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Divine Momentum And Trajectory

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Fate detonates where you take it.

On the heels of the Las Vegas Immersion Forge I am aware of severe changes happening in my own life as a result of engaging, teaching, and living the work of that event.

This is unsurprising on one level, for you cannot step into a crucible of the mind and heart such as the Immersion Forge and come away unaltered. I did expect that, and I did anticipate changes in my own mindset, my own outlook, my own sense of momentum and trajectory.

I didn’t expect how deep it would go, and what would be unlocked in me.

I smile at myself, for there are timeless lessons in it, which as human beings we sometimes forget, or put off, or shelve as our focus becomes granulated and we are caught up in the details and minutiae of delivery.

The Immersion Forge is a deliberate, developed and ferociously delivered shin-den from myself and Mr. Swift.

Shin-den is a term that is wrapped up in many different meanings.

In this post we are going to explore it, and tumble and turn within.

Shin-den changes everything.


Warning to readers: Level III post.

This is a Level III post. These posts at DARK TRIAD MAN® are rare. The majority of readers are ill-equipped to easily and productively absorb the lessons within.

I explicitly warn you that you may find this post difficult to grasp. In this post we will be reviewing concepts that will be foreign to those who do not possess power, who have not cultivated it, who have not advanced their ability to deliver grave and terrible consequences in the human world.

Created with the scholar and professional operator in mind, Level III content is potentially dangerous to the inexperienced and demands the groundwork of real life experience and encounters of grave risk within the dark world.

You may be better off reviewing more easily consumable content.

Level I content is designed for the new or beginning reader. It delivers introductory teaching in simpler language with more basic concepts that are easily grasped and implemented by the new practitioner who seeks instruction in technique.

Level II content is targeted at the intermediate practitioner of methods, and includes more advanced concepts and exercises designed to provoke startled understanding in practice as he drives dives deeper into scholarship.

If you are prepared to continue, then let us begin.

It is time to speak of the divine.


Divine transmission of the heart.

The ninja use the term shin-den to characterize the delivery of esoteric knowledge.

There are times when teaching men is a simple and mechanical process, and it does not require infinite penetration of the heart for them to grasp the essential kihon or fundamental basic concept. It is where the practitioner begins.

“The spine breaks this way.”

“The joint snaps that way.”

“Here is the nerve cluster.”

There are times when leading men into understanding is less simple, and the student must engage the mind and body in tandem with a more challenging principle if they are to grasp the process behind the kata or clash that is documented within the formal records of the ryū-ha or lineage. It is where the scholar works.

“Diffuse into the spiral.”

“Drop them into the Void.”

“Dwell unharmed in the center.”

Then there are concepts which cannot be communicated with mere words, truths which require a crucial framework for delivery, revelations that demand personal relationship. For some things are more than mere placement of foot or capture of balance, and go to the nature of makoto or sincere truth. It is where the master dwells.

“Your ego is your sense of separateness.”

“Attain the mind and eyes of God.”

“The mirror heart is pure concealment.”

These are truths which, on the surface, are opaque to the casual or uninitiated reader. There is an oft-unappreciated aspect of sincere and sacred truth: it does not approach the practitioner, but waits to be turned towards by the scholar and surrendered to by the master. This is true from the experience of patience to the knowledge of the living God.

When one puts mind and heart to the delivery of truth to a brother in the dark world, there is an integral component without which success in enlightened understanding cannot take place between you.

Shin-den is the only way to connect it.


Tumble and turn the method of divine transmission.

We will begin by unlocking the written structure of the Japanese expression, and the intimations and confluences of meaning that are an inherent part of the expression. The kanji characters are where we start.

From the kanji we will move into more complex arrays of potential, the tumble and turn of meaning, from which leaks truth and perspective and potential for understanding of the Way.

Shin 神 is God, divinity, spirit, thunder, fantastic (slang)

Den 伝 to teach, propagate, report, transmit, bequeath

How can shin-den be thought of?

“Teaching of God.”

“Transmission of spirit.”

“Bequeath divinity.”

“Report of thunder.”

“Propagate the fantastic!”

Bring your mind into focus and explore the possibilities and nested meanings!

Does the spirit of God bequeath divine thunder? What teachings propagate the divine? When you transmit reports, are you not sharing the experience of truth? What is the fantastic experience of God’s teaching?

Approach from the dark collapse of things as well. It is necessary.

What happens when fantastic teachings are propagated? Where does thunder roll when bequests are not divine? If reports are not transmitted, how can truth propagate?

This is the opening process, the beginning method of inquiry, that lies within the tumble and turn. It is the heart and purpose of the ninja principle of kyojitsu tenkan ho that unlocks the hollow and pours out the actual. It is how the mind and eyes of God open unblinking within the man.

You must move past the beginning.

You must move into the depths.

The Way has endless depth.


Fierce exploration reveals depths of sacred truth.

The utterance of the word shin can be written with another meaning in the Japanese language.

For the purposes of this post we will only look at the first half of shin-den as we explore.

Shin 心 is heart, mind, spirit, meaning of a riddle

Follow the process of kyojitsu tenkan ho and explore the depths!

Do divine reports take the form of riddles? What are parables? Does God work in mysterious ways?

Does thunder rumble in the heart when the mind absorbs revelation of a previously hidden truth?

Is the transmission of one heart to another, the bequest of God between men?

These bright spikes of joy and eternal promise are not the dark world. They are outside of it, beyond it, lancing through it. The dark world nonetheless has a say in the manifestation of things, for that is where human detonation takes place.

The ninja do not fail to seek within the dark. For that, too, is the Way.

