Impalement Stops Invasion

“Impalement Stops Invasion” Front Design Artwork Complete

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You know you want one.

DARK TRIAD MAN® has received the final front art design from insurgent artist Jinjer Zilla for our “Impalement Stops Invasion” shirt design! The preorder sale is exploding and Crypto.Fashion is working hard to keep up with demand.

“Damn, that’s harsh, Ivan.”

You’re absolutely correct.

I don’t do pity.

Are you ready?


Put your order in right now.

Crypto.Fashion will ship orders in late January or early February.

Don’t wait. Spread the word of DARK TRIAD MAN®.

Get your shirt today.


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Deus Vult is the historic response of the West.

Do you think Islam will lovingly reassure, “Peace! We will surrender.”

Do you think Islam will calmly withdraw, saying, “This isn’t our land, we’ll leave.”

Do you think the Left will stop speaking of a religion of peace?

Do you think your homelands will defend themselves without you?

Grasp the reality of the dark world, and wear it:

Impalement stops invasion.

You know I’m right.


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