Impalement Stops Invasion

“Impalement Stops Invasion” Front Design Art Update

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Because Deus Vult isn’t just a hashtag.

DARK TRIAD MAN® has received a design update from brilliant artist Jinjer Zilla on our “Impalement Stops Invasion” shirt design. Preorders are already rolling in and the fierce, positive reaction from the market is telling.

“Holy shit, Ivan.”

I don’t do pity. That includes pity towards those who seek and enable the suicide of their civilization, culture, country, community, and family by throwing doors wide open to a foul ideology of rape and war which demands they submit or die.

“That’s bold, Ivan.”

I don’t do hesitancy. And that includes shrinking back from facing the reality of what Islam brings to the West. Bombs, blood, the chatter of automatic weapons, disemboweled young men in Paris, young girls sodomized to death with rifle barrels in Beslan, and Swedish teenagers gang-raped and set  on fire.

“The media is going to scream, Ivan.”

Yes, they are. They are going to scream, and call me all sorts of names, because a picture that declares a simple reality of the dark world triggers them. They are more afraid of fighting for their own culture than they are of their daughters being brutalized and the throats of their sons torn open.

“Damn, I want one, Ivan.”

Yes, you do. And that’s why the “Impalement Stops Invasion” shirts are available on preorder. The demand is high, and I’ve rarely seen such a flood of emails and instant messages with shock, approval, and demand for more products to put this design on.

You know I’m right.

You cannot turn away savage invaders with a 1,400 year history of enslavement and rape and atrocity upon atrocity through gentle words, social benefits and platitudes of rehabilitation. If you wish the West to survive, contemplate the truth of things:

Impalement Stops Invasion.


Declare Deus Vult with umitigated ferocity.

Crypto.Fashion anticipates shipping orders in late January or early February. In addition to the design completion from Jinjer Zilla, we are also looking at additional options (sleeveless, long sleeve, etc.) for the shirt – as well as other products such as challenge coins.

“We were floored by the artwork. Between Ivan’s concept and JinjerZilla’s execution, we knew it would be a hit. We didn’t expect this kind of interest to explode in a successful preorder campaign during what is traditionally a slow week after the Christmas holiday, but wow. This design is definitely going places.”

Don’t wait. Take part in a declaration of harsh and ruthless reality.

Preorder your shirt today.


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Deus Vult is a declaration of war.

Do you think Islam will fearfully whine, “Run! A scary hashtag!”

Do you think Islam will reflect and say, “We were mean, we’ll go back.”

Do you think European politicians will suddenly defend their people?

Do you think European politicians have the manhood to speak truth?

Think about what I tell you, and consider my words:

I tell you that impalement stops invasion.

Declare it and wear it.


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