Deadly New Order Of Battle For The Left

Brutal Clips 12: Deadly New Order Of Battle For The Left

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An intelligence dump reveals horrific escalation.

DARK TRIAD MAN® has recently been provided with a dossier of internal operational and strategic information from Antifa, Black Bloc, Refuse Fascism and other Alt-Left organizations.

In conjunction with ground reports, surveillance by the Safe Streets Project, input from official sources, and military analysis by Mr. Swift,  this episode outlines the strategic plan, operational escalation, and deadly militant planning of the Alt-Left.


Listen to Brutal Clips 12: Deadly New Order Of Battle For The Left.



The Safe Streets Project needs your help.

As the Alt-Left inexorably evolves from activists to protestors, to militants, and frighteningly towards armed insurgency, the work of the Safe Streets Project becomes more critical and more personally dangerous for our teams.

Violent Alt-Left escalation cannot go unchecked.

We need your individual financial support to help ensure that the capabilities of the Safe Streets Project keeps pace with dreadful escalation on the ground. These funds go directly towards training, liaison, travel, body armor, surveillance, and protective security necessary to the Project.

Help ensure the Project keeps pace.

We are conducting Ground Dominance training for patriot groups on the ground. CATI Armor has stepped up to assist with this work. Other agencies, businesses, and individuals are working behind the scenes to keep this rolling. Your personal support helps fund our technology, our mission and our teams.

Contribute in support.


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Participate in Ground Dominance Training from the Safe Streets Project.

The first training will take place in Austin, Texas on October 21-22. Additional training is being arranged for patriots in the St. Louis area and other cities under assault.

Make no mistake that what happened in Las Vegas is simply a warmup for what the nation must prepare for.

“You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”

Support our work, and be an integral part of it on the ground.


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