiences of mind and heart, of hand and word. And in that dignity and nobility is the heart of purpose.”

I’m a bad, bad misogynist.

Hold on, we’re not done.


Pointing out red flags makes me a “misogynist”.

I provide men with tools to spot the red flags of damaged women and avoid damage to their lives.

Feminists howl with incandescent malevolence, appalled that men might recognize those warning signs and avoid entanglement with disordered females who view men as prey and themselves as entitled, unaccountable predators.

How terrible of Ivan Throne to state these words:

“You will have difficult choices to make. You may choose to stay or you may choose to leave. You may be responsible for the damage underneath her insanity or you may be an innocent victim who realizes too late that the pendulum swings closer and closer with each unforgiving arc.”

“In the real world the development of a relationship and trust requires two things. It requires shared experiences and it requires that those shared experiences take place over time. Without that ingredient of time it is not a relationship.”

“Do not succumb to doubt and disparagement injected into your friendships. Do not agree to yield your relationships with your family. Do not hand over control of your property and assets. Maintain your autonomy.”

“People can be hurt. Women especially react to hurt in ways that may not seem rational to the male. That is normal and not cause for automatic assumption that she is damaged goods.”

So terribly naughty of me!

There’s even more of it.


Revealing how to guide female energy is “misogynist”.

I discuss how emotional energy and its cycles are best accommodated so men can love with skill.

Marxists chitter with infuriated apoplexy, distraught that men might learn how to relate to women with competence and thereby slow the degradation of culture and civilization that they attempt to foist on the values of the West.

How unforgivable of Ivan Throne to thrill them:

“The energy of the female is vibrant. The vibrancy of the female is mutable, changeable and imbued with a facile mobility of spirit. Penetration of the female thus takes place with both subtlety and with stridency, with ease and with force.”

“When a woman is frozen with fear or pain, penetrate with laughter and hope and expansive partnership.”

“When a woman is spiraling, falling, and gnawing on her own doubts, penetrate with solid and cradling comfort.”

“When a woman is scattered and ungrounded and frantic, penetrate with reassurance and soothing and patience.”

“When a woman is pulling in, fixating, and starting to obsess, penetrate with new ideas and explorations of choice.”

“These are merely examples. There is no pickup line or game, nor is there any strategy or practice, that will more certainly penetrate the heart and mind and body of a woman than the correct understanding of her energy.”

I am a ruthless, dreadful, uncaring, hideous, misogynist brute.

And now I am going to shock you badly, even traumatize you.

It is time to gaze upon the countenance of Professor Lee.

Witness the glum visage of the glorious martyr!

Bring bleach, dear readers.


Enjoy the reality of the world without the screams of the hideous.

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