The Murderous Left Declares War With Horrific Alexandria Shooting

The Murderous Left Declares War With Horrific Alexandria Shooting

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I told you this was coming a year ago.

Today in Alexandria, Virginia a deeply ideological leftist strode into a gathering of United States Congressmen practicing for an annual charity baseball game. The bipartisan game has been played since the early years of the 20th century. He asked them a simple question:

“Are you a Democrat or Republican?”

He then opened up with a murderous hail of shots, firing scores of rounds in an attempt to murder as many non-Democrats as he was able. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R) was shot through the body. More were injured, some severely, until the “deliberate attack” by the leftist insurgent was lethally put down by the Capitol Police.

The Left invariably deals in murder and death.

Throughout history this has been their legacy.

The Black Book of Communism details the hundred million deaths at the hands of the Left in the 20th cenntury alone. The bloody annals of history testify to a score of murdered millions in Asia at the hands of the Chinese Communists, many miserable millions more in Soviet Russia, and the nearly incalculable butchery perpetrated by the German National Socialists across the breadth of Europe.

The Left kills for power without shame. It is what they do. They do not view you as a human being, but a unit of meat that must obey or be bled out and harvested. The last century saw the Left defeated and pushed back from their habitual practice of totalitarian massacre; today the murderous Left is frantic with terror at their loss of power and seeks to restore it by any means necessary.

Nearly berserk with anxiety, the Left now plunges into insanity with the openening shots of war.

I saw this a year ago and I warned you. Now the breakout is here.

Read well where this proceeds.


One year ago I spoke of murderous civil war.

Kyle Trouble interviewed me on his Troublesome Radio podcast on July 11th, 2016. Titled “Murderous Civil War“, the podcast quickly had over 2,500 listens. In it I spoke of the trend of political strife growing hot, and the direction that was inexorably coming from the Left.

For speaking openly of what I saw I was ridiculed and castigated.

I was nonetheless accurate, and men and women in America listened. Since that day well over 200,000 readers have visited to listen my words and hear my perspective. To absorb what I write at DARK TRIAD MAN® and to acknowledge what I see.

I am not finished yet.


Six months ago I warned you of grave miscalculation by the media.

My Brutal Clips podcast covered the disparity in orders of battle between the Left and the Right in “Civil War For Trump“. I spoke of the terribly dangerous blindness of the media as it characterized Trump supporters and Republicans as violent and extremist, urging the narrative to sharper terms, while ignoring the deeper story underneath.

The Left is blind to self examination, welded to virtue signal. As Vox Day has so bluntly and precisely delineated, SJWs Always Lie.

They always project, flinging their own penultimate desires and objectives upon the shoulders of those they wish to accuse before killing. And they always double down, for they cannot retreat from their inherent propensity to destroy what they cannot have.

The media is part and parcel of this effort to steer the narrative towards the violence they seek:


Fruit of it was born today in Alexandria.


The Left openly fetishizes the bloody slaughter of their ideological opponents.

Comedian Kathy Griffin holds up a severed head of the President of the United States. “Edgy” she calls it, “art”.

Shakespeare in the Park portrays Donald J. Trump as the subject of a vicious and fatal act of butchery.

One may well call this art, for propaganda is both science and art. The most famous and effective propagandist from history, Josef Goebbels, was explicit in his assessment of the utility of propaganda. Josef Goebbels was a Leftist, a deeply committed socialist, the Minister of Propaganda for the National Socialist German Worker’s Party.

Here is what the Nazi Gauleiter had to say about propaganda:

“No one can say that your propaganda is too crude or low or brutal, or that it is not decent enough, for those are not the relevant criteria. Its purpose is not to be decent, or gentle, or weak, or modest; it is to be successful.”

The Left today does not issue forth and applaud images of the bloody, severed head of the American President for fun.

The Left today does not publicly enact the graphic, catastrophic disembowelment of Donald Trump for amusement.

They do it because they see that outcome as success in the political arena.

Let that sink in as you contemplate their alliances.

Let that sink in as you consider their plans for you.

They are not playing games.


Two weeks ago in Denver I witnessed armed men converge.

The March Against Sharia held in dozens of cities across the United States on Saturday, June 10th saw confrontation, some violent, on the streets of the nation. In Denver the original local organizer of the event abruptly pulled out following massive and specific threats.

But the momentum of decent men and women held, and was reinforced by the presence of Oath Keepers, Bikers Against Radical Islam, III% United Patriots and others who were not cowed by threats from the masked and violent Left.

I tell you that the battle space is hot, and tightening quickly.

There will be more blood shed by the Left as they continue to project, continue to double down, and continue to lie to any who will listen that they are the possessors of moral virtue and the guardians of tolerance, diversity, cultural enrighment and the heirs to the modern enlightened age.

It is, indeed, a lie.

They are the heralds of mass murder of all those who are an obstacle to their bitterly demeaning and spiritually numbing degradation of human nature, to their foregone conclusion of extermination and erasure of those with whom they disagree.

I tell you that appeasement has never worked, and striving for common understanding is useless when your bloody murder is pre-planned. One hundred million butchered innocents agree with me. Listen to their voices, from the rotting pits that the Left has filled.

And observe that the Left digs once more, behind the curtain of the media and the cascade of bleating and blathering virtue signals designed to serve as an intoxicating enthrallment of your hesitation to accept their virulence.

The Deep State issues shovels gladly in the night.

Seth Rich bears witness to that.


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Armies win, and obliterate innocents across the scorched and exploded earth.

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