DARK TRIAD MAN® Seeking Senior Ethereum Developer

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Read very carefully before responding.

Ivan Throne is drawing on his background in business development, program management, and the financial markets to assess development of an ICO for an underserved industry. As part of this assessment, DARK TRIAD MAN® is now soliciting resumes on behalf of Ivan from senior Ethereum developers for review and consideration as partner(s) in the venture.

Due to the nature of this particular ICO and the industry it serves, as well as the surge in cryptocurrency interest from the public, please read our criteria for consideration carefully before responding to this post or contacting our team.


Key requirements.
  • Significant experience with developing Ethereum smart contract and blockchain solutions.
  • Deep familiarity with supply chain logistics and sensitive material transfer.
  • Highly professional presentation; able to interface with senior state, federal and legislative personnel.
  • Documented history of at least one prior successful ICO.


Key considerations.
  • This venture is unrelated to Ivan’s work at DARK TRIAD MAN®.
  • High level of threat to physical safety of venture partners expected post-ICO.
  • Nondisclosure agreements will be required prior to interview(s).


To submit yourself for consideration:

Send your resume in .PDF format along with an introductory email to [email protected].

Inquiries on this matter through any other channels will be immediately deleted unread.

We will review all submissions that are received by midnight on January 31st, 2018.

Do not follow up to ask if we are interested in your skills and experience.

If you are a good fit Ivan will reach out to you to discuss the matter.

The email inbox and this post will be deleted on February 1st.


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