God Emperor Trump Parade

The Magnificent Military Parade Of The God Emperor Trump

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How to make the Left lose its shit over a parade.

President Donald J. Trump has promoted the idea of a massive military parade in Washington D.C. as a symbol of American power, patriotism, and armed competence in the heart of the American nation.

The Pentagon has confirmed it is reviewing logistical demands for the event.

The Left is already beside itself with ridiculous fury:



This plan by President Trump to hold a military parade is a superb example of layered movement in the political realm through one massive and carefully calculated event.

The parade celebrates and grows resurgent American pride in national power and reinforces practical financial support for the American military. It expands American national spirit and grows the morale of the people for war.

This illimitable event serves as a wake up call for hesitant and tremulous allies, showing them that America is wholly committed to victory. It sends unmistakable signal to hostile adversaries that the United States is no longer asleep.

The parade seduces and entangles the Left into a spiral of foolish rhetoric and tactics, while causing them to double down even faster on their self-inflicted demise. And it forces the Deep State to accelerate its exposure against a backdrop of virtue.

I told you this was coming years ago, and I tell you today that President Trump has savage tools at hand and will not hesitate to use them.

In this post at DARK TRIAD MAN® I will lay out the broad strokes of the brush of the master.

Let us begin.


The Trump Parade celebrates the honor and competence of American troops.

The demoralization of the American military and its detachment from the full support of the national conscience was a stark and disgusting outcome of the failed war in Vietnam.

The degeneration of narrative from “officer and gentleman” to “baby killer” was the grotesque and outrageous consequence of both the rise of the Baby Boomer generation and the advent of their moral degeneracy in the national dialogue.

Subsequent to Operation Desert Storm and then the September 11, 2001 attacks by Islam against the United States and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, pride in the American military began to return.

The #TrumpParade is a new stage in this process, a deliberate one, and designed to fete the American military as a singular and momentus apparatus capable of projecting overwhelming, dominant force across the globe.

It is also a reinforcement of the Trump Administration’s specific, strong and fundamental backing of our troops on serious and powerful levels.

Support for the American warfighter is resurgent.


The parade reinforces practical, concrete support for the troops.

President Trump recently signed a $700 billion military budget into law.

This is in addition to a $4.4 billion increase in discretionary funding for the Department of Veteran Affairs.

War is expensive on many fronts. It is costly not only in the actual expenditure of arms and lives, and in cultural shifts, but also in the care and attention to the servicemembers who return from operations.

This shift in budget focus from the Trump Administration is a clear signal that American primacy of military power is a grave and deliberate point of focus, and shores up both the frontal impact and basal foundation of that wartime footing.

Proud troops, celebrated and honored, with full support for their recovery and sustenance at home, are crucial for the refurbishment of the American military into the superbly functioning, dreadful juggernaut of power that the new age demands.

We are well on the way, and the Trump Parade accelerates it.

It also captures the imagination of the people.


The Trump Parade drives militant pride into the American public.

An apathetic population cannot muster the spirit required for victory in war.

The most powerful military in the world cannot win if there is no spirit of savage ferocity in the nation itself.

Troops are pulled from the population, and a military which enters armed contest absent the support of fierce national resolve is hobbled and cut off from the necessary motivation demanded for total victory.

The Trump Parade is a fascinating, deliberate, and powerful approach to driving the spike of militant spirit into the railroad spars of the national psyche, cementing that martial fervor into the hearts and minds of the people.

It is polarizing, and that is indeed a necessary purpose in this tumultuous time.

Acceleration of polarization increases the intensity of spirits in contest.

Intensification of spirit advances the sharpness of preparation for war.

Make no mistake.

War is coming.


The parade prepares the national spirit for inevitable coming war.

At the recent Feast of War in Denver, the I asked the assembled men a serious question.

“Do any of you believe that peace is going to break out?”

There was instantaneous laughter all around the table at our exclusive venue that night.

Men who observe the momentum and trajectory of the new age are well aware of where the nations of the world are headed, and see clearly the path of conflict that grows hotter each day.

