Sam Botta Narrates The Nine Laws

Sam Botta Announced As Narrator Of THE NINE LAWS Audiobook

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No man is more passionate or qualified than Sam Botta.

DARK TRIAD MAN® and Ivan Throne are incredibly proud and honored to announce that the magnificent Sam Botta will be narrating The Nine Laws audiobook for release in late 2017 or early 2018.

Sam is a powerful, passionate man and his participation in this endeavor to bring The Nine Laws to a wider audience is an immense joy, and also the closure in full circle of a friendship that has inestimable value.

Many of our readers will know of Sam Botta’s voice acting skill from Rollo Tomassi’s work at The Rational Male. and his rugged good looks from the headline image by Brian Bernhard.

Sam is the narrator of Rollo’s bestselling books The Rational Male, The Rational Male – Preventative Medicine, and Rational Male – Positive Masculinity.

Sam’s story is incredible.


Explosive car crash, devastating injuries, and ferocious will that overcomes all.

Sam was in a horrific automobile collision several years ago.

Another driver rear-ended him at massive speed and shattered his health. Sam died several times and was resuscitated. But rather than surrender and pass into the night, he roared back.

Despite scores of strokes, surgeries, and now blindness in one eye, Sam fearlessly continues his work.

He recorded The Rational Male from his hospital bed in an act of sheer will and bursting life.

Sam is a living example of incredible human spirit.

That is why I asked him to do the audiobook for me one night in Denver. His powerful heart, his superb voice, his total understanding of what The Nine Laws means to me and to men, made him the perfect narrator.

He refused.


Sam Botta told me “no” at the best steakhouse in Denver.

“Ivan, it needs to be your voice,” he said.

“It’s your story, and the listeners need to connect directly with you.”

We argued back and forth over escargot and steak at Shanahan’s Steakhouse while The Dog lay curled on the floor enjoying the incredible smells of a five star restaurant.

“People aren’t going to get past my accent,” I said.

“It’s the voice of God speaking through you,” he countered.

“Then what He says needs to come through a skilled voice,” I insisted.

Sam’s answer was still no. I was disappointed, but I knew he meant what he said.

That was over a year ago. And I have not been able to bring myself to do it.

Time is a funny thing. The ancient Greeks spoke of Chronos, the personification of time and its continuum.

The Greeks also spoke of kairos, the propitious and providential moment.

That moment has arrived.

Sam said yes.


Sam and I kept in close touch, and now the time is right.

Sam’s brother is a world-renowned surgeon. Sam gave him a copy of The Nine Laws to read, and his response was immediate.

“You need to narrate this. Men need this! It needs to be out there in the world as quickly as possible.”

Sam and I talked again, and we looped Castalia House into the discussion. I instructed Castalia to immediately offer Sam the maximum royalties available. Within ten minutes we had a deal, and Sam has begun his work.

The audiobook will be released very soon. The preface of The Dying Child, and several chapters, are already recorded.

It will be as magnificent as Sam can make it, and I am filled with joy that he has agreed.

The spirit of the narrator comes through as he delivers the book into spoken words. With Sam’s passionate and powerful delivery, and his belief in my work, it will be priceless.

Sam will turn it from an audiobook into a sacred revelation from the bold and lovely human spirit he exemplifies.

Kairos indeed, my brothers.

There is magic in the world, divine and flowing, and it is by this living transmission of the heart that it shines best. The audiobook will be a standalone demonstration of art in itself. From the divine essence of heart to heart transmission, it now comes to you as a direct spoken work.

Sam now testifies The Nine Laws.


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We talked for ten straight hours that first night until the dawn burst open.

I know without a doubt that Sam is the precise and perfect man to narrate The Nine Laws.

If you have not yet read the bestselling full length edition from Castalia House, you can read the original classic ebook for free.

I tell you today that the dark world is real, and so is the light that bursts from within it to conquer all.

Get ready for an immersion into the infinite depth of heart-to-heart testimony.

Shin-den, the ninja call it. “Divine transmission” from one sincere being to the next.

It is one of the highest forms of respect and love.

It comes quickly, my brothers.

From Sam and myself, to you.

Be ready.


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