The Three Gates Is Coming In 2018

The Three Gates Thunder Open In 2018

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The sequel to Ivan’s philosophy bestseller The Nine Laws.

The Nine Laws by Ivan Throne was an instant bestseller in 2016, rocketing to the number one slot in the Philosophy category on Amazon and selling thousands of copies in the first eighteen months. Readers were strongly impacted by his fierce, even harsh instruction in the nature of the dark world, the human as apex predator, and correct development of the weaponized human being unblinded by illusion.

Edited by Vox Day, Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil and himself a bestselling political philosopher and lead editor at Castalia House, The Nine Laws sets the stage as the first of an intense, take-no-prisoners approach to the total cultivation of the human being.

Drawing on Ivan’s decades of experience in the classical Japanese koryū martial traditions, his experience in the cold-blooded ruthlessness of the financial industry, and his own forging of personal trauma through mastery of the dark triad traits of narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy, The Nine Laws is the inaugural installment of a fearsome trilogy.


It is time for the second stage.


It is time to lead the weaponized men of The Nine Laws into the gulfs of the dark world as blooded brothers in manhood. To bring them through the tumult and shock of war, and array them as disciplined hosts at the gate of human transcendence.


You must march through The Three Gates.


Manhood, war and salvation are their crucial cornerstones. They must be challenged, and conquered, and passed through. All the training, the instruction, the development of the weaponized human being from The Nine Laws, is put to horrendous and excruciating test at each of The Three Gates.

For they open into the vast and clamorous halls of the dark world, where loss and horror and despair are the dread lords which contend for dominance. You will face The Three Gates, and you will win entry to each, wielding what you have built.

This the Thousand Mile Road, and the grave duty of the Dark Triad Man.

It is the great and terrible Way, from the living dawn of man:


You must conquer, and pass through.


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The Three Gates will be a Castalia House bestseller in 2018.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you that the terrible sorrow of loss, the incomprehensible horror of war, and the unblinking scrutiny of the sacred will not fail to tower over you as you reach them on your journey through this lifetime.

You must be equipped, and marshaled, and determined to stride into what devastates and pass through with victory.

Seize my invitation to shape and influence this critical and exhausting labor. My subscribers have opportunity to work alongside me, to push forward the teaching and truth that is most needed, and to ensure that what I deliver has the unsurpassed and exacting quality and resonance demanded.

I refuse to deliver anything less than a bestseller, and one that resonates deeply into the lives of men and changes the trajectory of their lives for ever.

Subscribe today. In the coming weeks I will engage directly with you. Your voice and strength will add to the power of this book.

The Three Gates demands you present yourself before your brothers, the dark world and your God.

Be found ready, and equipped, and savagely, passionately committed.

We will hit The Three Gates as one host, conquering.

Join us.


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IVAN THRONE, bestselling author of The Nine Laws, is an international speaker and teacher. His vivid lessons and ruthless mentoring for the hard and often cruel demands of our pitiless high performance world have helped millions of people across social media deeply connect with radical, authentic success to the joys of partners, lovers, colleagues and clients.