Pepper Spray Challenge

Announcing The Pepper Spray Challenge From DARK TRIAD MAN®

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Because ice buckets are best followed by fire.

With the growing conflict on the streets of the United States as decent men and women exercising free speech are assaulted by Antifa and Black Bloc criminals using sticks, bike locks and pepper spray, it becomes important for those who lead the effort to train themselves in the reality of experience.

Accordingly, Mr. Swift and I are announcing the creation of the #PepperSprayChallenge.




Simple rules, simple agony and simple performance.

The ability to suffer a typical chemical attack and continue physical performance is a notable and desirable one. Accordingly, here are the rules for the Pepper Spray Challenge as outlined by Mr. Swift and myself:

1. Must be performing squats.

2. Be pepper sprayed by simulated Antifa.

3. Must continue squats.

Video your footage, and upload with the hashtag #PepperSprayChallenge. Bonus points for playing “Disco Inferno” in the background. Many thanks to Gentleman Jak for that one!

And that’s it. (Hint: don’t do this indoors.)


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Get ready for some real screaming fun.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you that competence unhindered by the tactics of the adversary is important.

Roared competence in the face of opposition is even better.

Stay tuned as we build out the #PepperSprayChallenge.

And get ready to roar your own glory through the fire.


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