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How To Explode Into 2018 With The Driven Ferocity of Sacred Purpose

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Start your New Year with conscious detonation.

I watched a video this morning of a man killed in a restaurant in front of his woman.

He was seated for lunch. Two men came in and sat in the booth behind, both facing him.

Then one got up, drawing an automatic.

He racked the slide and fired a shot down through the top of the man’s head in one motion. Then another shot to the side of the head as the man slumped, blood pouring from his mouth. The killers walked out as the woman stood up, helpless, her life changed forever and his ended with a quick and double bark of death.

Life ends quickly and without warning, and the dark world has no shortage of killers.

You are going to die someday and it may be just as sudden.

Have you achieved your sacred purpose yet?

How swiftly does your death approach?

Do you understand sacred purpose?


Your life is wasted without sacred purpose.

“I’m going to lose weight in 2018,” said the soyboy.

“I’m going to quit smoking in 2018,” said the cuck.

“I’m going to find my soulmate in 2018,” said the beta.

Those resolutions are weak and silly pronouncements. They are an ineffectual waste of determination, an avoidance of purpose, and a slithering abandonment of why you are here on this earth in this lifetime, this civilization, this age.

Think of the men who have changed history! What do they have in common? What separates them from the faceless, shapeless masses of humanity that neither achieve nor rise above their station to alter the course of events and empires?

Did Hernán Cortés wake up one morning in 1519 and promise himself he’d have sixpack abs in time for summer? Or did he burn his ships on the beach, invade a new continent, and establish immense and immortal glory and wealth for the Spanish Crown before advancing with fire and sword towards Tenochtitlan?

Did Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, sit at his desk in 1815 and make a resolution to improve his success with women? Or did he lead a magnificent, brilliant defense at Waterloo, permanently break the back of Napoleon Bonaparte and save the future of Europe from one of the most famous conquerors in the world?

Those men had sacred purpose!

They threw their lives down on the table with unconquerable ferocity!

Do you understand the difference between a weakling New Year’s resolution, and a sacred purpose for which you burn your ships and set the entire world on fire with unstoppable, unhestitating detonation of deliberately achieved fate?

Do you even have sacred purpose?


I live my life by sacred purpose.

I have shared my sacred purpose in How I Made Oath To The Dead Face Of My Father.

That vow I swore as I cradled his cold, dead face within my hands is with me every day.

The work I do in the dark world all stems from that moment of acknowledgement, from that clarity of vision, from that pivot of decision to throw away every bit of inhibition I had and hurl myself into the abyss of the dark world without looking back.

The Nine Laws was written as my field manual.

It is a harsh operating system for men and brothers to crack open the reality of the dark world, seize its levers, and begin to work the gears in the direction of my sacred purpose – and theirs.

The revelation of those levers and the truth of how they operate are what has made it a philosophy bestseller.

The Three Gates is underway as a grave and soaring call to action and power.

It is a manual that teaches men the layers and stages of this grim, shining and immortal Way that we walk in either defeated, chagrined uselessness – or glittering, immortal triumph.

Tumble and turn, my brothers!

Seize the dawn of the New Year by the throat!

Join us at the Immersion Forge.


Commit yourself to a life without regrets.

The Immersion Forge guides you on a deep excavation into the innermost heart of your sacred purpose.

Powerful, proven levers of the dark world uncovered by my bestseller The Nine Laws are blended with the crucial lessons and mentoring of The Three Gates in sharp and resonating concert.

I will teach this to you in person before the wide world receives it as a new bestseller.

Fearsome lessons of spiritual survival in the dreadfully violent arenas of war are brought to you by Mr. Swift, who stalked and hunted killers through forests of impaled priests and walked out alive with his faith strengthed despite the dead behind him.

Together he and I will take the Immersion Forge attendees into an experience like no other.

We will crack open the chest of your spirit, and pull forth your own beating heart of sacred purpose. We will show you how to uncover it, connect with it, and throw away the scabbard and forever stride with joyous naked steel into a life without regret.

Death waits to bark at you.

Regret over a wasted life is the worst shadow a man can die beneath.

Seize this opportunity to change your life for ever.

Register for the Immersion Forge today.


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Join us at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on January 13th.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you that just as surely as death awaits you, so too does discovery of your sacred purpose.

There is nothing between you and creation of a magnificent life if you have the courage to get up and walk.

Mr. Swift and I have worked for the better part of a year to construct this framework for you.

Now it is time to burn your ships, and stride up the beach to seize the world.

Begin the New Year as part of a brotherhood like no other.

March with us.


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