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“Impalement Stops Invasion” Shirts Now Available For Preorder

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Build your border fence with stakes.

DARK TRIAD MAN® and Crypto.Fashion have teamed up with the renowned artist Jinjer Zilla to deliver an incredible shirt design. His presence is well known on Twitter and he does absolutely terrific artwork.

Why are we producing this magnificent design, and what is the context?

Islam is invading Europe and most national governments simply roll over and surrender.

The European Union whines and insults member nations, demanding that more and more refugees and migrants from the Middle East be allowed to overwhelm the culture, society and civilization of the West – even as nations such as Poland and Hungary build fences and save their society.

Meanwhile Sweden has skyrocketing rapes and grenade attacks from Islamic invaders and can’t cuck fast enough.

Last week a little girl in Sweden had her vagina set on fire after another Muslim gang rape.

It is a dark world. And I’m going to tell you a truth about it:

Impalement Stops Invasion.


Enormous demand cracks this preorder open.

Crypto.Fashion rises to the challenge of meeting the clamor for this shirt:

“This is an unusual one for the Crypto Team. The artwork isn’t finished, yet demand is so high we’ve been asked to offer a preorder. We’re always down to try something new. 

“The sketches for front and back displayed are not yet complete and are subject to change, but this is the direction that the artist is going. They’ll likely be printed on Next Level Black or Heavy Metal 100% Cotton: preorders will determine the final color mix.

“We anticipate orders to begin shipping late January/early February. We’ll update this page with new artwork and other information as the project progresses. 

Preorder your shirt today!


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Start the New Year with a declaration of war.

Do you think Islam will suddenly say, “Ok, Sweden. Sorry, we’re leaving.”

Do you think Islam will suddenly say, “Whoops, our mistake. No more jihad.”

Do you think European politicians will suddenly grow a spine?

Do you think European politicians will suddenly fight back?

I’ll ask you one more question, and you know the answer already.

Do you believe impalement stops invasion?

You know what the dark world says.

Wear the truth.


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