Hot Bloody Autumn

Preparing A Hot, Bloody, Terrific Autumn

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There is serious excitement coming this fall.

The last few months have been very busy behind the scenes here at DARK TRIAD MAN®. As we head towards the autumn of 2017 we’ll see a ton of new articles, some guest posts, appearances by me at several events – and some terrific opportunities to help drive the new age into victory for the West:


  • Turning Point USA at the University of Colorado in Boulder is looking at having me on campus as a speaker later this fall. We’ll know more on this as we head further into September. Our Antifa adversaries will likely show up, of course, with more anti-Ivan propaganda and death threats.


  • The Family Alpha will be showcased through a deeply powerful new guest post covering the nuts, bolts, blood and fire of transforming a traumatized, unsatisfying marital relationship into a solid, traditional Red Pill Marriage.


  • Alexander J.A. Cortes and Mr. Swift have been discussing having him come out to Denver to train with us in the Death Workout Of The Century. More on this as we move forward into the fall… join us for a workout that shocks your central nervous system until you reach for the puke bucket.


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Life comes at you fast. We’re going to dominate it this fall.

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The summer grew hot in Berkeley and Charlottesville, in Boston and other cities.

Just wait until it’s cool enough for Antifa to wear jackets and pack heavy weapons.

You know that I am right: we’re going to get our 4GW civil insurrection.

The year is going to rock out with infernal style.

Come join the party.


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