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The Million Trigger March: Enraged Leftists Swarm Ivan Throne

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A statue, a tweet, and a million impressions explode.

DARK TRIAD MAN® is closing in on the second anniversary of launch.

We are, of course, looking at metrics over the last six months. Site traffic, Twitter impressions, subscribers, and other measures of success are all analyzed here on a rolling basis. Six months ago we released the most recent findings in this article.

Last year’s first anniversary post on our colossal early success was a pleasure to write.

Right on time, DARK TRIAD MAN® delivered its first day with over 1,000,000 impressions on Twitter.

And the harvested shrieking of enraged leftists made it all the more delicious. In this post we will review the frame, the context, the reaction, and how the rubble bounced into achievement of deliberate target.


Read on.

A beautiful statue and simple, nested observations.

Recently we encountered a photograph of an absolutely breathtaking work of art on social media. The artistry and detail evident in the statue are, quite simply, astonishing.

From its flowing hair to the facial features, from the expressive dignity of posture to the sublime overall effect, it was instantly evocative of the very best example of Western civilization to come across our desk here in some time.

And so, a tweet went out to honor the work.

It was worthwhile to express appreciation for the legacy and heritage of European culture that inspired it, to share the beauty that was created, and to inspire others to experience the same awe at such immense talent in action:

https://twitter com/ivanthrone/status/919278836470050816/

Now, of course this was intended to be triggering. Social media isn’t entertainment for me, but rather the infinitely vast auditorium in which much of my work is done. Twitter in particular is a fast-paced platform where a tweet can quickly go viral.

Viral outcome is the apex of competence, and I was delighted with the result:

Twitter immediately exploded with enraged SJWs.

Frame, context, and subtly nested concepts.

Proper understanding of a writer’s work requires thoughtful consideration.

Readers of my bestselling philosophy work The Nine Laws are acutely aware of my process of shading and nesting the English language, and how disparate forks of meaning can be taken to new understanding. That is not simple writing, but then The Nine Laws is not for simple fools:

The Nine Laws: Review

With that review of my style and depth firmly in front of you, let us now take apart and analyze the frame of my tweet, and we shall examine the nested layers of praise and trigger, of subtle signal and blunt challenge to the shivering progressive SJW.

Dissection of the tweet by the man who authored it.

We will begin with the very first line of the tweet.

This is called “art”.

That statement is simple and unqualified. It is also incontestably accurate.

Immediately following is the hook to snag the attention of the social justice warrior, the Leftist, the progressive who loathes Western civilization and wishes to see it denigrated, disparaged and destroyed:

This is the legacy and heritage of the West. 

The above statement is objectively observable as correct.

“Legacy” has a specific meaning:

Definition of legacy

“Heritage” also has specific meaning:

Definition of heritage

“The West” itself is defined clearly by Oxford:

Definition of the West

Thus we have a nested suite of meaning within one sentence.

“Valued objects and qualities of specific historic value, originating from the West, in particular Europe.”

The first snare of triggering for social justice warriors was set.

The background of the artist is the cornerstone of the snare.

The artist is unquestionably possessed of immense and extraordinary talent, as her art unmistakably demonstrates.

Witness the background of the Chinese woman, Luo Li Rong, who is responsible for creation of the statue and other gorgeous works. We will not waste time defending her self-evident skill, nor the immense patience and discipline that her art exhibits.

Her inspiration, however, is well worth noting:

Inspired by European art

Inspired by European art

“…she turned her attention to sculpting techniques used by European artists in the Renaissance and Baroque periods, something that seems to define much of her contemporary work.”

Yes, the artist is female.

Yes, the artist is ethnically Chinese.

She lives and works in Belgium.

She explicitly promotes that she is inspired by the grand, artistic legacy of the West.

She is publicly celebrated for specifically honoring and adhering to the cultural heritage of the West.

I am very deliberate. I am not unsubtle.

Tumble and turn with the next phase of triggering.

Healthy, lovely female value is worth fighting for.

As I noted in my article 8 Incarnations Of The Female, the “girl next door” is called out as the precious, and very fragile, reservoir of culture.

Men are the warriors, the protectors, those who run to the sound of the guns. They are the ones who are called to the defense of family and community, of nation and culture, of civilization itself when the bloody tide of the dark world surges and crashes with terrible threat.

We are the expendable sex, the ones who burn their ships and stride forward with total commitment into the clash, and either win great victory or die in selfless and immortal honor for these values of the West.

I will simply leave these here as example:

Victory and the meaning of Deus Vult.

Men who throw their bodies and cast their lives to the ground in sacred defense of their wives and their nation, their culture and civilization, demonstrate with disregard for personal safety the battle roar of fighting men in the First Crusade:

Deus Vult

“God wills it!” Yes, He does.

When it comes to the defense of innocents, the preservation of legacy and heritage of the West, and the protection of the wife you love and who bears both your children and the future of your culture and civilization… yes.

God wills it.

Do you doubt that this will trigger the hideous swarm of social justice warriors?

Do you believe they will honor sacrifice and beauty, presented as an offering of honor on the altar of God?

Do you think a natural inhibition against foulness is present in their character?

Do you expect innate class and breeding, manners, and respectful acknowledgement of truth from them?

If those are your anticipated outcomes, you are a fool.

You must learn to handle the swarm of the SJW collective.

And make the rubble bounce.

SJW Attack Survival Guide

A free PDF titled “SJW Attack Survival Guide” by Vox Day has been made available. Excerpted from his book SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down The Thought Police, it is a critical resource. Failure to heed it during attack by SJWs can mean the difference between survival and destruction.

Read it carefully and absorb the information and the warnings. The author knows whereof he speaks.

Six-time Hugo Award finalist Vox Day writes epic fantasy as well as non-fiction about religion, philosophy, and economics. He is a platinum-selling game designer who speaks four languages and a three-time Billboard Top 40 Club Play recording artist. His books have been translated into 10 languages.

He maintains a pair of popular blogs, Vox Popoli and Alpha Game, which between them average over 3.5 million pageviews per month. He is an American Indian, the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil, and the leader of the Rabid Puppies. The Wall Street Journal described him as “the most despised man in science fiction.”

He is the Lead Editor at Castalia House and the Lead Designer of Infogalactic.

I am very proud to have written the foreword to his current #1 political philosophy bestseller, SJWs Always Double Down: Anticipating The Thought Police.

What is “bouncing the rubble?”

It takes many forms.


Shrieking swarms of leftists cannot stop themselves.

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