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Highlights from Ground Dominance Training with Mr. Swift in Texas

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Check out some moments from the event in Austin.

Ivan Throne and Mr. Swift presented Ground Dominance training for Open Carry Texas, Oath Keepers, Texas Three Percenters, Act For America and other prequalified groups on October 21-22 in Austin, Texas.

Watch the brief video highlights below!



The event covered holding ground, advancing in ranks, retreating in good order and other special skills such as dignitary protection, team unity and extraction of individuals from mob violence and evacuation to the rear.


Many thanks to CATI Armor for their very generous equipment donation.

CATI Armor provided a set of rifle strike plates and their famous World’s Most Concealable Armor System in support of the work of the Safe Streets Project. It was raffled off to attendees at the close of training on Sunday.

Utilizing CATI’s Combat Quad-Bend (CQB) technology, it provides rifle threat protection that is super low profile. At a 1/4 inch and rated AR500 level 3 or AR600 level 3+, the armor can be worn under a T-shirt and is barely visible even to the most observant of eyes.

Our immense thanks to CATI for their gracious provision and support.


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I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you today that you have a personal responsibility to ensure your skills will keep you and your loved ones alive.

If you are a patriot in Missouri or Illinois, get ready for a Ground Dominance training event in your area.

We are planning a St. Louis event in the February time frame, after the holidays.

Winter is coming, and the ground grows hotter each day.

We teach you to handle the heat.

Stay tuned!


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