Antifa insurgents in the streets of America ally with jihadists and promote violent clashes in public spaces.

Congressmen are gunned down in public by left wing militants who desire the outbreak of civil war.

I have spoken of this on national television as director of the Safe Streets Project.

The Trump Parade provides grand and magnificent pageantry, a public declaration of passion and power, a momentous event that inflames and empowers the spirit of the people to rise in tandem against the putrid terrorism of the Left.

And it shows the entire world that America is done with surrender.


The parade demonstrates American resolve to wavering allies.

There is a famous and eponymous quote often attributed to Leon Trotsky which encapsulates the reality of human conflict.

“You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”

This is a truth that the allies of the United States have allowed themselves to forget.

The nations of Europe surrender to invading hordes of jihadists bent on absolute civilizational war.

Leaders of NATO have long failed to contribute their required minimum payments to the alliance.

This is because peace makes men complacent, and peace ensured by someone else creates not merely complacency, but also a weak and shameful dependency upon the protector.

That must change, and change quickly.

The Trump Administration has grimly pressed NATO members to fulfill their responsibilities to the financial requirements of the alliance, and the results of that pressure have quickly begun to bear appropriate fruit.

The Trump Parade demonstrates to these allies that the approach of war is real, and this is not simply a matter of taking cash.

It is real preparation for war by the aforementioned fueling of martial spirit, and a lesson – and warning – to our allies that laggard, groveling weakness on their part is an existential security threat for them.

It is also a warning to the adversaries of America.


The parade is a warning signal to hostile nation-states.

The global adversaries of America are legion and powerful.

They are also unafflicted with most of the political correctness that typifies the current political scene in the United States.

Russia does not worry about the virago howls of nutty professors embedded in treasonous academia.

China does not apply itself towards national suicide by appeasing the murderous demands of Islam.

North Korea does not worry about the triggered pundits who scream and point in idiotic spasms.

These adversaries are able to see the forest, and do not fixate on the infinite pine needles of the trees.

A massive military parade in Washington D.C. is a clear and unmistakable signal, broadcast to the entire world, that the American nation is marching to war and does not intend to lose.

It is a signal in their language. It is a signal that cannot be mistaken.

It is a signal that America is no longer engaged in surrender to politically correct appeasement, foolish groveling before bankrupt agreements, and nonsensical pandering to the blind and gasping idiocy of theorists who believe that nuanced enlightenment stops bombs and war.

It is also a directional signal to the idiot Left at home.

They cannot stop themselves from taking it.


The parade sets a trap for domestic terrorists and their allies.

The Left has become insane with desperate writhing hatred for President Donald J. Trump.

From the hipster alleys of Portland to the halls of Congress, the Left uses language that showcases the absurd and benightedly irrational spiral of their political and intellectual demise:

“Trump is a dictator!”

“Trump is Hitler!”

Then, of course, there is this absurdity:

“The Trump/Pence Regime has launched an all-out comprehensive and qualitative leap in the implementation of a program of genocidal ethnic cleansing…”

What can you do with this sort of virulent, discombobulated malevolence entwined with unforgivably corroded stupidity?

Reasoned discussion will not work.

Rational dialogue is not possible.

Sensible discourse is useless.

The Trump Parade is a sublime and even amusing redirection of the worst of the Left into a self-destructive forced error of retargeting. The Left are now controlled by the frothing vitriol of their embedded social justice warriors who lie, double down and project.

Social justice warriors always lie.

They cannot speak the foul and bitter truth, which is that the ideology of the Left has sent over a hundred million innocent human beings to their unwarranted deaths at the hands of commissars and tyrants.

Social justice warriors always double down.

They cannot stop themselves from moving from repeated argument to virtue signal, from virtue signal into holiness spiral, eventually eating their own in remorseless and devolving purges of ideological terror.

Thus the Trump Parade places the entire United States military on display before them, as a shiny irresistable object, and both prompts the insurgents of the Left to focus their shrieking hatred on both the most celebrated, honored members of society…

…and the most dreadfully armed component of the most powerful nation on earth.

