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The Michael Sebastian Podcast Interviews Special Guest Ivan Throne

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An hour of @HonorAndDaring and @DarkTriadMan.

Michael Sebastian of Honor and Daring recently recorded an hour-long interview with me for his podcast.

We discuss the slow collapse of the West, The Nine Laws, and what men can do to prepare themselves, their loved ones, and their communities with alliances of true brotherhood in the dark world.

He has released it here for your edification and enjoyment:


Listen well, brothers.


Many thanks to Michael Sebastian for having me as a guest.

It was an honor to speak with him on the Michael Sebastian Podcast. I have enjoyed his work for some time, and to connect at last was a terrific pleasure.

Follow him on Soundcloud, Twitter, and at his site, Honor and Daring.

And many thanks to Emily from Caption First for her excellent work.


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