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The FBI Memo In Plain And Simple English

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Collusion, conspiracy and high crimes.

President Donald J. Trump has just authorized the release of the Nunes Memo.

It details shocking and disgusting collusion, conspiracy, and high crimes at the Justice Department of the United States in an effort to sabotage and destroy the American people’s choice for their President.

This was done in order to support Hillary Clinton’s murderous, scorched-earth malevolence.

There will be those who do not wish to wade through the legalese in the memo, or who do not have the time or expertise to take apart this entangled atrocity at the heart of the Justice Department.

This post lays out in plain and simple English what the memo states, and provides you with insight into crimes at the highest levels of law enforcement.

My translation is in red.

Let us begin.


The document starts with a cover letter from Trump’s official lawyer.


  • A special group of Congressmen who oversee our secret things saw the memo.
  • The memo was so bad they decided everyone in the country should read it.
  • The rules say the President has to agree to make it not a secret anymore.



  • The Supreme Court agrees that the President controls secrets at this level.
  • These Congressmen were allowed to see it to keep an eye on things.
  • These Congressmen are supposed to be responsible and trustworthy.



  • These special Congressmen had a fit when they saw the memo.
  • The rules say they can’t just make it public on their own.
  • The President has to say, “Okay, I declare it’s not secret anymore”.



  • President Trump took a look at the memo.
  • President Trump’s attorneys and staff took a look also.
  • “This is so bad the entire country needs to see it,” they all agreed.



  • President Trump decided: “Let everyone see the memo.”
  • The President’s attorney tells the special Congressmen, “This isn’t over yet.”
  • The President’s attorney tells the special Congressmen, “Keep working at it.”


Now we will read the shocking memo itself.


  • This memo is from the workers of those special Congressmen to their bosses.
  • It’s about how the FBI broke the law about using secret courts to spy on Americans.
  • It’s about how the FBI was using secret courts to try to overthrow Donald Trump.



  • Before the election the FBI asked secret courts to let them spy on a Trump advisor.
  • The secret courts agreed because the FBI director and his top deputies were asking.
  • The secret courts agreed because the Attorney General and his top deputies were, too.



  • The secret courts only lets the FBI spy on Americans for three months at a time.
  • Then the FBI and the Attorney General have to ask all over again with new information.
  • The FBI and the Attorney General kept saying they had new information.



  • Anything the FBI shows the secret courts is also a secret!
  • That means they can lie and get away with it because no one else sees it.
  • The memo says that the FBI lied with fake secrets and hid the real truth.



  • The FBI didn’t tell the secret court that Hillary paid to have those lies made up.
  • The FBI didn’t tell the secret court that the Democrats were laundering the payments.
  • The FBI didn’t tell the secret court that it was a smear job on Donald Trump.



  • The FBI Director knew the secret lies weren’t real and used them anyway.
  • The Attorney General knew the secret lies weren’t real and used them anyway.
  • The FBI Director and the Attorney General hid the money laundering from the court.



  • The FBI knew the lies were paid for by money laundering.
  • The FBI didn’t tell the secret court that Hillary and the Democrats were behind it.
  • The FBI didn’t tell the secret court that the FBI was also paying for it.



  • The FBI asked the secret court to let them spy because of a news article.
  • The FBI didn’t tell the court that they planted that news article!
  • And Hillary’s lawyer and consultants held meetings to make it happen.



  • The FBI fired the man making up the lies but that didn’t stop it.
  • The man making up the lies was lying to the FBI about himself, too.
  • The FBI knew he was a liar before they ever went to the secret courts.



  • The FBI had meetings with the man before and after he was fired.
  • Senior executives at the FBI constantly talked with him about how they hated Trump.
  • The FBI hid these conspiracy meetings from the secret courts.



  • The wife of a senior FBI executive worked for the money laundering schemers.
  • She collected lies paid for by Hillary and the Democrats and gave them to her husband.
  • Then he gave them to the secret court and swore that the lies were true!



  • The FBI knew the lies were bought and paid for from the beginning.
  • The FBI director knew they were lies and accused Trump anyway.
  • The special Congressmen heard how they fooled the secret courts.



  • The FBI agent investigating Hillary’s crimes was having sex with an FBI Attorney.
  • The FBI agents were exposed for leaking lies to the media to destroy Trump.
  • Senior executives at the FBI met with them to discuss how to destroy Trump.


The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been dishonored.

I tell you that heads deserve to roll for this repulsive, grotesque, and criminal conduct by the highest law enforcement officials in the United States.

It will take legions of prosecutors to unravel the exact catalogue of crimes committed by this cabal of conspiratorial liars.

The most unforgivable idiocy of the FBI Director, his deputies, and the Attorney General is this:

They struck at the king and missed.

Now it is time for vengeance.


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