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The Incredible Howling Virago Of Bloomsburg University

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A leftist professor loses her marbles.

Nestled in the heart of Central Pennsylvania, Bloomsburg University was established in 1859 and has long been a part of the state university system. As with most public institutions, academia has no lack of leftist ideologues.

Academic environments are notorious for outraged Marxists and bellowing, shuddering behemoths who wish to silence those who disagree with them. As social justice warriors they will always double down, for that is their basal nature.

From time to time one will spiral into sputtered and chittering public rage.

Our current virago howls and screams across the digital sphere with gulping proclamations of noble martyrdom, sparks domestic terror investigations, and provides endless amusement for those who observe the devolution.

Embedded in the faculty in this small college in Pennsylvania is a fascinating creature.

Welcome to the Howling Virago of Bloomsburg University.


The Howling Virago emerges to declare holy war.

Professor Wendy Lee has long been a fixture of progressive politics, including a run for Lt. Governor as a Green Party candidate. A member of the philosophy department at Bloomsburg University, she opines on fascinating topics such as “Queering Ecological Feminism: Erotophobia, Commodification, Art, and Lesbian Identity”.

Her public activism against the oil and gas industry has led to criminal investigation for domestic terrorism. The Federal Bureau of Investigation noted back in 2004 that ecoterrorists “have committed more than 1,100 criminal acts in the United States since 1976, resulting in damages conservatively estimated at approximately $110 million.”

National Public Radio reported on Professor Lee’s involvement in 2015:

“Wendy Lee, an anti-fracking activist and philosophy professor at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, has always protested peacefully. So she was stunned last winter when a state trooper came to her home to ask her about eco-terrorism and pipe bombs.

“The trooper was investigating an alleged trespassing incident that involved Lee and two other activists visiting a gas compressor in Pennsylvania’s Lycoming County in June 2013. Lee says they stayed on a public road and left when security guards told them to go away.”

As the notoriety of ecoterrorism has trended downwards in the media over the last several years, opportunities for outraged virtue signal have shifted to from the environmental to the political sphere.

College campuses have always been hotbeds of polarization, and thus are fertile and contested ground.

Professor Lee has moved her focus to conservative student groups on the Bloomsburg campus.

She wants them muzzled, silenced, and banned because she disagrees with them.

So much for intellectual inquiry from the philosophy department.

Let’s get introduced to TPUSA before she blows them up.


The rise of Turning Point USA across the United States.

Leftist professors have become notorious for political violence ranging from simple assault to masked, murderous bike lock attacks and crimes targeting children. Conservative student groups unsurprisingly face a hostile campus environment.

Enter Turning Point USA, which has seen enormous growth despite terrorist opposition:

“Turning Point USA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded on June 5, 2012 by Charlie Kirk. The organization’s mission is to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of freedom, free markets, and limited government.

“Since the founding, Turning Point USA has embarked on a mission to build the most organized, active, and powerful conservative grassroots activist network on college campuses across the country. With a presence on over 1,000 college campuses and high schools across the country, Turning Point USA is the largest and fastest growing youth organization in America.”

In March of 2017 I was a guest speaker at the TPUSA Mountain West regional conference. This resulted in death threats against me, hostile propaganda poster campaigns, and arrests of protestors outside the speaking venue in Denver.

Professor Lee has since decided that Turning Point USA is a dangerous entity, and her bizarre behavior on the Bloomsburg campus has focused on my own person.

Ivan Throne is her latest shuddering obsession.


The Howling Virago discovers the Dark Triad Man.

The dear professor came to my attention following her letter to colleagues about Turning Point USA, and her inclusion of my name amongst the terrifying boogeymen of the political sphere:

“I began to track TP/PWL over a year ago, and have assembled a bibliography of it and TP’s many layers of association to organizations and persons identified as the Alt-Right. From David Horowitz’ 101 Most Dangerous Professors to Ben Shapiro, from websites like Truth Revolt to characters like Ann Coulter, Steve Bannon, Ivan Throne, and Lucian Wintrich, I believe I have developed a reasonably good understanding of TP’s objectives, and I’ve attached a bibliography of some TP/PWL sources.”

