Glittering Second Year

The Glittering Second Year Of Triumph For DARK TRIAD MAN®

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My second year has seen vast and influential growth.

DARK TRIAD MAN® was launched on October 27th, 2015.

Two years ago today, not one person had heard of Ivan Throne.

The first year of my writing and work saw over 85,000 visitors to this site, 200,000 page views, 18 million Twitter impressions, thousands of followers on social media, and the release of my first book by Castalia House in early October of 2016.

The Nine Laws quickly raced up the charts and became a #1 philosophy bestseller on Amazon. Just over a year later it is still holding strong in the top 1% of all books on Amazon, selling thousands upon thousands of copies.

Today is the second anniversary of DARK TRIAD MAN® and I am very proud to share the success with you.

It is all of you who have made an even more triumphant second year possible.


The challenge of continuing a second year of expansion.

Organic growth for a blog is best driven by delivery of authentic, original content that captures the imagination and attention of readers. That content must continue to evolve, to push the readers into ever-higher realms of appreciation.

Without that growth, boredom eventually sets in and the work becomes stale.

But there are limits to this growth, most of them coming from the natural ceiling that is present in a one-man operation. Writing, website maintenance, social media presence, intake and analysis of news, spotting emerging trends, and other aspects of the work eventually become overwhelming.

One person cannot do it all, and this barrier becomes more notable as the struggle to evolve or fade descends upon the enterprise of the author.

Many of the examples that I called out in the last year as successful leaders in this industry have, themselves, gone through that transformation.

Mike Cernovich is now a major media figure. He has built such influence that the National Security Advisor to the President of the United States was forced to publicly address Security Council leaks finding their way to Mike.

Vox Day has continued his work as a political philosopher and expanded Castalia House through several consecutive years of doubling in size. Their new Alt★Hero campaign has swiftly raised well over $160,000 and brought in legendary figures such as Chuck Dixon to work on the explosive new comic.

Vox Day also released SJWs Always Double Down, another #1 political philosophy bestseller – and one that I am very proud to have written the foreword to.

This kind of evolutionary growth is critically important. It is not simply a driver of attention and influence, but also the very bedrock of exponential impact in the real world that must be the end goal of every serious endeavor.

DARK TRIAD MAN® itself has evolved past that barrier in its second year with notable successes and expansions of my work.

Some of it is public, and some of it is not.

The Safe Streets Project is both.


The Safe Streets Project has made impact that continues to ripple through the underworld.

Conceived of following observation by Mr. Swift that there were private military contractors present in the ranks of Antifa during the Berkeley riots over an appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos, the Safe Streets Project has become much more than a simple data repository.

Is has grown, with the professional support of the anonymous board, into an offensive private intelligence agency that also conducts training and provides behind-the-scenes consultation and coordination to patriot groups in both the United States and overseas.

Our work continues, and as the months roll by the depth of connections we make become more profound.

Be a part of the work of the Safe Streets Project.

Join us.


Expanding my work into speaking engagements at the 21 Convention.

In addition to this site – and the difficult and sometimes dangerous work of the Safe Streets Project – the last year has seen my growth from writing into public speaking as well.

I had the honor to be a featured speaker at The 21 Convention in Orlando, Florida this past September.

In the company of such luminaries as Rollo Tomassi, Christian McQueen, Goldmund, Tanner Guzy, Jack Donovan, Hunter Drew, and many others – it was a terrific and unforgettable experience.

My presentation on Manhood, War and Salvation made a strong impact on both the attendees and presenters alike.

Anthony Johnson, CEO of The 21 Convention, paid an extraordinarily gracious compliment in tribute:



He has also extended me an invitation to return as a speaker in 2018, which I immediately accepted. I look forward to an even more incredible event next fall, and to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones in Orlando.

And speaking of friends… before this post goes further, it is important to recognize certain individuals for their friendship, their guidance, their support and their partnership over the last phenomenal year.


Individuals to whom I offer my profuse and solemn gratitude.

Vox Day, the accomplished genius polymath who is both my editor at Castalia House and my friend and motivational driver. His support and constancy through the evolution of my work from blogger, to writer, to bestselling author and now public speaker and political actor is enormously appreciated.

Hunter Drew, the fierce and fiery man who has proven himself a superb friend and a stellar example of manhood, husbandry and fatherhood in our absolutely degenerate age. It is with immense thanks and sincere gratitude that I have taken his wise and consistent counsel in many areas of my life.

