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How “Refuse Fascism” Gutshot Itself In Horrid Lonely Failure

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Refuse Fascism leaders fail badly as revolutionaries.

Nationwide protests called for by Refuse Fascism took place on Saturday, November 4th across the United States.

Heavily billed as the day “it begins” across social media, the expectation from organizers was that the day would see “millions of people pouring into the streets” to demand the resignation of the “Trump/Pence regime”.

After months and months of intense preparation and hysterical pronouncements, the day arrived. It was immediately and humiliatingly clear that the Refuse Fascism leadership had committed the unforgivable sin of any revolutionary – total, unmitigated and appalling failure.

In this post I dissect and discuss the grievous errors committed by these would-be revolutionaries.


Framework for analysis of the Refuse Fascism failure.

The dark world is an unforgiving place, and this is rarely as true as on the continuum of politics and war.

Refuse Fascism had a clearly stated goal: to put increasing numbers of people on the street until President Donald Trump and Vice President Michael Pence resigned. They believed those resignations would take place to stop the protests from continuing.

The organizers made several serious and blindly stupid errors as revolutionary commanders. These errors are related to identity, propaganda, power, and alliances. Failure in any one of these critical aspects of revolutionary coherence could have been shored up through competence in another.

However, Refuse Fascism did not possess such competence, and consequently gutshot itself before the world.

We will analyze the most significant of their errors in this post.

Let us begin.


Refuse Fascism prioritized political identity over practical competence.

Identity is an important aspect of politics.

Identity is what drives people to form groups, tribes, nations and cultures.

Refuse Fascism, however, made a crucial mistake. It relied upon niche identities to the exclusion of competence, and celebrated identity in lieu of demanding practical results.

Gay and lesbian identity was more important than the ability to organize fighting units capable of defending their personnel. Instead, these “revolutionaries” depended on the presence of law enforcement to protect their assemblies, thereby validating the stability of the State and vividly demonstrating incapacity to provide a reliable alternative structure.

Androgynous creatures in unicorn pajamas with foam battleaxes are not fearsome combatants.

Identity as a person of color meant more than skill in creating and disseminating viscerally engaging propaganda, fine-tuned to entwine, entrance and enthrall the crowd. Rather than put forward compelling and powerful speakers, they promoted posturing fools who represented the most marginal strata of society.

Bleating pronouncements from obscure social justice warriors with zero employable value are not gripping testimony in the markets of wealth, power or influence.

Pronouncements of inclusive victimhood, intended as display of inherent virtue, took precedence over examples of inspiring strength and success in material, social and political realms. Refuse Fascism discarded the inspiration of those who have overcome trials in favor of whines from the perpetually weak.

Hollow inflations of imaginary grievances by professional sufferers are not examples of sacred martyrdom before God.


Manufactured social identity is no replacement for real world skill.

Ideological identity is not reality. Reality matters in the dark world.

Refuse Fascism argued for complex ideological definitions of personhood instead of attaining actual success in what matters in the darkness. It ignored what men follow, what men attach to, and what women seek in the providers of their security:

Wealth, power and influence are irreplaceable.



Refuse Fascism repeated old, failed propaganda in place of marketing.

The most famous propagandist in human history was Dr. Joseph Goebbels of Nazi Germany.

His comments on the judgment of propaganda as good or bad are appropriate to review:

“One cannot determine theoretically whether one propaganda is better than another. Rather, that propaganda is good that has the desired results, and that propaganda is bad that does not lead to the desired results. It does not matter how clever it is, for the task of propaganda is not to be clever, its task is to lead to success. I therefore avoid theoretical discussions about propaganda, for there is no point to it. Propaganda shows that it is good if over a certain period it can win over and fire up people for an idea. If it fails to do so, it is bad propaganda. If propaganda wins the people it wanted to win, it was presumably good, and if not, it was presumably bad.”
From Knowledge and Propaganda

The most prominent propaganda theme from Refuse Fascism, which they heavily relied upon, was their slogan “In The Name Of Humanity”. This was an atrocious choice, and a singular failure upon which their house collapsed in deranged rubble.

Refuse Fascism does not credibly represent the voice of humanity. They are openly avowed revolutionary communists, and promote a model of social and economic horror responsible for over 100 million deaths in the 20th century alone. Leftist ideology inevitably results in killing pits and mass graves.

