Entrails Of The Shrieking Alt-Retard

How To Dissect The Entrails Of The Shrieking Nazi Alt-Retard

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A special guest post by Chad Felix Greene.

Introduction from Ivan Throne.

This guest post from Chad Felix Greene is an excellent and perceptive analysis of a rather grotesquely incompetent devolution of one of the players on the current political scene in the United States. The cheapening of the human spirit – and fostering of utter political incompetence – by many of those who declare themselves National Socialists in America today, is a disgusting and preventable train wreck.

Prior to the election the Nazi memes had a reasonable utility in shifting the Overton Window. Now that the election is over, the National Socialists have failed to adapt to the changing demands of political circumstance. Rather than shift towards actual penetration of the State and seizure of power, the propaganda success enjoyed prior to November of 2016 has been calcified into a crucifyingly stupid and self destructive broth of self-defeating inanity.

Nazi memes can be very funny, as /pol/ has exquisitely shown. Yet /pol/ does actual work – calling in airstrikes on Syrian fighters, identifying murderous Antifa, and more that many do not see. /pol/ is a notoriously festering stew, but it is a) edible, and b) tasty, and c) the cooks do not slop it on the walls and floor while vomiting in it and calling it genius. It has been said that the hive mind of /pol/ is the first step of AI and human integration, and I agree with that singularity assessment.

/pol/ takes pride in weaponized autism. I adore /pol/.

Richard Spencer, while held up as an arch-Nazi in the mass media and certainly a lightning rod for controversy and violence, nonetheless does not engage in what can only be described as the behavior of a filthy and uneducated peasant. Although I do not consider him an ally or agree with his policy positions, I cannot fault his manners in our private or public correspondence.

Richard Spencer takes pride in pursuing real power. I respect Richard for that.

Alt-Retards take pride in being… retarded.

Their error of embracing a catastrophically failed ideology through what can only be described as flagellating, masturbatory public idiocy is, of course, inevitable. As a Twitter commenter noted, National Socialism is “inherently tactically feckless”. Thus it is not surprising that those who the broader Alt-Right have derisively termed the “Alt-Reich” are now, quite accurately, cast out into the barren wilderness as the Alt-Retard.

At the time of publication there are three issues taking place that have sparked heightened scrutiny on the Alt-Retards.

The first is the confluence of Alt-Tech and monopolistic censorship, including such practices as registrar banning and YouTube demonetization, among others. The second is the current controversy surrounding Gab.AI, its founder Andrew Torba, and Vox Day, the Supreme Dark Lord. The third is whether these unfortunate Alt-Retard imbeciles are right or left wing, being openly declared Socialists.

Chad’s article does not address those three issues. They are irrelevant to his analysis.

It is a pleasure to host this article. The recent fatal debacle in Charlottesville has shown that Alt-Reich becomes Alt-Retard, quickly followed by Alt-Fright and Alt-Flight, when faced with the reality of ground combat against the growing Antifa hordes.

Cowardly, incompetent troops fight, in effect, for the adversary.

The Alt-Retard cannot mature into a competent adult, let alone seize and govern the State, while wedded to infantile, digital coprolalia that does not convince, no longer serves purpose, and merely demonstrates mortifying lack of utility.

The rest of the Alt-Right will continue towards the restoration and preservation of Western civilization.

Grotesque, rampant childishness from the Alt-Retard ultimately reveals itself as hideous physical cowardice when put to test on the ground of war, where badly goose-stepping children do not belong.

Now permit me to turn you over to Chad and his excellent, and unexpectedly compassionate, analysis.

And when you are finished, make sure you read his superb article Masculinity is Peace.


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Chad Felix Greene explains conception and birth of the Alt-Retard.

The absolutism of identity politics is not exclusive to the Left. The Right, too, has found in its most outer edges a population driven to purpose and identity and it has become something destructive. Without desire to apologize or excuse the outcome or motivation, the source of this need for identity is worth discussing.

We are a species that requires tribal community.

In any given environment we will begin organically forming organized society with explicit rules, a sense of individual and collective identity and a strong desire to prove our loyalty against a necessary enemy.

Regardless of our best intentions or idealistic vision of a society filled with autonomous individuals, this is simply who we are as animals.

The Left has fully embraced this concept in the form of extremely segregated identity groups continually battling for supremacy and status. The Right, generally, has loosely aligned itself under titles such as “Conservative” or “Libertarian.” But after the failure of two GOP establishment candidates in 2008 and 2012, a population on the Right grew tired of repeating the same formula of principled political warfare.

An alternative Right was born of those who opposed the Left, did not consider themselves centrists, but valued the majority of what has defined the Right as a concept for decades. This new identity was born out of the fires of burned civilization where part of the population chose to rebuild and the remaining split off into new factions.

This new movement was aggressive, strategic and willing to take action over principle.

It believed in simply marching over its fallen enemies rather than attempting to compromise and coexist with them. The Left certainly took no prisoners in its own efforts to dominate the culture. For a time this movement felt alive, new and promising.

But with tribal culture comes battle between strong leaders and loyal followers and without the framework of an establishment, it easily splintered.

Alongside this new way of viewing one’s personal contribution to the political landscape came a social rebellion.

The liberal world has undeniably made our society hostile towards men, tradition, history and the family, Americana and a near obsession with attacking the collective whole of “white” people. Those existing throughout the spectrum of the Right have responded in a multitude of ways, and there appears to be a general understanding of this cultural war on what is understood to be average Americans.