As a social media influencer and bestselling philosophy author, my interest was piqued.

Who was this nutty professor, and why was I singled out for notice in the howls?

“…one of it’s [sic] particularly noxious–violent, homophobic, and misogynist–representatives, Ivan Throne…”

Why, I must be a Very Bad, Bad Man.

Why would she think these things about me? What brought the attention and virulent condemnation of the Howling Virago of Bloomsburg University? I had to look deeper at her charges.

“Particularly noxious” is absolutely delightful. The more noxious I am to the Left, the better off we are.

“Violent” is lovely, especially when self-defense in front of law enforcement takes place.

“Homophobic” is odd, as I feature guest posts on DARK TRIAD MAN® from gay Huffington columnists.

“Misogynist” seems to be the crux of her terror, thanks to my viral article about damaged women.

Is the Howling Virago a damaged woman?

Let us observe the confluences.


The Howling Virago displays conduct of the Damaged Woman.

3 Red Flags Of The Damaged Woman was the first viral article at DARK TRIAD MAN® back in late 2015.

Designed to provide simple instruction to men in identifying the presence of borderline personality character in a prospective romantic partner, it quickly became an established reference for the inhabitants of the manosphere.

Briefly, there are three primary flags that a man does well to observe:

Her crazy speed, her tale of sadism, and her invasive control.

This is simply wisdom in practice, for relationships – especially in the toxic era of #MeToo nonsense – are fraught with hypersensitive idiocy, and men are well recommended to observe potential dark holes of the psyche in women they consider as prospective partners.

To a damaged woman, however, being recognized and exposed is nothing short of existential death.

There is great and bitter rage that accompanies such identification, and her desire to enforce revenge.

Fixation tends to take place, as does obsession.

That is why the Escape Plan exists for men.

Men have equal right to happiness and health, and no less right to be free from abusive behavior directed at them. Thus men do well to calculate wife value prior to entering into a marriage contract.

Men have equal entitlement to profitable transactions in the dark world, and no less entitlement to instruction in proper assessment of incarnations of the female with which they contemplate social engagement.

The Howling Virago is unhappy with that, and has penned no less than seven articles on Academia referencing Ivan Throne and his misogyny, much to my amusement.

Delicious excerpts are served.


Damp fixation in published screeds of the Howling Virago.

The first publication that caught my attention, brings to light the probable motivation of Professor Lee.

“To be clear, I’ve not yet been named on PWL, but this has not prevented Turning Point USA from defaming, harassing, and abusing me. Perhaps—but this is merely speculation—it’s because I’ve fought back with what little I have, namely, my convictions about what is so deeply wrong and dangerous about this organization—and others like it.”

Translation: Notice me, senpai.

You cannot ignore the Damaged Woman, for attention is the primary demand which such tortured psyche demands. Martyrdom is an inherent aspect of victim narratives of the Left, and Professor Lee doubles down with exquisite vulnerability.

The second public essay calls me a “white nationalist” in attempt to increase that victimhood:

“Lastly, despite promises made by the BU Chapter advisor that no professor at BU would be targeted by Turning Point, Ivan Throne, a Turning Point advocate and white nationalist has in fact targeted me–and used a reference to Turning Point BU in his email.”

Slander may make good copy in the faculty lounge, but it’s nonetheless quite silly.

As I’ve addressed here and here, ethnocentric concerns don’t interest me. The recent disgusting doxxing and defamation of Jack Murphy by leftists is another example of this absurd racial obsession in process.

(Disclaimer: I admit to having dinner with a so-called white nationalist once.)

The third expostulating howl veers strongly into very odd territory.

“I too have been targeted by white nationalists who claim my institution as their home, have been told by their minions to go and kill myself, and been stalked by one of their most misogynist fellow travelers, Ivan Throne.”

Professor Lee takes upon herself the full cloak of martyrdom while identifying herself as a supporter of another Marxist professor, one forced to resign after calling literally calling for white genocide.

(Leftist fixation with skin color surfaces again.)

What is this actual stalking she references?

I was overcome with amusement, and appreciation, for the quivering public outrage over my association as a one-time speaker for Turning Point USA, and shared my horrifying, terrible, no good, very bad self with the Howling Virago.

