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The 2018 Road Map For DARK TRIAD MAN®

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Serious, explosive projects in Year Three.

As the third year of DARK TRIAD MAN® rolls forward with the turn of the calendar, we are very proud to present a rather significant list of projects and programs for the twelve months that lie ahead.

In this announcement post we will be covering these projects and opportunities and where they are headed, as well as details on how you can be a part of this growth – and profit from the momentous juggernaut that is DARK TRIAD MAN®.

The path to growth it follows has been deliberate, focused and powerfully built over the first two years. It is time to now add the third layer of power.

The first year was a colossal success in establishing the name, reputation, and quality of DARK TRIAD MAN®. We roared into the marketplace, especially with the release of Ivan Throne’s philosophy bestseller The Nine Laws.

The second year was a glittering triumph with vast increase in reach and readership, followers and public speaking events for Ivan Throne including the 21 Convention in Orlando, Florida at the end of September.

Now it is time to slam all of these forward in parallel, and bring the value of our work to men in person. It is time to bang the hammer down on reality, to detonate the vision and plans of DARK TRIAD MAN® into competent execution aross the world.

Let us begin with the Immersion Forge, where nine deeply committed men meet in two weeks to explode their sacred purpose as a driven and formidable brotherhood.

And yes, this event is already sold out.


The first Immersion Forge in Las Vegas is a sold out, life-changing event.

On Saturday, January 13th the first Immersion Forge will be held in the Julius Suite at Caesars Palace.

Nine men who have committed to cracking open their mind and heart will be seated at the table with myself and Mr. Swift, and we will be shaping and forging their sacred purpose into a brotherhood of weaponized human beings.

We expect, and will see, great things from these men in 2018.

DARK TRIAD MAN® will be holding additional Immersion Forge events on an ad-hoc basis going forward. Rather than picking a specific date and city and then inviting attendees, future Immersion Forge gatherings will be set up on request, in a host city, following commitment from men on the ground who wish to attend.

For more details on how to bring the Immersion Forge to your city, contact us.


The Three Gates comes in 2018 from Castalia House.

The successor to the philosophy bestseller The Nine Laws has been in the works for many months.

Building upon the powerful theme of stark, brutal insight into the reality of the dark world, The Three Gates expands upon the foundation of its predecessor to move men from practitioners to scholars in the dark world.

Survival, momentum and triumph must grow and resonate into greater things.

They must roar into manhood, war and salvation!

The Three Gates will be released by Castalia House in time for the holiday season this year.

DARK TRIAD MAN® will be reaching out to our subscribers and readers for input and insight on specific aspects of The Three Gates they wish to see. And as with The Nine Laws, we will have a very special preorder campaign for these select advisors, with a personally inscribed hardback and mention in the Acknowledgments.

To be one of the select few who help shape this book, make sure you are a subscriber.


The Alt.Church rises hard in 2018.

A critically powerful joint project between DARK TRIAD MAN® and Mr. Swift is the foundation of Alt.Church.

Not a sect, denomination or organization, Alt.Church is something far more accessible and much more raw and ferocious. It is developed as an explicit antidote to lesbian bishops and other blatant Churchian cuckery in the dark world.

Alt.Church is the delivery of weaponized materials for warriors of the new age.

Alt.Church brings the physical template by which the roar of Deus Vult comes to life!

Alt.Church shapes the mindset and worship of the believers of Faith to war.

DARK TRIAD MAN® will be releasing more details on the rise of Alt.Church as we near the Easter season this coming spring. Be ready to take part in the reception, absorption, and dissemination of the war cry of the new age that dawns for the West.

Visit the Alt.Church site and subscribe today to notification updates on this project.


The College of The Nine Laws launches at the beginning of summer.
“There are so many riches within your material that it’s difficult to drive out just an eight hour day. You could easily turn it into a semester-long college course.”Global executive and Immersion Forge scholarship sponsor

The Nine Laws is powerful, life changing material that drives incredible insights into men who study the work.

Often cited as a worthy companion to The Art of War, The Book of Five Rings and other great works of strategic literature, The Nine Laws is now moving to a professional curriculum platform in 2018 where a series of professional courses with testing and video instruction from Ivan Throne brings you to a deeper, richer, and guided experience.

Planning for the College Of The Nine Laws began at the beginning of 2017. The technical platform Thinkific has been selected and the courses are being built out between now and midsummer 2018.

DARK TRIAD MAN® is very pleased and proud to bring this expanded entry into the depth of Ivan Throne’s philosophy bestseller, famously described as “so dangerous, men should be imprisoned for reading it.”

Subscribers will receive exclusive advance notification of the launch of the College.


Lecture series and meetups worldwide with Ivan Throne.

It is critical to establish face to face contact with men who seek to learn, to grow, and to succeed.

In 2018 Ivan Throne will be conducting lectures in cities across the United States and Europe, with a special first focus on the United Kingdom. Lectures will be based on the desire of the local audience, on topics including The Nine Laws, the work of building intelligence networks devoted to cultural war, and more.

