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How To Ruthlessly Entangle With Kinesthetic Dominance

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An examination of principles and methods.

This article was prompted by a tweet from a reader who noted that the nerves of the adversary are under pressure when they react sharply to any engagement. The context was social media and various trolls that seek to perturb my work, but it gave me pause to think.

There was more to the matter that I wished to share as observation, and the dearth of characters on Twitter did not provide sufficient depth for a full treatment. Hence this post, where we will discuss certain principles and methods; their application in tandem, extrapolation of those principles to different milieus and consequent adaptation of the methods.

The principle is entanglement, and the method is kinesthetic dominance.

Let us begin with the original tweet from @TheGentlemanJak:


Entanglement is an important principle.

Entanglement is more than mere engagement. When you are emotionally, physically, or intellectually entangled you are experiencing fettered mobility. Thoughts cannot move freely; the body itself is awkwardly wrapped; the heart is torn in different direction by ties that do not release on command.

Entanglement is an experience and an action. You discover you are entangled; you entangle things.

When you cannot let go of a wish or a dream, you are entangled.

Bureaucratic red tape is a form of entanglement.

Establishing business ties so pervasive that partners cannot decouple is entanglement. There are many examples. Entanglement is a form of growing, rising, spreading energy, something discussed more fully in The Way Of Deep Penetration.

Now that we have discussed entanglement, we will go deeper into the concept with more concrete examples from which we may extrapolate.

Shinmen Musashi no Kami Fujiwara no Genshin discussed combat entanglement in his classic Go Rin No Sho:


The spirit of “Glue and Lacquer Emulsion Body” is to stick to the enemy and not separate from him. When you approach the enemy, stick firmly with your head, body and legs. People tend to advance their head and legs quickly, but their body lags behind. You should stick firmly so that there is not the slightest gap between the enemy’s body and your body. You must consider this carefully.


Entanglement, by definition, means multiple points of contact between the adversary and yourself. There is a plethora of touchpoints, a wrapping of the individuals, a confluence of intentions and bones and momentum and heart that create a fuller picture of the engagement.

Let us examine this with blunt effect.


Entanglement in the physical realm of individual combat.

The above photo is a good example of entanglement, prejudicial to outcomes favoring one of two adversaries. Note several things here from the training snapshot with @PraetorianSwift. There is balance entanglement as our combined mass redirects his individual center of gravity. There is attention entanglement as his brain attempts to prioritize pain signals from his wrist and elbow and shoulder while my rising elbow makes impact with his jaw.

All very well and good. But the lesson here is not the strikes, or the pain, or the disbalance.

It is in the points of contact.

It is the development of kinesthetic dominance from within entanglement.

Let us examine.


Every point of contact is an information sensor.
For illustrative purposes we’ll stick to the points of contact in the above photo. Consider what information comes to me through them.

  1. Outside edge of his trapped hand delivers torque sensation starting at the shoulder and going through his entire arm.
  2. Apex between my thumb and forefinger confirms whether he is secured or slipping loose.
  3. Inner edge of his trapped hand delivers signals of his next intention as the body “reaches” for safety.
  4. Inside of my wrist against his keeps me cognizant of his body weight and his trajectory.
  5. Outside edge of my hand is a steering contact that tells me his momentum.
  6. Inside of my forearm against his reveals his balance stability as the contact moves.
  7. Elbow contact to jaw reveals where balance shatters and redirects.
  8. Back edge of my pelvis against his provides primary balance and mass indicators.
  9. Upper edge of my lat muscles against his tells me his overall tension and skill.

Your ability to develop your kinesthetic sense or proprioception means that you may, when entangled, capture the signals of the adversary’s own kinesthetic system as well.

That merging, that sensory integration and capture, is where dominance arises.

Think well on this.

Now extrapolate.


Entanglement and kinesthetics in other milieus.
Adapt and employ the principle of entanglement and kinesthetics elsewhere.

Close the gap between the other and the self completely, sticking to the adversary at all delivered points. Do not lag or be in disarray with your integration of movement of the heart, the mind, or the spirit. Dovetail into place where you may dwell.

Absorb and assess the information delivery that accompanies this blending of systems and intentions, of trajectory and momentum. Can you seamlessly complement and perceive directly without judgment or internal chatter?

Curl selflessly into the momentum of the moment and through your increased awareness, derived from those blended kinesthetic senses, be open to where you have influence to steer. As momentum elapses and trajectory manifests, where can you ensnare for yourself the prerogative of determining point of impact?

Feel where he’s going and make sure it’s face to curb.

Employ your agents so that any move of the rebellion is instantly clear and manipulable.

Become the news and entangle all journalists in the delivery of the meme with social media as your kinesthetic array.

Once mastered, the principle is simple to apply.


This is advanced training and advanced training is dangerous.

Take responsibility for where you entangle yourself.

Learn to unravel and entwine with cultivated skill and dispassionate competence, for one must maintain extricatory mobility even as one penetrates.

Exercise caution in struggles for dominance.

Maintain awareness that conflict contains within it the genesis of your extinction, and the foolish are rarely rewarded.

Cease mental and emotional chatter over sensory interpretation.

Dwell in the bath of intelligence that exponentially grows as you broaden and deepen your perceptions.

From within, learn to tumble and turn without.

Become the singularity around which the adversary is torn apart by his own mass.

If you have read The Nine Laws then you are familiar with these terms, and you possess the operating system manual for the apex predator of the known universe: the weaponized human being.

If you have not, then get started here.


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