The Left cannot stop themselves, and they will not even try.

The Left will hurl themselves into political suicide.


The parade will cause the Left to attack the military.

The stage has been set for the demise of the Left through lured refocusing of their vapid hatred. Their fetid, chattering attention will inevitably turn from the imaginary “fascists” of the American people to proud and  glittering ranks of marching troops.

The optics of masked Antifa throwing rocks and bricks into honor guards of the Army will be unforgettable and unforgivable.

The sight of shrieking, pink-haired feminists hurling bags of urine and feces against the dress blues of Marines will be hideous.

Americans will see this live on their smartphones. They will witness the howling degeneracy of ideological criminals who engage without respect to honor, class, manners or law. They will be repulsed, and disgusted, and the Left will have brought it on themselves through public display of their foul and essential character.

The display of overwhelming military force in Washington during the draining of the swamp is also a trigger to the Deep State.

They know their time has come, and their failed treason brings deserved consequences.

The Deep State will be unable to sit back and remain concealed.

Such has ever been the exposure of the ambitious.


The parade will force seditious Deep State criminals into the limelight.

Politicians are, generally speaking, more intelligent and competent than the average citizen.

Some may take umbrage at this, and speak to examples of the unregenerate idiocy in Congress.

Intelligence in this context does not refer to moral stature, spiritual grounding, educational acumen, or analytical competence. It does refer to the indisputable fact that they navigated the complex and challenging political process to victory through captivating a constituency.

That is competence, and to decry that competence through disagreement is foolish.

You will not see Congressmen or public appointees openly engaging in behavior that warrants charges of sedition or treason. This is not to declare they do not engage in such acts, for the wise know well what conduct men are inevitably prone to.

The path of the seditious official, the treasonous officeholder who seeks to overthrow the authority of the legitimate ruling power of elected servants of the people, is layered within the ranks of the Deep State.

I tell you that their intelligence and competence, while present, does not confer immunity to their triggering by the master.

My viral analysis of the Nunes Memo makes clear the depths to which triggered men will go.

The Trump Parade will trigger them further, for they will instantly see much of what I analyze in this post. It will trouble them, and accelerate them, and while they step more carefully and with more competent movement, nonetheless I will reinforce for you what I tell you in my bestseller The Nine Laws:

“The wise make greater mistakes than the vile.”

The exposure of malfeasance, conspiracy and criminality at the heart of the Justice Department and the FBI, in collusion with the Hillary Clinton campaign, is simply the tip of an iceberg that will be brought fully to the surface.

The State Department is next, and appalling disclosures of high crimes and misdemeanors against the American people will continue.

The Deep State cannot turn back, for it has long ago crossed the line of unlawful pursuit of its own interests.

Its adherents will be unable to stop themselves from speaking out and doubling down.

The magnificence of the Trump Parade will drive them insane with bitterness.

Bitter, insane men are incautious and impatient.

The parade is deliberate provocation.

It will work.


I told you President Trump would be magnificent.

I predicted Donald J. Trump would be President of the United States in December of 2015.

I did not hedge that prediction of his ascension to power, and my words were starkly clear:

“He is the kind of man who is demanded by the needs of a nation faced with existential crisis and infectious, brutal military threats from severe and horrifying enemies. The natural ferocity of the United States must be unleashed by a leader with strong capacities.

“The ferocity of the American nation at war is terrifying and legendary thing.

“The hideous frustration of a noble warhorse tied by rainbow ribbons to a decaying donkey cart while the battle for the world rages is a mortally degrading sight.

“It will take a man of overriding vision, grim and competent skill and the intuitive mastery of brilliant executive action to recover the awkward and bitterly unnecessary capsizing of the American vessel in the turbulent waves of the 21st century.”

President Trump is a phenomenal archetype of the Dark Triad Man, capable of focusing his narcissism into the heights of glittering vision and executing on that vision with the absolute, detached competence of the psychopath, driven into being by the superb precision of the Machiavellian:

“Trump teases the media with grand, provocative pronouncements that earn him furious and uninterrupted coverage, whining and desperate denunciations from his opponents, and vindication in the end when his seemingly careless but carefully selected statements prove not merely correct, but fundamentally captivating to the voters.

