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CATI Donates Ballistic Rifle Armor To DARK TRIAD MAN® Training In Texas

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A proud attendee in Austin will wear it home.

I am very pleased to announce that CATI Armor has teamed up with DARK TRIAD MAN® and Texas Three Percenters to support our Ground Dominance training event with Mr. Swift in Austin, Texas on October 21-22 of this year.

Their world famous concealable rifle threat armor will be presented by raffle to one of our registrants during the event.

As the conflict between the Right and the Left heats up it is important to be aware of the increased threat on the ground. The Austin Red Guards, among others, openly declare that “as communists” they “intend to build a party that will seize power and form a new state”.  They explicitly state that they do not seek power through elections but through “armed struggle.”

Redneck Revolt and the John Brown Gun Club are known to conduct live fire weapons training for Antifa groups around the country. And despite sexual abuse allegations against one of their founders, that training continues.


The Left is determined to own the street.


Ground dominance during street unrest is the work of trained men.

Ugly political violence from the Left has been steadily increasing since well before the 2016 elections. The running street battles exemplified at Berkeley are simply a taste of where things are headed.

Read more about our Ground Dominance training!

Discover the deep expertise and bloody experience we bring to bear on your behalf.

Solidify, professionalize and focus the work of your ground teams when facing the chaos of Black Bloc violence.

If you are a part of the Texas Three Percenters, Oath Keepers, Open Carry Texas or other qualified patriot groups, take note: you have a very serious responsibility to yourself, your loved ones and your brother activists:


Win the fight and come home alive.


Ground Dominance Training expands quickly to other cities.

Patriot groups on the ground reach out to us daily with intelligence on Antifa and other dangerous militants in conjuction with the Safe Streets Project. Our work has expanded to train those patriots directly. They must meet these rising threats as competent, professionally trained teams.

You cannot advance and secure ground as an unreliable collection of misfits.

You will not  hold that ground and protect medics and noncombatants as disorganized, untrained rabble.

Your fate will be unforgiving massacre if your ranks break and flee while under assault.

Ground Dominance training in Austin, Texas on October 21-22 will be quickly followed by St. Louis, MO and other cities across the United States. For more information on upcoming cities, to request qualification as a vetted group, or request permission to attend as an individual, contact [email protected].


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You have responsibility to your brothers to lead by example.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I often exhort you to remember that men do not leave their brothers behind.

The knowledge that Mr. Swift and I share with you is crucial and absolutely necessary for your teams. Delivery of this training is the commitment we have made to fiercely pull our brothers forward ourselves, ahead of the bloody tide that laps.

It is a grave and dangerous mistake to engage the Left with incompetent, badly trained ranks of amateurs.

Do you think the Left will show you gentleness and pity? Do you expect them to go to war like gentlemen?

Do you believe they will calm down, return to their homes, and cease their dreams of blood?

I tell you today that the Left moves from protest to insurgency, from activist to militant.

100 million dead in the 20th Century alone proves where the Left is headed.

Grave levers of power have been again uncovered in the dark world.

Seize them, with determination, in unified and competent ranks.

Loners and fools will be swarmed and killed.

Drive the team that wins.


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