Does a heart of riddles obscure the divine? What happens when your heart attaches to a riddle? Is the purpose of parables to protect the divine from those who do not truly seek sacred transmission? How fantastic is that?

The process of kyojitsu tenkan ho – the tumble and turn of which I speak – is bottomless. It is infinitely deep and one can be lost within it, if sacred purpose is not the heart that the man enters the process with.

You must learn to engage and withdraw, to zoom in and out, and then detonate fate with decision and action.

That is where momentum and trajectory are made real.

It is where the divine enters the dark world.

It is how the thunder of God transmits.


Divine transmission must become savage and ferocious action.

All the wisdom in the world is useless to the man who does not take action, who fails to live in action, who does not make decision and consequence the basal mode of his very life itself. Theory is not practice.

The white-haired sage on the mountain is killed when he descends to the real world.

This is the reason that the ninja are warriors and not only priests of the heart and mind.

You must engage with the world!

You are a tool of fate, created by the hand of God to bring reality into being. The dark world will inexorably roll forward over your dead remains. And before that takes place, you have duty to fulfill.

My philosophy bestseller The Nine Laws was written to unlock the reality of the dark world for you, and to teach you the truth of how the human being works. It is a harsh book, for the dark world is pitiless, and that work is not designed to serve as a guide to ethics, morality, faith, conscience, or beliefs.

The Nine Laws is not software, installed atop the bloatware of stupid social trivialities propounded by idiots who do not see death accelerating towards them.

The Nine Laws is source code, the operating system of the dark world, and machines do not do pity.

It is the stark and ruthless path to development of the weaponized human being, the apex predator of the known universe.

That is how you were created, and that is the full development and expression of the human being. You were created in the very image of the living God and must not degrade it through sloughing weakness, abandonment of power, or abjurement of capacity.

Never weaken your savage nature or temper your natural ferocity!

Never fall prey to the belief that prey is what you are!

Own your path through the dark world and make it real!

Take full responsibility for detonation!


Divine connection is what we leave behind.

The dark world is finite and collapsing, racing towards end even as you read this. The stars will burn out, the vast arrays of galactic superclusters will go dark, and the heat death of all things will eventually ensue.

You will be dead.

What is the point?

What is left behind?

How is yammering insanity overcome when horrific, nihilistic craze threatens to infect the last recesses of your mind and heart? How does one overcome that plummet of the spirit, when the Way is tripped upon and the vast gulf of despair yawns open beneath? When the scream is Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani how does the mortal man recover?

There are lessons, brother, that teach this.

Begin from those, and work backwards.

And understand the role that shin-den plays in the development of meaning.

Love is shin-den, the sharing of sincere truth between hearts.

Killing is shin-den, the thunder of divine report that brings finality.

Laughter is shin-den, the riddle revealed by the mind that rings in the heart.

Sorrow is shin-den, the bequest of the heart when the mind grasps painful truth.

You have a responsibility as a human being to understand the nature of shin-den and how this crucial concept is at play in everything you think, feel, and do. The process of development as a human being follows the lattice of this understanding.

Words become sacred vows!

Thoughts become glittering visions!

Actions become great deeds!

Tumble and turn!

What if your words adhered to the sacred without gap, and each statement was a vow of a being created in the image of God? What if every thought was unstained by illusion, and the vision of the man was egoless and given wholly over to divine plan? What if each beat of your heart was savage resonance of the Way of Heaven and even your breathing was in accord with the advancement of sacred purpose?

What would it mean to be a living shin-den?

I will tell you a great and hidden secret, brother.

That is why you are here in the dark world.

That is why you are made in the image of God.

All things are shin-den, for all things spring from the Word, the very source of all divine transmission.

You are not separate from things, and your ego is false illusion.

Grasp the concept of shin-den and live it well.

That is why you are here.


The Immersion Forge unlocks sacred purpose through divine transmission.

A blog post is a great thing sometimes.

It reaches thousands, and brings intelligence and information and perhaps, if written well, communicates concepts that permit the growth of wisdom in the mind and heart of the reader. That is shin-den.

But there are limits to written teaching. The greatest book is nonetheless only words, and there are two missing components that must be present for the full explosion of the human being into a savage, ferocious deliverer of sacred purpose.

The first is action. There must be commitment, there must be delivery, there must be carrying out and implementation beyond understanding and feeling and consideration.

Fate does not detonate on its own.

As a human being, that is your responsibility: to execute, to own your progression on the Way, and to make the world itself shudder at your passing.

The second is direct experience with the teacher, the resonance of heart-to-heart transmission, the verbal connection of vows shared between men, the speaking of truth that strikes with the infinite and the declaration of sacred purpose that ripples through and changes the dark world itself.

This is why each Immersion Forge is strictly limited to nine men. There must be direct and personal connection.

This is why the Manual of the Immersion Forge is never released to the public. It is dangerous without shin-den.

This is why the cost of the Immersion Forge is not trivial. It is protection of the divine from those who cannot implement.

On February 24th, the next Immersion Forge will be held in the two bedroom Park View Suite of Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York City. That, too, is a shin-den of communication: this is a world-class, top-of-the-line event that utterly changes the momentum and trajectory of the men who attend it.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you that deeds of absolute savagery, mindset of total ferocity, and heart consecrated to sacred purpose is the Way.

The Way can be learned.


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The Immersion Forge is where sacred purpose is unlocked, and the heart and mind are forged with guidance.

The Immersion Forge is shin-den from Mr. Swift and myself, and shatters who you are.

The Immersion Forge unlocks what you are and welds sacred purpose to savage ferocity!

My own sacred purpose is in service of my oath, and the Immersion Forge is my fulfillment.

Make your own commitment to unlocking and achieving it all.

Join us in New York, brother.

Get Forged.


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