“The ability to make stunningly successful use of his enemies and allies; to draft his unwilling adversaries into nonetheless driving his success for him; and to establish his prominence of place through brilliant, graceful maneuvering is the hallmark of the Machiavellian.”

A few months before the 2016 elections I had the well-appreciated opportunity to spend an hour in the immediate presence of Donald Trump, and to analyze his presentation, his person and his authenticity from a just few feet away.

I shared that experience, and my words then were unmistakably correct:

“I tell you today that Donald J. Trump does not deliver meaningless empty pablum through a microphone, scripted for him by an endless army of policy consultants informed by layers and layers and layers of meaningless, passionless fools.

“I tell you that Donald J. Trump means what he says, and that his ferocious commitment to the restoration of magnificent American greatness and hegemonic economic, military and cultural dominance is authentic, thundering and unstoppable.

“That is the Way, embodied by a man who has raised glittering buildings of gold across the skylines of the world. A man who has matchless reputation as a tireless executive of phenomenal achievement and tireless self-belief.”

This is not simply a new presidential administration, nor a shift from one party to another at the helm of the greatest nation in the history of the human race.

This is the beginning of a new age, and I tell you that war comes quickly.

There will be winners, and there will be losers. This is true of all wars, and all ages.

History will speak of Guantanamo, but it will not be written by the losers.

History is written by the winners.


Guantanamo Bay is ready for more permanent guests.

President Trump has refused to close the enemy combatant incarceration facility at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. It will remain open, operations will expand, and it will house those who are a threat to the safety and security of the United States.

Will the mass arrests of violent protestors at the Inauguration be repeated on the day of the Trump Parade?

Will we see seditious traitors of the Deep State incarcerated in an island prison off the coast of Florida?

Remember what I have said in this post, and the reality of playing for keeps.

The brilliant author Vox Day has noted with immortal precision:

  • Social justice warriors always lie.
  • They always project.
  • And they always double down.

This will not change as the new age rolls forward. Great and savage moments of grand spectacle by the President of the United States are not, as silly and tawdry attack labels charge, mere indicators of narcissism.

They are deliberate acts, carefully designed, with specific outcomes in mind.

It is a small step to designate domestic terrorists as enemy combatants. Violent crimes against the military of the United States on American soil can be easily defined as conduct resulting in that designation.

Official malfeasance, where intended to overthrow the lawfully elected sitting President, can also be defined with similar and forbidding consequence to those who engage in it.

The Trump Parade is not mere spectacle.

The Trump Parade is not pure pageantry.

The Trump Parade is a feint and a blow, a misdirection and a strike, and structured with profound and remorseless recognition of the terrible stakes that the American nation faces if it fails to shoulder the burden of making itself great again.

It will be magnificent to watch the drama play out.


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I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you that Donald J. Trump does not like to lose.

As President of the United States and leader of the free world, he now plays for the highest stakes the human race has ever seen in all the ages that have ever come before.

Would you wish to sit as an adversary, across the table from that inestimable and determined man?

What strategy would you entrust your nation’s survival to, when facing a hostile United States of America under the leadership of our current president?

I do not deal with what should be, what you wish were true, or what political sophistry you believe in rather than the cold and unending reality:

It is a dark world.

It always has been, it always will be, and it proves that truth on the bones of those who deny it.

The dark world does not reward the blind or stupid fool who adheres to gross illusions. It rewards men who see the future, prepare for it, and seize it with total savagery.

There is an operating system for this dark world, and it is named The Nine Laws.

The Left describes it as “so dangerous, men should be imprisoned for reading it.”

The Right refers to it as “education for the cadres that will save us.”

Read the powerful preface to my bestselling philosophy book.

It is called “The Dying Child” and it will shake you.

Men who are shaken awake can see the parade.

Now it is your turn to read, and march.


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