The racism of the Left has become so pronounced it is impossible to ignore and even the most cordial of moderate voices have recognized its negative impact.

However, with every social movement there is a backlash and in a small corner of this new Right, an underground began to feed off of this collective resentment. Each faction found itself being challenged as “establishment”, a weakened corporate version of its former self, or simply dismissed as “cucks.” With each battle for authenticity an ever more narrow and extreme version of the true rebellion developed.

At the same time, a small portion of the population responded to the obsession with race, gender, sexuality, feminism, globalism and media bias by finding a sense of purpose and righteous identity in opposing it to the most extreme imaginable.

When one wishes to be the truest form of identity, one must become the extreme of said identity. As the Left bickers between who can claim the most sympathetic form of victimhood, the Right finds itself preferring to identify as the anti-PC, anti-identity movement.

The most extreme version of this is to become exactly what the Left has accused all along.

It is said that if you call a man a murderer long enough he may one day choose to prove you right. In a small population of people feeling marginalized, suppressed, mocked, beaten down and endlessly shamed for no other reason than physical appearance or gender, some chose to become the monster itself.

These individuals, mostly men, are like the boys in the story Lord of the Flies.

Without structure and isolated from society, they built their own in perpetual adolescence, born of anger and rebellion. Their twin movement, Antifa, mirrors them in action and behavior. As one riots in the streets the other riots online. This movement has become so isolated it has resorted to the most basic of tribal culture, choosing to embrace the absolute worst iconography of our society in a teenage middle-finger to the collective they view as abandoning them.

They resort to endless homophobic taunting as it is the simplest form of insult a male can inflict on another male.

They revel in racism because it is taboo.

They embrace the most absurd of conspiracy theories, finding compelling proof of liberal Jewish control over our media and government.

They long to be the purest of humanity and the true source of masculinity, patriotism, honor and intelligence. But in their primitive devolution, they have lost what once made them productive members of society. A society that tormented them too long, which they simply were not strong enough to fight.

Their antics, insults, mockery and intentional embrace of all that offends is meant to prove their true bravery and rejection of progressive social programming.

But in their frenzied state of adolescent rebellion they have become ineffective and merely tools used to validate the Left’s view of the Right as a whole.


Identity overstep and the cancer of the Alt-Retard.

There is a distinction between what has long been understood as the “Alt-Right” and these individuals, but it has become harder and harder for those who identify with the original purpose to find a voice separate from them.

In the journey to create their own path some wandered too far away from the tribe and now find themselves calling out to one another for unity and purpose. The petty and trivial wars are losing relevance as they realize the whole of what they hoped to achieve has been overshadowed by a crowd of ideologically blinded mob-think sheep carrying Tiki torches and imagining they stand for something larger than themselves.

Identity is inevitable, and our tribal nature is a positive force when properly organized and appreciated. Our darkest impulses can be controlled and our desire for purpose and loyalty driven towards productive means.

But as we witness the sad and shameful degradation of those on the Left, lost to their desire for a perfect sense of importance, we witness the same happening on the Right.

The boys must grow up and the men must lead.

If the remaining tribal leaders of this movement, which hoped to foster effective political momentum unhindered by the establishment of old and often stale politics, wish to see a future for themselves then they must understand this.

A movement cannot be built on rebellion alone. It must have structure.

It must have rules, a code, a system of honor and an understanding of tribal loyalty.

Whatever one does impacts the whole.


The Alt-Retard drives away from necessary growth and maturity.

The childish idiocy witnessed from what many refer to as the Alt-Retard represents the consequence of boys running off to lead their own conquests. They imagine themselves the descendants of a movement they cannot even begin to understand. Their alliance with the name “Nazi” or “Neo-Nazi” appears to be some form of masculine and tribal absolutism, as it completely separates them from the rest of society and forces them to be self-reliant.

But as they declare proudly their identity as “National Socialists” it becomes more and more clear they have no idea what they are doing.

The reality is they threaten everyone on the Right which, for its survival, must purge them as aggressively as possible.

It is humbling to realize that a young man raised in our culture can be radicalized into romanticizing Nazism, hating Jews, imagining that childish homophobia establishes masculinity, or any of the other absurdist displays of rebellion we see.

The reality is that they are the consequence of weakness in the face of bigotry and hatred, and this weakness simply cannot be tolerated. A warrior does not resort to mockery until after he has conquered.

More importantly they are putting real people in danger with their idiocy. With each example of insufferable nonsense we see the Left react disproportionately with violent force and threat of legal and legislative consequence in the form of “hate speech.”

We see the most moderate of voices on the Right labeled “Nazis” and banned from speaking or leading marches celebrating freedom of speech.

We see our effectiveness diminish.


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Code, principles, honor and competence must replace the Alt-Retard.

Although I belong to the conservative movement and recognize and respect the establishment as it is built, I hope for a time when leaders of principle will rise and take ownership of their promises.

The future of politics will likely become ever more polarized, but it is also likely the population will grow tired of our binary system eventually.

The Right is a wide spectrum capable of a great deal of diverse opinion and methodology. But without structure, leadership and a code of principle, it is easy for the most extreme among us to gain far more influence and attention than desired.

The temptation of identity politics is strong and in our culture it becomes omnipresent in our collective mind. But it always ends in the worst of humanity; not the best.

If there is going to be an alternative to the political establishment on the Right, it must be strong enough to resist the adolescent impulse to simply mock, shock, destroy and dance on the broken glass of temporary rebellion.


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