Frightened Denver Buckles To Antifa And Islamic Threats As Patriots Converge

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Oath Keepers, III%ers and bikers hold firm on the ground.

DARK TRIAD MAN® has confirmed that the Denver organizer of the Saturday, June 10th March Against Sharia event has canceled the event and notified speakers after “massive intimidation” was directed at her via serious and overwhelming threats.

I warned weeks ago of Antifa and Islamic groups converging in Colorado in order to deepen their ability to project hostile force.

I have been in direct touch with numerous patriot groups who confirm they will be on the ground in Denver to protect citizens and their right of free speech against threats of violent attack from Antifa and Islamic terrorism.

Colorado citizens are stating across social media that they will not be intimidated.


The permit for the event is still in effect.

Several sources have reported to me that the State Police confirms that the permit for the event is still in effect, and that there will still be Denver Police Department and Colorado State Police presence at the Capitol.

The roster of speakers is now fluid and at press time it is not confirmed who will be speaking.


Strong patriot group presence is expected.

Oath Keepers, Bikers Against Radical Islam, III% United Patriots of Colorado, and Antifa Unmasked and will all be present on the ground to augment and expand the security envelope of law enforcement, including medic teams.

Other groups such as Proud Boys Colorado will also be present.


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Free speech is an inalienable, inherent and God-given right of human beings.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you that violent threats by Antifa and Islamic terrorists will not halt the rise of the new age.

Support the work of patriots. Come to Denver to present a united front against the masked face of evil.


I will be in Denver to report.


Join me there. Stand with your brothers on the ground. Work with the Safe Streets Project.

We’re taking back free speech. And we’ll ensure rendition of Antifa terrorists to justice.


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