Anthony Johnson, CEO of The 21 Convention, is a tireless and ferociously motivated entrepreneur who combines the very best of passionate belief in his work with the professional competence of a man who builds for the long term. It was an honor and a privilege to be a speaker at this year’s event.

Rollo Tomassi, known far and wide as the Godfather of the Red Pill and author of the Rational Male, has exemplified through his work the challenging reality of not leaving your brothers behind. It is with abiding respect that I see the impact he has made – and the countless lives he has saved.

Larry Diffey, entrepreneur and founder of QuickFund, has been an integral part of my work behind the scenes in many areas, most importantly in taking over the technical administration and management of this site. Without his technology expertise and ready support, this site would literally have collapsed.

Joseph Katzman, editor emeritus of Defense Industry Daily, as always remains one of the brilliant minds that help to provoke and guide my insights into both the work at hand and the possibilities extrapolated into the future. He is the embodiment of the Law at my left hand, and irreplaceable.

Gabriel Swift, my friend and brother, above all is a founding partner in the work I carry out in this dark and tumultuous age. His ferocity and deadly competence are the bulwark that makes so much possible. His hands are trained to battle, and his arms can bend a bow of bronze; he is the fearsome Templar at my right hand.

My profound and deeply respectful thanks to all of you. You are each a pillar of the temple that was built in the second year of DARK TRIAD MAN®, and I am hugely grateful for both your friendship and your guidance.

Much of what they do is behind the scenes, and not visible to the public.

The acutely visible metrics of our second year success are on social media.


Success with the thundering storm of social media traffic.

There are several major successes for DARK TRIAD MAN® in the second year on social media.

Social media is where the work of promoting my writing and speaking, my teaching and training, is done. I do not buy advertisements nor do I offer affiliate sales to others in order to spread the word.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Gab and other platforms are where I spread news, analysis and commentary that brings readers to awareness of what I observe, how I interpret it, and where the momentum and trajectory of the new age is headed.

The second year has seen a doubling of growth across the board.


YouTube proved to be a viral medium almost immediately in the second year.

The launch of our YouTube channel in February was quickly followed in March with the first viral video.

With over 43,000 views and more than 370 comments, my confrontation with violent Antifa in Denver cemented in the public eye my willingness to confront hostile protesters in person, face to face, even though I am deaf and cannot judge the seriousness of their threats nor lipread through their masks.

But I can still take their flags right the hell away from them:



Metrics for the second year demonstrated massive growth.

DARK TRIAD MAN® has now had over 290,000 visitors and more than 728,000 views in two years. This represents massive growth over the first year’s respective figures of 85,000 and 200,000.

Twitter has grown from 18 million impressions and over 4,300 followers to 45 million impressions and over 9,600 followers. I still follow less than 100 other accounts, preserving the exclusive nature of those relationships.

Gab has grown from over 1,000 followers to more than 3,400, despite the horrific shrieks of self-declared Nazis on that platform who cannot understand why I am not impressed with their obtuse and idiotic trolling.

Facebook is still a casual platform, used primarily for private, non-secure communications. I still don’t track serious metrics there yet, and tend not to confirm friend requests unless mutual friends are able to verify.

Brutal Clips podcasts on Soundcloud now have over 8,000 listens (over 15,000 if you include four guest appearances), up from a little more than 1,000 one year ago.

Email subscribers are over 4,000 now, up from 1,600 at the end of the first year. That’s a strong mailing list to reach people with, and I am careful not to send too-frequent emails. If you are not already on it, make sure you join.

We will revisit these metrics in six months, and examine additional performance and growth.

Now we will turn to the future, and what lies ahead for DARK TRIAD MAN® in a spectacular third year.


Prepare to advance with fury into Year Three of DARK TRIAD MAN®.

More work with the Safe Streets Project, including potential appearance on the ground at in Austin, Texas at the November 4th Antifa protests. Additional Ground Dominance training will be conducted in the St. Louis area, likely in February of 2018.

Expanded public speaking engagements at events such as The 21 Convention next fall and potentially on the university circuit.

The Immersion Forge has been set for mid-January of 2018 and we are confirming exact dates with attendees. There are only a few slots left at this rare and powerful event – make sure you review the program, and determine if it is a good fit for you.

Our private forums in THE FORTRESS will be augmented and expanded for users.

The audiobook version of The Nine Laws will be released by Castalia House in a few weeks, just before the Christmas season. We will be announcing the identity of the narrator and more details as we get closer to the holidays.

Most importantly, there is a major addition to my work taking place.

The Nine Laws will have a successor in 2018.

Get ready for The Three Gates.



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