Even the uneducated masses know this, and instinctively reject it.

Refuse Fascism does not authentically speak for humanity. Their glorification of victimhood and concomitant spiral of virtue signal, based upon who can claim the most intersectional injury, instantly and completely separates their process of whine from the blanket aspirations of human beings towards a better life.

Even the poorest wage slave grasps that moans of weakness will not raise his value.

Refuse Fascism employed singlemindedly thematic, typically black-and-white written imagery. They thereby restricted their most critical propaganda channel to mere sterile delivery of data. It cut them off from the most crucial job of propaganda: connecting with the emotional demands and desires of the masses.

It is well known that the Left cannot meme successfully, but this was simple gutshot suicide.


Inability to capture the imagination of the crowd is unforgivable.

Failure to inspire the mind and heart is death for any movement.

Refuse Fascism stupidly restricted themselves to a dry, uninspiring framework of colorless slogans instead of engaging the full power of digital media. They abandoned the terrific power of humorous memetics that won the 2016 elections for the Right.

Feels good, man.


Refuse Fascism failed badly to establish any kind of ground dominance.

There is no substitute for establishing ground dominance and demonstrating command of real estate. All other revolutionary considerations are secondary to the actual capture of physical territory by the forces of the movement.

The tiniest, most ineffectual criminal street gang understands this.

The revolutionary commanders of Refuse Fascism have shown themselves to be ridiculously blind in preparation. Their teams were physically unimposing, visibly weak, badly equipped, and utterly untrained and uncoordinated. Clusters of individual incompetents were the hallmark of their exhibitions on November 4th.

In contrast, the ground dominance exhibited in Austin by responders on the Right was the result of training, experience, and high motivation by men with equipment, gear and coordinated discipline on the ground.

Refuse Fascism itself called this out:



Revolutions do not reward operational incompetence with power.

Mao Zedong, absolute and uncontested first dictator of Communist China and one of the historic personalities who serves as inspiration for the “revolutionary communists” at Refuse Fascism, was unequivocally clear about the true source of real, operational power.

Refuse Fascism paid an ignominous price for abandoning Mao’s observation:

Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.


Refuse Fascism ignored the imperative to secure capable alliances.

Notably absent from the November 4th displays was any noteworthy presence of Antifa, Black Bloc or other violent Alt-Left groups such as Redneck Revolt, Huey P. Newton Gun Club and others.

One may decry violence, even abhor it as a means to political prominence, but the reality of the dark world is that violence and drama, blood and clashes in the street, are visually and emotionally compelling displays that viscerally impact and engage those who take part in and witness it.

By alienating the full array of street action groups among the Alt-Left from participation, the organizers of Refuse Fascism ensured that they stood alone against the disparate opposition groups which coalesced in response.

I have said it before, and will say it again.

Loners die, and armies win wars.

Those who will be your allies, who will stand with you and fight beside you against opposition and threat, investigate you more closely than those who oppose you. It is simply the reality of conflict among human beings. Refuse Fascism, under even mild investigation, is clearly little more than a front group for the Revolutionary Communist Party – which, in turn, is little more than a front group for the ideological egos of individuals such as Bob Avakian:

“In Bob Avakian, the Chairman of our Party, we have the kind of rare and precious leader who does not come along very often. A leader who has given his heart, and all his knowledge, skills and abilities to serving the cause of revolution and the emancipation of humanity.”

When your most capable allies abandon and disavow your intentions and plans, refusing to stand with you in a highly visible and bitterly contested arena, your likelihood of success is radically diminished.

Pursuit of prominence, driven by egotistical belief in unsustainable illusion, leads to gutshot defeat.

Advertising yourself as “Commie Jesus” does not improve that calculation.


Ego stroking is no replacement for cruelly guarded flanks.

The failure of Refuse Fascism is irreversible.

Their regional groups now openly surrender the battlefield:


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I tell you today that it has always been a dark world, and that the failure of Refuse Fascism does not mean that our existential cultural war has been concluded.

The collectivist totalitarians of the Left will continue to grope forward in the dark, searching for ways to return the initiative to themselves, and to occupy halls of official power.

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