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The Phenomenal Success Of The First Immersion Forge In Las Vegas

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Thousands of men tuned in to see the result.

The first Immersion Forge was a terrific success.

Men from all walks of life – a defense industry expert, a theoretical physics professor, business owners, and others assembled at the Julius Premium Suite at Caesars Palace on Saturday, January 13th for an intense dive into the heart of the Way.

Sacred purpose, savage ferocity, and sustenance of a pure heart through the dark world were the theme.

The results were beyond superb. I am deeply and profoundly grateful.

Thousands tuned in to hear how the Immersion Forge went:



The development of this program took over a year.

The Immersion Forge program from DARK TRIAD MAN® was required intense planning, consideration, prayer, and careful arrangement of structure for delivery.

Far more than just a men’s group or meetup, the Immersion Forge was designed to lay the groundwork for deep transformation of mindset, self-preparation and accelerate powerful strides towards discovery and seizing of sacred purpose.

It includes revelation, examination and mastery of professionally designed and structured curriculum that maximizes your full comprehension, retention and application.

Enormous care has been taken to design this material so that it delivers with powerful, resonating impact, yet does not overwhelm with too much information.

The Immersion Forge manual contains a roadmap for ongoing achievement.

It cracks open the Way of Heaven and puts your feet on the path.

And instills the heart of the savagery required by it.


A small and sanitized example from one page of the Manual.

This is a tiny excerpt of the serious training material from the Immersion Forge:

“Your sense of duty, obligation, fealty, loyalty, and burden is a critical component in recognizing, acknowledging, and carrying out your sacred purpose in the world. For recognition demands acknowledgment, and acknowledgement demands performance.

“This is the process by which Heaven seals fate in its chosen direction. It begins with the free will of Man to turn towards the divine, to embrace the will of Heaven, and then become a hurtling and invincible instrument of the purpose and plan of God.

“It creates grave challenges. It brings with it a swirling confluence of dread, ferocity, and peace. Those three experiences are markers, at times, for your self-assessment of accuracy on the path.

“Dread, ferocity, and peace are integral aspects you must understand and immerse yourself into as part of becoming a conscious vehicle of fate.”

The Immersion Forge manual is not available to the general public or even to subscribers of DARK TRIAD MAN®.

It would be irresponsible to provide access to men who are not under the direct tutelage of our instruction.

The Manual is reserved solely for those who have gone through the training program with deliberate and close guidance from myself and Mr. Swift.

Were men to attempt to simply walk through the manual absent the personal guidance and training provided at the Immersion Forge, they would put themselves at enormous risk of misstep in the dark world.

It requires direct, personal, and sincere communication.

That is what makes it profound and understandable.

That is how it can be savage, and yet divine in tandem.

Shin-den, the ninja call it, and with great reverence.

“Divine transmission” from one brother to another

It is the great and hidden Way of men.


The Immersion Forge draws on The Nine Laws and The Three Gates.

My philosophy bestseller The Nine Laws provides the framework for the Immersion Forge.

The layers of the Immersion Forge come, in part, through the power of my next book.

You can be a part of the development of my new bestseller.

For more information on The Three Gates, click here.


The next Immersion Forge is being planned.

Mr. Swift and I are looking at venues and dates for London, United Kingdom.

Subscribe today and make sure you are kept abreast of opportunities to take part.

Sacred purpose and mastery of the dark world do not happen by happy accident.

I train men to win, and with the fearsome determination of the dread lord.

Before your inevitable death, live with savagery as a man.


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