I sent Professor Lee an email.

Senpai had noticed her.



Wendy Lee Email

The man who can meme himself can do anything.

The Ivan Laugh is a well-known meme that my 314,000 readers (including over 34,000 women) immediately recognize.

It was, however, precisely what a damaged woman would latch onto, and spatter her surroundings in response with outraged social justice warrior effluvia. (Triggering the Left is not terribly difficult when one understands what drives them.)

Professor Lee’s fourth diatribe was an open letter to the media, special pleading for martyr status.

“I’ve also recently been targeted by Turning Point USA’s Professor Watch List. To be very clear–I’m not yet listed on it, but have been subject to a good deal of defamation and abuse–some of it bordering on threats–by TP/PWL alongwith its advocates and fans.

“And I’ve included a copy of the note sent to me by one of Turning Point’s newest ‘stars,’ the misogynist Ivan Throne (Dark Triad Man).”

The fifth missive doubled down, both seeking attention and turning flirtatous with senpai:

“A young well-manicured culture warrior like Ivan Throne can make extreme misogyny feel like normal masculinity.”

Really quite flattering. Of course, my Ageless Beauty is a meme all of its own. Very kind of Professor Lee to publicly observe. My narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy are delighted.

However, in the midst of my delight, it was appropriate to ensure the administration of Bloomsburg University was aware that I did not speak for Turning Point USA, nor was I engaging with my admirer on behalf of the local campus organization.

Hence an appropriate email, which I copied to Professor Lee.

More virago howls sounded.


Howling Virago


Professor Lee descends into absolute victimhood.

As I noted in at the outset of this post, social justice warriors always double down.

The sixth demand for adulatory attention by Professor Lee certainly is dramatic:

“Still, nothing could have prepared me for the unfettered viciousness of its attack on my character and career, and nothing could have prepared me for my administration’s failure to protect me and worse…”

Professor Lee’s most recent and seventh diatribe moves away from Turning Point USA, and focuses directly on me as the target of her outraged wrath.

“It’s ironic indeed that he implies I have some sort of infatuation with him. Logicians call this fallacy of “projection” since, after all, I’d never have sought to contact Mr. Throne, but he can’t seem to stop looking for me.”

Pro tip #1: it’s called “Google Alerts“.

“More significant are the over 200 hits both this piece and ‘Remaking the World one University at a Time’ have received in the last 24 hours — many from apparently encrypted accounts. I have made that fact know to the Bloomsburg University Police as well.”

Pro tip #2: Law enforcement already works with me to capture domestic terrorists.

“That Mr. Throne has sought to exploit that example to generate greater visibility for himself and his ‘Dark Triad’ indicates only that he has relatively few other avenues.”

Pro tip #3: I am a bestselling philosophy author (that has to hurt) with over 45 million Twitter impressions as of last October.

“Nonetheless, I have no intention of allowing him to continue to use me. Hence this will be the last update on this piece.”

Wanna bet, lads?


Goodbye to the Howling Virago of Bloomsburg University for now.

I am sanguine with respect to Professor Lee’s declaration that she has finished engaging with DARK TRIAD MAN® for several practical and professional reasons. For she is not simply engaged, but entangled.

Time will tell if she is enthralled, but her final statements are rather telling:

“He can talk. I can challenge him, as can my students and colleagues. We’d all no doubt benefit from the opportunity to hear exposed this darling of the far right who actively and enthusiastically embraces the Triad of Psychotic/Narcissistic/Machiavellian. Bring it on.”

I hate you, don’t leave me.”

She wants more attention, as does every Damaged Woman.

“What’s important here is not that Ivan Throne has much to say or that he presents any danger  to me. He does not, despite his best efforts.”

Hold that thought, lass….

“Perhaps he thinks he’ll intimidate me sufficiently that I won’t make his lamentable posts public. I don’t know.”

I hope you enjoyed the article here.

“What I do know is that his is one of the ugly faces of Turning Point USA, and that TP and Professor Watchlist need to be exposed for what they are: the thinly veiled polite face of white nationalism and corporate fascism—a lethal combination for any aspiring democracy.”

The thought is “lethal.”


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