Our first lecture location is expected to be in London in mid-spring of 2018. We are currently working with several venues and business partners in the United Kingdom to explore opportunities there.

For more information on the lecture series and to inquire on having Ivan Throne speak in your city, please contact us.



Ground Dominance training with Ivan Throne and Mr. Swift.

As the cultural war grows hotter on the streets of the United States, Ground Dominance training is expanding.

First held in Austin, Texas in October of 2017, Ground Dominance training injects professional skill into activist groups.

Discover the roots of hostile insurgencies that rise in militant alliance. Sharpen your competence in assessing national and cultural threats. Establish personal momentum towards group liaison for survival, and take advantage of the fearsome expertise of Mr. Swift and Ivan Throne with this exclusive training.

To apply for Ground Dominance training in your area, please contact us for prequalification review.


Take part in the work of the Safe Streets Project.

The Safe Streets Project is an offensively oriented intelligence platform deployed to identify and track Antifa, Black Bloc and other Leftist activists.

Covered by PJ Media, the Gavin McInnes Show, InfoWars and other media outlets, the Safe Streets Project assists with rendition of Leftist insurgents to law enforcement.

Best known for assisting the “weaponized autists” of /pol/ with the pursuit and capture of the murderous bike lock professor Eric Michael Clanton, the Safe Streets Project has sent ripples of fear through Lefist groups such as Hope Not Hate, It’s Going Down and the fools of #RefuseFascism.

We put over 250 well-armed patriots on the ground in Austin, Texas on November 4th and dominated the ground.

The Safe Streets Project will be expanding in 2018 with more functionality, a full-court web site, additional technology expertise, and more HUMINT dumps as we promote our embedded assets up through the ranks of hostile Leftist organizations.

For more information on how you can be a part of this effort, visit Safe Streets Project.


Brutal Clips podcast is moving from Soundcloud to Podbean.

Ivan Throne’s Brutal Clips Podcast on SoundCloud has only twelve episodes but over 8,800 listens in just over a year.

Including interviews with Ivan Throne by This Is Trouble, Rogue Money Radio and the Michael Sebastian Podcast, there are over 17,000 listens across the board.

DARK TRIAD MAN® is proud to announce that in 2018 the Brutal Clips Podcast will be permanently moving to Podbean to take advantage of a more structured and robust platform that enables listeners far more options for engagement with Ivan Throne, as well as far more frequent podcasts.

Stay tuned for more information on our lift and shift of the Brutal Clips podcast to Podbean.

We will be messaging our Soundcloud followers just prior to the transition.


Ivan Throne returns to The 21 Convention in October 2018.

The 21 Convention is an annual event, usually held in Orlando, Florida, that brings in men from around the world.

Powerful lectures by luminary speakers such as Rollo Tomassi, Christian McQueen, Hunter Drew and Ivan Throne are showcased in this terrific event.

The next 21 Convention event will be held in October. Don’t miss this enormous opportunity to spend a week immersed in the delivery of authentic Red Pill knowledge, mentoring and motivation that takes you out of the weak, soy-infested cuckery of the postmodern age – and brings you back to the spirit of authentic masculinity.

Ivan’s presentation at The 21 Convention was a game changer for hundreds of men. Join us in October!

Make sure you are subscribed to DARK TRIAD MAN® for early updates on tickets.


Major upgrades to THE FORTRESS at DARK TRIAD MAN®.

THE FORTRESS is a private area of DARK TRIAD MAN® exclusive to paid subscribers.

Launched back in April of 2017, the forums and chat have been a home for highly engaged readers to correspond, discuss and collaborate with brutal honesty.

Study of The Nine Laws, articles on this site, and private chats have been the focus of it.

In very early 2018 we will be upgrading THE FORTRESS to simplify to a single membership tier, streamline the discussion forums, and provide better opportunities for paid members at DARK TRIAD MAN® to extract even more value from their close association and participation.

As part of this upgrade we will be giving a FREE one year membership to those already registered at Earl level at the end of January. Don’t miss this opportunity to lock in an annual membership.

Subscribe today to stay abreast of this opportunity.


Step up and contribute support to the work of DARK TRIAD MAN®.

If you’ve read through to the end of this article, you are amazed at the amount of work ahead.

Ivan Throne began his preparation for 2018 at the start of November of last year. Two months of planning are ready to explode.

The meteoric rise of DARK TRIAD MAN® in just over two years has taken enormous time and effort.

Long hours of writing and research. Meetings and travel and interviews. Organizing men in the dark world, building intelligence platforms for the Right. Training men to dominate the ground during street unrest.

In sharp contrast to most public figures, Ivan personally puts his body and safety on the line.

If you and your loved ones benefit from the work of Ivan Throne and DARK TRIAD MAN®, show your support.

Deliver your recognition.


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Be a part of an absolutely extraordinary 2018.

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It is a dark world, brothers. And it will eventually kill you, for death awaits all men.

But until that dread day arrives, join me in the work I do.

Let us cry “Havoc,” and let slip the dogs of war this year!


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